29 Things That'll Help Bring Your Hair Back To Life

    There's gonna be a resurrection for your locks. The products in this post were updated in March 2018.

    1. An omega-rich conditioner that'll refresh your scalp while restoring shine.

    2. Some Verb Ghost Oil to help you deal with all that frizz you want nothing to do with.

    3. A curl amplifier for defining your natural curls and waves.

    4. A ceramic hair straightener so you can get the smooth style you're looking for without so much of the damage.

    5. A natural conditioner that'll help treat your dry, damaged hair.

    6. A texturizing spray because some of us have thin, fine hair that could use a little help getting thick.

    7. An anti-static and heat-resistant comb for assistance straightening your hair — if that's the look you're going for.

    8. An organic curl-enhancing smoothie to help restore your bouncy, healthy curls.

    9. Some hair towelettes infused with serum for dealing with your locks in between washes.

    10. A purple shampoo that'll keep you blonde hair actually blonde and not some brassy rendition of it.

    11. An argan oil hair mask so you can soothe your parched mane by deeply conditioning it with essential vitamins and minerals.

    12. A dry shampoo because you woke up late again and the last time you washed your hair was...well, this will help!

    13. Some root cover up for those moments, in between visits to the salon, where your natural color is deciding to make an appearance.

    14. A smoothing serum to let your hair shine like the star it is.

    15. A detangling brush so you can finally comb through your curls without destroying your hair.

    16. A therapy hair mask made with keravis protein and argan oil to help strengthen your hair.

    17. A strengthening shampoo and conditioner that'll leave your hair stronger than Britney was yesterday.

    18. A ceramic curling wond for a smooth look that doesn't take too long, so your hair isn't under the heat longer than it should be.

    19. A daily shampoo made with plant botanicals that gently work to help break down the build-up on your hair.

    20. A leave-in conditioner to help soothe all your split ends.

    21. A scalp and shampoo brush so you can get to your dandruff with more than just your shampoo.

    22. Some Olaplex No. 3 because this shit is a straight-up miracle worker for anyone trying to restore their color-treated hair.

    23. A heat protector that'll save your hair from all those blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons you use on the daily.

    24. A volume boosting powder capable of bringing your hair to new heights.

    25. A hair tool to get perfect beach waves without having to use up too much time.

    26. An oil-infused shampoo for help maintaining voluminous, soft, and shiny hair.

    27. A volume spray with a humidity resistance for 20 hours!

    28. A hair-straightening brush so you can get a natural, healthy-feeling, frizz-free look.

    29. And some coconut oil because nothing beats it for restoring moisture to your hair.

    Now go, let that air flow through your hair!

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