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    39 Things From Etsy That'll Probably Have People Asking "Where Did You Get That?"

    Shady Pines merch, Latte Larry mugs, and earring DIY kits? Don't mind if I do.

    1. A spiteful, non-wabbling, totally sanitized Latte Larry mug so you can enjoy a perfectly hot cup of coffee with your scone.

    2. A spicy collection of 12 chili powders so you can spice up your life...Aah!

    3. And speaking of chili, a durable enamel pin that expresses how we're all probably feeling right now.

    4. A gorgeous engraved city skyline ring so you can celebrate your wanderlust while we all stay at home — it's available in nearly 70 cities from around the world, or you can have it personalized to whatever city you want for $10 more.

    5. A super fun DIY earring kit that comes with everything you need to make some pretty solid statement hoops.

    6. An ingenious layered necklace detangler designed to prevent your favorite necklace from getting all tangled up when you wear them together.

    7. A cozy little sweatshirt to wear around your parents while you're isolating together as a reminder of where you're gonna put them if they don't stay home.

    8. A pretty awesome Make Your Own Face Mask kit that'll have you whipping up your self-care routine in no time.

    9. A gorgeously intricate beaded Frida bracelet you can stack with all your other favorite arm candy.

    10. A customized rubber stamp so maybe now your roommates will know exactly which books are yours and not pretend like they just bought that copy and they don't know where your copy is.

    11. An absolutely essential 3D printed clip and dip designed to attach to the vent of your car so you can have your sweet and sour sauce within safe dunking distance while you down your nuggets on the fly.

    12. A gorgeous pair of solid stainless-steel and tile hoop earrings — the design is a replica of what is found on the tile at Convento de Nossa Senhora da Graça or Meninos de Graca in Portugal.

    13. A yummy set of popcorn seasonings — you can choose from nearly 20 flavors to help spice or sweeten up your favorite TV snack.

    14. A totally fine enamel pin. It's fine, this is fine, everything is fine.

    15. A very accurate vinyl sticker — it's like copied-and-pasted straight from every conversation I've ever had.

    16. A pair of rose gold-plated earrings that are made from salvaged and recycled Harry Potter books — I can already hear the Hogwarts music playing in my ears when I wear these.

    17. A DIY cheese kit that comes with everything you need (just add milk) to make some super yummy, crumbly deliciousness.

    18. A personalized wooden nameplate designed in that magical font that always greets us at the start of the best movies.

    19. A small and perfectly illustrated Fraiser Crane print, because we all need someone who is listening right now.

    20. A very durable and exotic vinyl sticker for all you cool cats and kittens out there.

    21. An adorable brass plant decoration so you can dress up your favorite greenery.

    22. A sparkling and comfy T-shirt because maybe you don't feel like wearing your busticaca while you're relaxing at home.

    23. An informative cross-stitch starter kit that'll have you creating messages of hope at home while you have nothing else to do.

    24. A mood describing vinyl sticker just in case anyone tries to start anything in front of your salad.

    25. A charming 60-page, 15-design coloring book to help you fill some time while you stay at home.

    26. A gorgeous custom bracelet designed to look like the handwriting of your loved ones.

    27. A perfect little souvenir keychain to get from your trip to Canada.

    28. A comfy crewneck T-shirt you can wear while you sit at home and talk to yourself in the mirror.

    29. A Dr. Anthony Fauci prayer candle because we gotta send our prayers to someone.

    30. A gorgeous vintage-inspired floral temporary tattoo for anyone who is maybe a little too scared to commit to the real thing.

    31. A beautiful pink quartz bath bombe perfect for giving you a little at-home relaxation.

    32. A pair of personalized name earrings so no one will ever forget your name again.

    33. A delightful little card to let your loved one know exactly what you'd like to do to them when this whole thing is over.

    34. And also, a ceramic mug to remind everyone else to stay away.

    35. A charming vintage camper birdhouse that'll have all your avian friends hanging out in style.

    36. A hilarious little enamel pin to explain all your frustrations without the need to ever curse at anyone.

    37. A festive and customized silly straw perfect for your next virtual happy hour.

    38. A splurge-worthy and pretty awesome handmade yoga mat you just need for all these at-home workouts you've been doing.

    39. And an investment-worthy roll of magnetic dinosaur print wallpaper that's just so dinomite.

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