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34 Of The Best Products From "Shark Tank"

Do these products have what it takes to survive?

1. The Scrub Daddy, to experience the best sponge you'll ever use.

2. The Squatty Potty, to make going number two your number one priority.

3. Unshrinkit, to get your clothes back to their original size.

4. CitiKitty, to train your cat to use the toilet.

5. Nerdwax, to hold your glasses in their place.

6. Ezpz Happy Mat, to make sure your child's plate sticks to the counter.

7. Baker's Edge, to give everyone the corner piece.

8. Eco Nuts, literal nuts you throw in your laundry instead of soap.

9. The ReadeRest, so you don't go blind looking for your glasses ever again.

10. FunBites, to cut your food into small squares making it easier to eat and share.

11. PhoneSoap, to sanitize your filthy bacteria-covered cell phone.

12. The Beebo, to get a free hand during your baby's feeding time.

13. Better Life, to clean your house and clear your mind.

14. The Hoodie Pillow, to get a little extra privacy and neck support.

15. SoapSox, for a bath-time friend that fits like a glove.

16. IllumiBowl, so you never miss your shot, even in the middle of the night.

17. Lollacup, to give your kids the perfect drink every time.

18. Reviver, to eliminate unwanted odors with a swipe of a cloth.

19. The Better Back, so you can stop being such a slouch and listen to your mother.

20. Drop Stop, so things won't fall through the gaps.

21. Linka Smart Bike Lock, to get bike security that syncs with your phone.

22. One Z, to give parents the support they need.

23. Plate Topper, to create an airtight seal for your leftovers.

24. Hatch Baby, to track your baby's weight and chronicle their diaper changes.

25. AfreSHeet, to get fresh sheets without ever doing laundry.

26. Pavlok, to break a bad habit.

27. Chord Buddy, to learn to play guitar.

28. Drain Strain, to prevent a clogged sink.

29. EVP Extreme Vehicle Protection, to secure your car during extreme weather.

30. Signal Vault, to protect your wallet from hackers.

31. Nuts 'n More, to fill your cravings for protein.

32. Frends, to listen to music in style.

33. The Q-Flex, to reach those aching spots.

34. Simply Fit Board, to stay fit and practice your balance.

Now tell us what you'd present to the Sharks...

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