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    42 Things From Etsy That'll Probably Have People Asking "Where Did You Get That?"

    A Shrek pooping toothpaste topper, catcalling stickers, and super respectful coasters — just a bunch of awesome finds from Etsy.

    1. A just plain fantastic Shrek pooping toothpaste topper. I think it speaks for itself.

    A person squeezing toothpaste our of the Shrek topper

    2. A 100% natural Oven Cleaning Kit, complete with oven scrub, all-purpose cleaners, and a metallic sponge, to really get at the build-up in your enamel ovens, rack, and even the glass panel on the door — it's made in small batches, and totally safe for your family, pets, and home.

    3. A colorful crystal glass butterfly bracelet plated in 14-karat gold that'll always be shimmering and sparkling.

    A models hand wearing six of the bracelets

    4. An absolutely necessary set of coasters that'll ask all your guests one very important question.

    The "Do you respect wood?" coasters with the image of Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm on them

    5. A sturdy laptop sticker that'll let everyone know who you run with on these streets.

    The "tell your cat i said pspsps" sticker

    6. A vaccine card leather holder — it also has a key ring for safe travels in the event you need to bring it with you somewhere.

    A person holding all the color options of the vaccine card holder

    7. Or go with a vaccine passport holder which not only securely stores your vaccination card but also have plenty of space for your passport.

    An image of a variety of the vaccine passports in multiple colors with one of them open showing where your passport and vaccination card fit

    8. A pair of handmade leather Huarache sandals. Huaraches (pronounced War a chi) are a traditional Mexican shoe, whose design can be dated back to the indigenous people of what are currently the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, and Yucatán. They're traditionally made of woven leather by shoe artisans who intricately braid every piece for a comfy and sturdy construction.

    A model wearing a Huarache on one foot and holding the other in their hand, close to the camera

    9. A reusable and machine washable Swiffer-style duster to help keep your home spic and span without any added waste.

    The Swiffer style dusters in every color available laid out on a floor

    10. A very functional, handmade macrame fruit hammock that'll securely store all your fruit without needing any counter space.

    A hand reaching into the hammock, placed under a cabinet, to grab a piece of fruit

    11. A colorful lantern sleeve midi dress that's sure to grab everyone's attention.

    A model laying in the grass while wearing the midi dress

    12. A vegan laundry stain remover to get out stains, dirt, grease... blood — whatever, I don't know your life! It basically will get all of those hard to get stains out without the use of any harsh chemicals. Just wet the stained area of clothing with water and rub the stain stick over it. Then wash it with the rest of your laundry — but you don't need to wash it immediately. So if you decide to put your laundry off a little longer it'll still totally work.

    The vegan laundry stain remover

    13. An air fryer cheat sheet filled with references for cooking all your favorite foods — pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries... you name it! It includes cooking times for over 80 foods, a magnetic flip chart, and six decal stickers.

    The cheat sheet magnetically attached to a fridge

    14. A genius little Hydroflask car cup holder adapter so you fit your big ol' water bottle into your teeny tiny cup holder.

    The adapter in someones cup holder holding a water bottle

    15. An awesome faucet splash catcher — it fits perfectly around your faucets and will help absorb some of that water that inevitably gets everywhere every time you try to do the dishes.

    The faucet splash catcher in red around a faucet

    16. A freakin' amazing Today's Special T-shirt because this show wasn't just a fever dream, it was real and it was incredible.

    A person wearing the Today's Special T-shirt.

    17. A fizzy toilet cleaning bomb designed to basically work the same way your fave bath bombs work except these are formulated to really get deep into the grime in your toilet and clean it all right up in about five minutes.

    A bag and pile of Johnny Drops - Toilet Cleaning Fizzing Bombs

    18. A refillable catnip cat mat that'll have your kitty oohing, awwing, and meowing all day long.

    A cat rubbing and laying on the mat

    19. A set of hoodie hangers! Yes, there is a hanger out there specifically for your favorite hoodie (I guess once in a while you actually do take it off). It clips onto your closet rod and gives you instant access to your hoodie.

    20. An adorable bee magnetic bookmark for when you finally get around to reading the latest thriller everyone has been buzzing about.

    The Bee Magnetic Bookmark, that reads "to bee continued" placed inside a book

    21. A set of 3D-printed KitchenAid Tool holders you attach to the bottom of your cabinets or shelves to finally give you a place to store all those bulky tools.

    KitchenAid Tool Holder set placed on the bottom of a cabinet

    22. An aromatherapy bath salt made with a combination of magnesium, sulfate, and essential oils to help with any stress or muscle pains — plus it'll leave your skin feeling amazing.

    Three tubes of the bath salts laid out

    23. A super nostalgic soy wax candle because you've been chasing that Friday night Blockbuster high since the last time you set foot in that paradise.

    The candle that reads Video Store in the Blockbuster font and logo

    24. A Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards blimp trophy. I don't even know what to say, I dreamed my whole life of having one of these and now I can. I guess, first I'd like to thank the creators of Snick for this honor, then the little people I had to step on to get here...oh, and I can't forget Angelica Pickles, who gave me the false confidence to think I actually deserved this.

    The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

    25. A jar of all-natural cleaning paste designed to work on any sealed surface and remove film, grime, and grease. It has a totally safe formula that can also be used to soak your produce in.

    26. A super cool