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    This Little Device Will Transport Your Closet To The Future And It's On Sale Today!

    The closest thing to the Clueless closet the world has ever seen!

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    Back in the '90s (when Amazon was just a twinkle in Jeff Bezos's eye), we met a self-obsessed, totally lovable fashion icon named Cher Horowitz. She was a way normal girl who woke up, brushed her teeth, and picked out her school clothes.

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    And ever since I first saw Clueless — and Cher casually perusing her vast collection of designer wears via her computer screen — I’ve dreamt of being able to digitally organize my wardrobe and plan ensembles before I opened my closet doors.

    But now, just like Cher, you too can pick out your fire OOTD with just the touch of a screen, thanks to the Echo Look from Amazon — *and* it's on mega sale right now for Prime Day!

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    GUYS! It’s so worth it if you’re anything like me and just wish so badly to have a digitally organized closet!

    It literally does SO much: First, it’s a really great hands-free, high-quality camera that can take your OOTD pics and videos. You can use those for social or just to inventory a particular outfit.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    The camera can also be accessed via your phone, letting you view your angles, positioning, and everything else before you snap away. This is an exceptionally great feature if you want to know what you look like from behind or while you're walking or moving around in your look.

    Once you’ve snapped a pic you can use the Style Check feature to get opinions. YES, opinions! Should you add this jacket or that one? Which shoes look better? Should I wear this look or that one for a night out?

    Using some fancy AF algorithms and advice from fashion specialists, the device gives you feedback on two submitted photos in just a few seconds. And the more you do it, the smarter these decisions will get — because robots or whatever. Like...this is nuts!!! I always thought when people said computers were taking over that they meant, you know, bad things, but this is amazing! At this point we’re just a few years away from a reality show called Robot Eye for the Human — AND I AM SO HERE FOR IT.

    Oh, and it doesn’t end there. You can organize closets based on trips, upcoming events, the weather.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    For instance, if you snap an OOTD, it’ll log it by the date and what the weather was on that date! I mean, tell me this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever dreamed of!! I’m exhausted from how happy this little machine makes me.

    Get it on sale right now for $99.99 (on sale from $199.99 thanks to Prime Day — that's $100 off)!

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