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24 Things Marie Kondo Uses On Her Show To Help People Get Organized

"I brought boxes!" —Marie Kondo, to literally everyone she visits.

1. A set of clear, stackable storage bins that allow you to separate and organize anything in your pantry or closet. Just make sure everything sits upright, so it's to see all the contents.

2. A sturdy photo album so all the pictures you're not displaying will be easily accessible. And don't be afraid to throw away photos! Kondo suggests finding the ones that spark the most joy and keeping those — especially when you have multiples of very similar pics.

3. A foldable set of drawer dividers to neatly store your undies, socks, bras, and so much more.

4. A collapsible toy bin so your furriest friend has a designated space for all their most valuable possessions.

5. A set of woven baskets perfect for all the stuff in your bathroom you don't want to be digging around for all the time.

6. A delightful aromatic room spray that could help get you out of a rut, provide motivation, and purify your space.

7. A six-piece collapsible drawer set made with moisture- and mold-proof fabric designed to easily sit within each other for whatever you need to store in your closet or dresser.

8. A set of foldable cube storage boxes for all your kiddo's toys — Kondo suggests dividing toys into categories like physical play and plush.

9. A perfectly divided holiday ornament storage box, to house one of the only things Kondo mentions she stores in her garage, holiday decor.

10. A pack of clear storage containers for your garage, because, as Kondo says, it's important to be able to see what's inside your bins for easier access and organization.

11. A set of file-holding organizing boxes to help you store the three types of paper you should keep: pending, important, and miscellaneous.

12. And a pack of sturdy folders for help in the organization of those pending, important, and miscellaneous papers — just make sure to take anything in an envelope out of it!

13. A three-section plastic storage bin that'll give you much easier access to the small items in your pantry so that you don't have to rearrange everything when you want to pull them out.

14. A set of mix-and-match drawer organizers and dividers for customized modular storage that'll make the most of your unused space — the key is to put similar sized items together!

15. A versatile little stacking shelf to maximize the space of any taller-than-average cabinets or shelves — Kondo uses these specifically for shoes!

16. A 360-degree rotating tie organizing hanger for a neat and easy-to-access way to store up to 20 of your ties.

17. A stackable bathroom storage bin (that you can basically use in any cabinet and room) designed with a little handle for easy access; organize your items by category and use so you can keep your counter clear when you're not using all your essentials.

18. A set of sturdy plastic baskets perfect for organizing all your miscellaneous clothing, beauty products, and accessories currently filling up your closets.

19. A set of cotton-handle storage bins you can use to hold all those baby items you can't seem to figure out where to put.

20. A set of clear plastic drawer organizers that are the perfect size to store all your toiletries — just imagine a world where you can open your bathroom drawer and not hear the sound of sliding supplies.

21. A decorative storage bin lined with a removable (and washable) linen so you can store things beautifully, either on display or nestled in your closet.

22. A box of heavy-duty garbage bags, a must-have while you're clearing things out to toss or donate during the clean-out process.

23. And, of course, a copy of her best-selling guide to organizing your life! Considering it's the model on which the whole show is based, it's probably important to have it on hand for reference.

Here's to a life of stuff that sparks joy!

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