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23 Things All Couples In Long-Term Relationships Totally Need

At this point, your love is deep and your tolerance for fart smells is high.

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6. A second TV.

Eventually one of you will fall asleep on the sofa, only to wake up to your SO a few episodes deep into that show you'd been watching together, despite the fact that you waited for them when they got home late, and so now they have to be banished to the other room to watch reruns of House Hunters, while you get caught up on the two episodes of The Wire they continued watching while you took an innocent nap!

Not that we're speaking from personal experience or anything.

Get this TV on Amazon for $167.


18. An insert for your wallet that reminds you of your anniversary, or whatever date you tell people because let's be honest, neither of you actually remember when you really started dating.


23. A dishwasher because fights should be about the things that matter, like whether or not aliens built the pyramids, not the dishes.

If you don't have space for a built-in, try this countertop dishwasher on Amazon for $200, but if you do, try this one!

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