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    36 Of The Best Products From "Shark Tank"

    Welcome to the Shark Tank. Do you have what it takes to survive?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A set of decibel-reducing, noise-canceling earplugs with a comfortable, almost invisible design that'll increase sound clarity so you can enjoy the music at your next concert and not the screams from the drunk people next to you.

    Promising Review: "I saw the 'vibes' on Shark Tank just the week prior to a musical festival type event I was in charge of. I quickly ordered them β€” we all know how loud the music is at a festival. These were fabulous and worked just as shown and as I expected. I usually leave these events with horrible ringing in my ears but not this time! I was so happy to hear the great music but not experience the ringing." β€”AliceP

    Get them from Amazon for $23.99.

    2. Any of the stylish pieces from the large selection at Red Dress Boutique, which offers cute and affordable dresses, accessories, shoes, and more with free shipping within the US on orders over $50.,

    Get the floral print dress for $46 (available in sizes S–L) and velvet wrap dress for $42 (available in sizes S–L) from Red Dress Boutique.

    3. A pack of hypoallergenic nose patches that'll comfortably fit on the rim of your nostrils and help filter out airborne germs, allergens, and noxious particles.

    Promising Review: "Used these while my floors were being replaced in my apartment. I happened to see this product on Shark Tank the same day the work was started so I immediately went to Amazon and ordered them with next day shipping. Thank god I did because by day two there was a fine dust in the air and I was having trouble breathing. These screens helped significantly and I subsequently recommended them to a friend who suffers from terrible allergies. She now wears them whenever she cleans her apartment to prevent dust-induced flare-ups. I imagine they would be quite useful in a number of situations for those who are sensitive to smoke, smog, dust, etc." β€”DHart

    Get a pack of seven sets from Amazon for $10.43.

    4. A set of car seat gap fillers to put an end to the french fry graveyard that is the space between your center console and your seat.

    Promising Review: "I purchased these for a new car and I've had them a couple months but this weekend they proved their value beyond a dropped french fry. My sweet 4-month-old puppy was sick and puked but not a single drop of liquid fell down between the seats! The material soaked up enough of the fluid to keep it from seeping into the threads of the seats or splashing around before I could pull off the highway. It was SOOO much easier to clean up." β€”Kathy Horner

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 or from Jet for $19.99.

    5. A Squatty Potty that'll position you in a way that makes your poop come out better!

    Promising Review: "I've struggled with the #2 for the last couple years. I've gone from Deficating [sic] Toxic Avenger to 'Dear GOD! I feel like I'm passing the Twin King Guardian Statues'. It's been a sphincter nightmare. No matter what I tried: prunes, more water, high fiber, Taco Bell, even White Castle β€” nothing was working. Usually, in a three-week interval, I'd get very sick and spend three to four hours going to the bathroom nine-ten times. After, my sphincter would be tender and I'm damn near positive if this had gone on, it would be the end of me. Then I saw this. Decided to go ahead and plunk down the $25. By day two of using it I started to feel better and my cramps were gone. I swear to God, when I go on my next road trip, I'm taking the damn thing with me, and IDGAF if my friends laugh at me. This damn thing may have saved my health and possibly my life." β€”DJ_Malsidious

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 or from Jet for $24.99.

    6. A 3D Lovepop pop-up card to bring all your messages to life.

    Promising Review: "My husband, who is a huge Beatles fan, loves this card. It now sits on the top of his dresser so that he can see the Beatles crossing Abbey Road every day. Each guy is about two inches tall." β€”Teachermommy

    Get this card from Amazon for $15 and check out their full selection here.

    7. A bag of Chirps, delicious, protein-packed, gluten-free chips made from cricket flour β€” now when you tell a bad joke instead of hearing crickets you'll hear the sound of someone eating these chips.

    Promising Review: "Saw these on Shark Tank and had been on the fence about trying them. So glad I finally did. On the one hand, crickets?! On the other, crickets are a super sustainable food source that also deliver a lot of protein. They're made with a cricket flour and not actual crickets, making it a lot easier to swallow. The chips are actually very flavorful; BBQ flavor is the clear standout. My two-year-old, who is a little overly sensitive to textures, loves these! I know the idea of eating bugs or something based off of bugs isn't for everyone (even though there is probably bugs in almost all of our processed meat). But if you can look past the thought, the final product ended up tasting good." β€”Stuart C.

    Get a pack of three bags from Amazon for $19.99.

    8. A variety of fun, novelty sweaters, suits, or onesies from Tipsy Elves, a brand filled with colorful apparel that'll make you the funnest dressed person in the room.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    9. An all-purpose cleaner from Better Life made with all-natural ingredients that are totally safe but can still effectively clean up grease, grime, and all those hard-to-get stains.

    Promising Review: "Holy cow!! I saw this product on Shark Tank and he sold me when he sprayed it in his mouth. I have two young children. It smells amazing, and it truly gets the funk off. Will order again, probably forever." β€”KKarr

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $11 or a single bottle from Jet for $6.05.

    10. A pack of InstaFire, a chemical-free lighter made of recycled wood, volcanic rock, and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax so you can start a safe, contained fire nearly anywhere β€” like even on top of water.

    Promising Review: "This stuff is awesome!!! We used only one pack for our campfire and it kept burning for a long while β€” well after the logs caught. There was no oily, smelly chemicals or toxic smoke like some fire starters that are paraffin based. This burned clean so we had a nice relaxing fire to enjoy β€” no poking or prodding necessary to get the fire going." β€”Mooselady

    Get it from Amazon for $5+ or from Jet for $8.99.

    11. A tube of Nerdwax for an all-natural solution to stop your glasses from sliding down or slipping off.

    Promising Review: "We saw this on Shark Tank, and thought we'd give it a shot. The Chapstick sized tube is perfect for travel. Walking on a beach with sunglasses on, sweat makes them slide down. Just a couple of dabs of this Nerdwax keeps them in place. It also worked well-keeping glasses up during snow blowing in a recent blizzard. So while I'd rather use it walking on a beach, it did the job when I was shoveling snow as well. Is it costly? Yes. But does it work? Yes!" β€”Ernest DeFelice

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    12. A scratch-free, odor-resistant Scrub Daddy designed to soften up in warm water and stay hard for tougher scrubbing in cold water. The unique shape helps you clean every crevice of every dish and cooking tool in your arsenal.

    Promising Review: "LIke many people, I first saw Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank and was immediately intrigued. I bought a three-pack, to test. After a week of use, I was completely sold. I've used this thing to scrub burned out pots and oven dishes. I've used it to clean countertops. I've used it to scrub automotive grease and crud off my hands, arms, face, fingernails, etc. The company claims these are good for 30 days; I'd say that's entirely dependent on how you use them. I've had them last less time than that and up to two months. If your Scrub Daddy starts to smell a little funky, just rinse it in cold water with some dish soap, throw it in the dishwasher, and you're all set!" β€”Brandon Mouser

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $14.24 or from Jet for $14.99.

    13. A Screenmend repair kit that'll give you an easy and temporary solution when a freakin' hole appears in your window screen!

    Promising Review: "I love it. Very quick and easy to use. So far seems like it will last. You can see that it was patched but there really is no way to avoid that without replacing the entire screen but this works fine for one or two homes." β€”Jennifer Leddy

    Get it from Amazon for $6.22 or a roll from Jet for $10.60.

    14. A pack of Neat Cheeks, flavored face wipes to make cleanup a little more fun...and delicious.

    Get a pack of 25 wipes from Bed Bath & Beyond for $3.48.

    15. The Spatty, a BPA-free and dishwasher-safe spatula that'll fit into your cosmetic and lotion bottles so you can get every last drop out.

    Promising Review: "I've wanted these since I saw them on Shark Tank. I've tried all types of methods to get the remaining contents out of bottles β€” sometimes even cutting the plastic bottle in half. These have solved the problem. Great products!" β€”drf2903

    Get the set from Amazon for $11.99 or on Jet for $11.99.

    16. A natural deodorant from PiperWai made of activated charcoal to help absorb up to 1000x its weight in moisture so you always stay dry.

    Promising Review: "Finally an organic deodorant that works. I’ve been wanting to try this for a year now ever since I saw it on Shark Tank. I’ve bought every organic deodorant and they just don’t work. I waited because I wasn’t a fan of the idea of having to rub down my pits w my fingers every time I wanted to put deodorant on but it actually doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t leave a residue and actually feels refreshing. I’ve been smelling myself periodically throughout the work day and even after workouts and this stuff is holding up! If you’ve been hesitant to make the leap, allow me to persuade you." β€”Danielle

    Get it from Amazon for $15.98 or from Jet for $17.60.

    17. A beard bib that'll secure onto your mirror and wrap around your neck so you can catch the trimmings that normally end up all over your bathroom sink and floor.

    Promising Review: "I first saw this product when it premiered on Shark Tank and thought it was genius! Even though my husband did his best cleaning up after himself, there were still stubborn little hairs left around the sink and the floor, which I would have to clean up. My husband was skeptical at first but after he used it, he loved it! We are both very grateful for the invention of this product!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    18. A silicone Ezpz Happy Mat designed to suction onto the table and stay secured throughout mealtime.

    Promising Review: "Saw this on Shark Tank and ordered it right away! It sticks to a table or hard surface very well, as long as it's placed over a solid piece. Easy to clean and harder for my kid to throw! Certainly not impossible as he figured out to peel the corner up but it at least buys us another couple seconds when he's going to dump something." β€”Erin Emery

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 or on Jet for $29.83. Available in two color options.

    19. A Rocketbook notebook you can reuse over and over again simply by microwaving it to completely erase it.

    Promising Review: "I love this notebook β€” Shark Tank be damned! This is a very cool product and a great way to keep your notes electronically, but also have the time to process through handwriting, (which the experts say is important). Great product - makes note-taking fun again!" β€”JeannieInMD

    Get it from Amazon for $21.25.

    20. A Buzzy pain relief device that'll naturally reduces pain caused by needles by cooling the skin and sending small vibrations and distractions so you won't even know you're getting pricked.

    Promising Review: "The first time my daughter got her vaccines, she cried so much that I started crying. When she got home, she was really fussy and cried for hours. I was devastated β€” but suddenly I remembered that I had seen this product on Shark Tank! I bought it and hoped for the best. Well, today my baby had her second round of vaccines and she cried a little but for maybe two minutes!!! She even left the clinic smiling and laughing. Just place it for 15 seconds at the site of injection, then move it upwards and leave it on while they are putting the shot. That's it! The nurses were so impressed with it that they were going to see if they could buy some for the hospital. It is important to note that while they will not feel the pain of the needle, they may feel the pain of the liquid going into the muscle. I will give this as a gift for all future baby showers." β€”Zhure

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    21. A set of Solemates heel protectors, because you spend way too much on your shoes to have them sink into the grass and get dirty.

    Promising Review: "I saw this product pitched on Shark Tank and immediately ordered a few packs. They only pitched the grass-sinking usage, but for me, it's also a fantastic way to protect my shoes and save money on costly repairs. I have worn them twice so far and was very happy!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $10.99. Available in three sizes.

    22. An inflatable HoodiePillow made of soft sweatshirt material to cradle your neck and cover your eyes for a totally comfortable travel session.

    Promising Review: "I wanted one of these since I saw them presented to the 'sharks' on Shark Tank! A marriage of two of the greatest things β€” hoodies and pillows! They are made out of soft, quality sweatshirt material. I use it when my husband and I travel overnight. I bought one for each of my kids too. Both of my boys have sensory issues, my oldest is on the autism spectrum. This is a wonderful way for them to 'escape' when they can't really escape! It helps block out sounds and sights, and gives a soft, cozy squeeze around their neck! What a cool, cool item for the whole family!" β€”J. Condrey

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    23. A magnetic ReadeRest so you can have a secure place to safely keep your glasses when you're not wearing them.

    Promising Review: "I saw this on Shark Tank and thought it was kind of goofy. Then I needed reading glasses. Now I have an enormous collection of reading glasses all over the house β€” I mean, in every room! So I found this again and bought it. I really love it! I attached it to my shirt and voila, glasses on me anytime I want, without them hanging around my neck making me look 105. The magnet is very strong and I have no worries about it letting go." β€”E. bay

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 or on Jet for $14.64.

    24. A Q-flex acupressure tool that'll get at those knots that manifest on your back from the stresses of having to deal with life.

    Promising Review: "Was hoping this would take my job of massaging my wife's back when she gets these little gravel like knots in her muscles. It did! Saw it on Shark Tank. She loves it! The padded handle is great." β€”rrr

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    25. A Lollaland Lollacup uniquely designed to prevent any spills from your little one.

    Promising Review: "These sippy cups are great! I saw them on Shark Tank and ordered one. It is the best sippy cup I have ever seen. It does not leak, the weighted straw means they can hold the cup up and still drink from it, and the fact that it has handles is a bonus. The cup comes apart easily and it's all dishwasher safe. The top of the cup is also a lid. No slinging juice everywhere and a tight seal. It may be pricey, but you are buying quality. Should you lose part of the straw or cup, you can order replacement parts." β€”Nancy S

    Get it from Amazon for $15.95 or from Walmart for $15.85+. Available in three color options.

    26. A pair of rubber-soled Xero shoes made using vegan-friendly materials that are flexible, lightweight, and will make you feel like you're walking barefoot.

    Promising Review: "I'm semi-new to barefoot walking but really like my experience so far. This is one of the first pairs of shoes that I used and they're great. The sizing can be tricky β€” my estimation of my foot size was also way off, so it took a while to get the fit right. Make sure you use their sizing guide and consider ordering a couple of pairs to get the sizing just right (thank you Amazon for a great return policy). Also, even when you do get the sizing right, you'll still notice spacing in this shoe. That's to be expected with these type of shoes. I was told a thumb width is normal. As for style, it's a little different from my usual, but I think they look kind of cool. I'm a professor and my students have even complimented them so my street cred is way up (at least in my mind)." β€”barg

    Get them from Amazon for $84.99. Available in sizes 6.5–14 and in four color options.

    27. A super pigmented, cruelty-free Lip Bar liquid matte for a bold color that's moisturizing and long-lasting.

    Get it from Amazon for $14. Available in Basic Bish, Vixen, Class Act, Party Girl, Control Freak, and Man Eater.

    28. Any of the adorable pieces from Grace & Lace, which is filled with all the essentials to upgrade your wardrobe starting at just $3.99.,

    Get the lace socks for $21 and the convertible scarf/poncho for $34.

    29. A Baker's Edge brownie pan, because everyone deserves to enjoy the magic of a corner piece.

    Promising Review: "Because this pan is intended for the 'brownie edge lover' if you aren't one β€” this is not the pan for you. Now if you're still reading then you must have heard the rumors about this pan. Not being one that makes brownies more than once a month I just couldn't convince myself to spend over $30 on a pan. Now that I have it I will never go back to a standard pan for brownies. It gives every brownie at least two chewy edges, it's totally non-stick, and there is no oiling or flouring necessary. Clean up is easy. A little hot water, soap, rinse, dry, and voilΓ !" β€”Cricket

    Get it from Amazon for $35.95.

    30. A Ring Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell that'll let you see, hear, and talk to whomever is at the door, whether you're home or not.

    Promising Review: "This is quite possibly the greatest invention ever. I first saw it on Shark Tank but didn't really think that I needed one although I was quite taken with the idea. Then, sadly, my husband passed away and I was all alone in a very large two-story house. My children worried about me, especially after I had a couple of questionable knocks on my front door after dark. So they got it for me and installed it right away. Never have I been so happy or felt so secure. The ability to answer my doorbell even when I'm not at home is great, but even better is, when you're at home, knowing who is at your door. For even more fun my grandchildren love to ring the doorbell and talk to me before I get to the door. Even better, I have those adorable videos of them forever in the Cloud." β€”Teresa Maloney

    Get it from Amazon for $179.99 or from Jet for $179. Available in five color options.

    31. A bottle of delicious Bubba's Q bar-b-que sauce filled with the kind of flavor that'll have you licking your fingers and asking for more.

    Get it from Bubba's Q for $6.99.

    32. A pair of comfy and cute socks from Bombas, who donate one pair of socks to homeless shelters across the country for every pair purchased.,

    Get the woman's ankle socks for $12 and the men's quarter socks for $16.

    33. A pack of Copa Di Vino, individually packed wine glasses filled with delicious wines you can take on the go.

    Get a 12-pack from Copa di Vino for $35.99. Available in a variety of flavors.

    34. A Simply Fit Board to help you work out your abs, legs, and core from the comfort of the middle of your living room.

    Promising Review: "This product is so fun and easy to use but still gives you a great workout. I saw it on Shark Tank and instantly went to Amazon to order one! I would recommend getting the little platform that keeps it stable, otherwise I tend to eventually move across the room!" β€”S. Shepherd

    Get it from Amazon for $33.89 or from Walmart for $39.99+.

    35. A f#@%ing delicious jar of Wicked Good Cupcakes capable of lasting up to six months if frozen.

    Get two jars from Wicked Good Cupcakes for $19.95. Available in a variety of flavors.

    36. And a Lockerboard designed to fit easily into most lockers and backpacks.

    Get it from Locker Board for $99.

    Guess I'm going to need to learn to skateboard.

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