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    33 Stylish Things That'll Get You A Ton Of Compliments

    They're cute, you're cute...seems like a match made in heaven.

    1. A lantern-sleeve mini dress to dress up or down — basically, it'll be comfy enough for all your holiday plans and dressy enough not to get you judged by your opinionated relatives.

    2. An attention-grabbing pair of acrylic earrings everyone will think you got at a fancy designer store.

    3. A ribbed open-back top designed with a gorgeous scarf tie detail that is sure to get you a ton of compliments — that and maybe a doggie on your shoulder.

    4. A gorgeous polka-dot halter dress that *technically* is a summer dress but honestly, it's just so chic you should buy it now and just layer it up!

    5. An oversized denim jacket for layering over a comfy pair of leggings when you just don't wanna put any effort into your look but want to make it seem like you did.

    6. A chain print wrap dress that you need to let at least ten of your friends borrow.

    7. A pair of sky-high pointed-toe booties that'll help you complete your outfit with a pop of color.

    8. A stretchy A-line ruffled-sleeve party dress, because this dress is just too cute not to own — plus it comes in 12 colors so you can literally have a different one for every day of the week!

    9. A pair of cat-eye sunnies that'll throw all the shade you need them to.

    10. An open-back peplum blouse to pair perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans.

    11. A colorful sequined pencil skirt you'll be able to wear through the new year.

    12. A sparkling pair of statement earrings to add a pop of color, even when you're feeling like a head-to-toe gray look on the inside.

    13. An elegant one-shoulder midi dress, because it's about time someone invited you to something that required an elegant anything.

    14. A peplum tie-front wrap top that'll quickly become your go-to top.

    15. A plaid knit cocoon coat you can wear over all your favorite T-shirt and jeans looks.

    16. A buttery-soft button-down blouse designed in a variety of vibrant colors and prints to help bring your outfit to life.

    17. An attention-grabbing flower-and-faux-tortoiseshell statement earrings you'll wear perfectly all winter long.

    18. A knitted V-neck Philosophy Apparel midi dress you can button up on the side to create a slit — if you want one.

    19. A flowy chiffon midi skirt that'll look amazing paired with your favorite oversized cardigan and some comfy sneakers.

    20. An embroidered velvet mini dress that's super cute — only thing cuter is that pup.

    21. A snake-print midi skirt you just have to wear with your favorite boots and an oversized sweater!

    22. A faux-fur leopard-print jacket to help you make a meowvelous statement anywhere you go.

    23. A flowy vintage-inspired chiffon dress designed with bell sleeves and tie-waist for a boho vibe.

    24. An eye-catching faux-fur cropped jacket that'll have you warm and cozy all winter long.

    25. A three-quarter-sleeve midi dress designed with not one, not two, but THREE pockets! Yes, you're welcome.

    26. A delicate lace top that looks — and feels — like it should probably cost way, way more.

    27. A floral-print button-up and tie-front midi dress for when you need to channel your inner flower child.

    28. A multicolored clutch you just have to get — I mean, it's not that hard to figure that out.

    29. A pair of faux-suede tassel oxford loafers you might actually be able to walk around in all day — I know, what a concept!

    30. A high-waisted mermaid-shape pencil skirt so you can go from work to date night without skipping a beat.

    31. A velvet embellished faux-layered sweatshirt that'll have your butt covered — literally.

    32. An elegant tulle midi skirt designed with an elastic waist, A-line cut, and flowing lining to help make it the comfiest and most *practical* skirt you'll own.

    33. And a stunning corduroy button-up cocktail dress with le pockets that looks as expensive as it is cozy.

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