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27 Ways To Decorate Your Home Like A Grown-Ass Adult

Everything you need to know, and buy, so that everyone thinks you're a grown-ass adult (without actually having to be one).

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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1. Have a complete set of matching dishes, wine glasses, and silverware.,,

Get the dish set (with service for four) for $28, four wine glasses for $20, and 20-piece silverware set for $32 on Amazon.

2. It may seem obvious, but make sure you have clean sheets and pillows.

Experts suggest you wash your sheets at least once a week.

Explore a variety of sheet options here or get these on Amazon for $17+. And get detergent designed to make your sheets fresh and new for $11 or, just use regular old detergent for $13 on Amazon but just please WASH YOUR SHEETS!

3. Invest in a rug that fits perfectly in your space by following a few simple rules.,

Get this rug on Amazon starting at $70 (available in 5'x7', 6'x9', 8'x11', 9'x12' and in ivory, blue, or gray). You can also find heavily discounted rugs from brands like Safavieh with small defects (that are easily fixed or hidden) on eBay.

Learn more about rug placement in every room of your house from Shannon Claire Interiors and find charts for every home decor question you have here.

4. Bring fresh flowers into a room to add a pop of color and show the world you're together enough to own a vase.

Find similar flowers on Amazon for $40 and vase for $14.

Or, get tips on how to arrange your own floral bouquet from Homey Oh My and check out all the places where you can buy flowers online here.

5. Make sure your bathroom has hand towels, hand soap, a bath mat, place to store toilet paper (that isn't the floor), and that it's always clean.

Find a beautiful set of hand towels on Amazon for $22, a soap dispenser for $13, bath mat for $15+, and super-functional toilet paper storage rack for $27.

Get some bathroom cleaning tips here and get more bathroom design inspiration from Homepolish.

6. While you're keeping your bathroom nice and tidy, make sure the rest of your house stays clean and organized...all the time.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

It's not rocket science, but a clean house really does reflect that you have your life together. Try making your bed every day before you head out, vacuuming and dusting once a week (that includes dusting baseboards), washing your dishes after every meal, and investing in some organizational tools to keep everything in its place.

Get all the tips here and find all the cleaning supplies you'll need here.

7. Don't push it, not even real good, use actual salt and pepper shakers because you're a f#*&ing adult.

Using salt and pepper shakers, instead of just pouring your favorite table seasoning from whatever container they came in, is a simple way to show the world you have it together. If you wanna get REALLY fancy, you could even get a salt box.

Get this set for $23 on Amazon.

8. Invest in high-quality material like brass, marble, and heavy fabrics for your decor.,,

Get the lamp on Amazon for $40, bookends from TJ Maxx for $15, and leather foot stool from Amazon for $68.

9. Take a note from Oprah, and make sure your home "stands up and greets you" when you walk in by having a well-curated entryway.

See the transformation of this entryway from start to finish on One Good Thing by Jillee.

And find a similar tray for $17, vase for $19, mirror for $30, basket for $10, and lamp for $70 on Amazon.

10. Invest in, or make your own, art to help bring an air of sophistication to any room.,

Decide where to place your art work by following the standards of galleries and museums. They hang their works at the midline (or center), which is about 57"-60" from the floor, because the average human eye level is 57".

Get the portrait of Nicolas Cage for $27+, hipster cow for $41+, and banana leaves for $20+ at Society6.

11. Use frames for all your posters, prints, photos, and art work to give them a more polished look.

Get more inspiration on who to pull together an eclectic mix of frames from A Beautiful Mess.

Get a set of 10 frames from Amazon for $35.

12. Get plenty of light! Everything from tabletop to floor lamps are an important part of making your home feel cozy.,

Get the table lamp from TJ Maxx for $40 and the floor lamp from Amazon for $70.

13. Hang curtains at every window to make rooms look polished and grand.

Get this set for $31+. (Available in chartreuse and blue and in a variety of sizes.)

14. Decorate with neutrals and add pops of color with smaller pieces of decor.

See the full the tutorial on how to add that pop of color to an otherwise neutral room at Four Generations One Roof.

And find a fun throw pillow for $9, blanket for $18, side chair for $200, and table for $30, all in bright colors and prints.

15. Get an actual sofa, not a futon, to complete your living room.

Get this one on Amazon for $384+ (available in blue and taupe) and explore more sofa options here.

16. Get your bed off the floor and invest in a headboard and side tables.

See more of this look on Domino and find a similar headboard for $115+ and table for $50 on Amazon.

Or, check out this DIY tutorial on how to create your own headboard.

17. Maintain a well-stocked bar cart for when those unexpected visitors decide to pop in.

Get more inspiration from Domino and find a similar bar cart from Target for $130.

18. Customize the pieces you buy at Ikea with unique finishes.

Get the full tutorial on how to update your Ikea Rast dresser from Hunted Interior.

19. Nothing says, "I'm an adult" more than keeping a house plant alive.

Get all the details on what plant might work best for you from A Pair & A Spare and find a gorgeous collection of plants to choose from here.

20. Bring in a good mix of texture with throw blankets, pillows, and unique home decor items.

See more of this look at Design Love Fest and find a similar blanket on Amazon for $150.

21. Paint your walls or add wallpaper to freshen up your space.

Get these wall panels for $20+ on Amazon. (Available in a single or pack of 10, with each panel coming in at 2'6"x2'2".)

22. Keep your bookshelves and coffee tables well organized and perfectly curated.

See more design inspiration on Domino and get book shelf arrangement ideas from Real Simple and coffee table ideas from Elle Decor.

23. On that note learn how to layer all your accessories to construct a visually perfect shelf, coffee table, or sofa.

Get the full breakdown on how to decorate your book shelf from decor coach Heather Freeman of The Decor Fix, how to layout your coffee table from School of Decorating, and how to arrange your pillows from Houzz.

24. Use your reading material to decorate your space by using your book collection as decor.

Nothing says you're an educated adult more than a stack of books. Get the full tutorial from House of Jade Interiors.

And find some great coffee table books here.

25. Make your bed as plush as the ones you dream of sleeping in when you're shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with this handy guide.

Get the full tutorial from Matouk.

26. Invest in a good chef's knife, actual cloth napkins, a sturdy dining table, and quality cookware to fool people into thinking you know what you're doing in the kitchen.,,,

Get the knife for $45, the napkins for $20, the dining table for $294, and the cookware set for $60 on Amazon.

27. And use mirrors to expand your space and add a sophisticated level of decor.,|pdpipadh1|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1|50302584|0,

Get the floor length mirror on Amazon for $227, the round mirror at Target for $38, and the smaller wall mirrors from West Elm for $27+.

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