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34 Of The Best Products From "Shark Tank"

Do these products have what it takes to survive?

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. The Scrub Daddy, to experience the best sponge you'll ever use.

Made of engineered polymer, this sponge firms up with cold water and softens with hot. Its unique design isn't all smiles — it's actually meant to make certain products easier to scrub (put spoon in mouth, literally).

Promising Review: "I'm a freak for cleaning supplies, so I've tried almost everything there is within the cleaning realm. These seemed a bit high in price, but I figured I'd give them a try... and I'm so glad I did!" —MishiRN

Price: $8

2. The Squatty Potty, to make going number two your number one priority.

Its simple design situates your body so that it's in its most efficient position to help you go.

Promising Review: "Oh my god! The things that are coming out of my body! I was one of those people who used to check out for a half hour or so when I had to drop a deuce - no more. This thing is like a catapult for my poo - and the sheer quantity of poo that launches, torpedo-like from me is really pretty remarkable. I'm not sure where it all went before but it wasn't coming out like this - that's for sure. It takes a minute to get used to the position (think of a baseball catcher - you are essentially hugging your knees with this thing). But the sheer glory of seeing everything I have eaten in the last ten years instantly leave my body is really something. I've even been texting friends tales of the results with things like 'I think I've just lost 15 pounds in one pooping and now my pants are loose.'" —Bob S.

Price: $25

3. Unshrinkit, to get your clothes back to their original size.

If you've ever accidentally thrown your favorite wool sweater in the dryer, you know how salty those tears can taste. Now you can gently and effectively stretch your sweater back out by simply soaking your garment in this totally safe formula.

Promising review: "As you are waiting for your sweater to dry, it will smell like a perm out of a grocery store box, but understand that once it dries fully, IT SMELLS FRESH AND NEW!" —ColeenD

Price: $13

4. CitiKitty, to train your cat to use the toilet.

So many feelings about this. So many feelings.

Promising review: "OMG! Kitty shows off when I get home, running to the pot to do it in front of me. Now I sometimes come home to poo in the loo. It's really cute to hear her tinkling. My 7 year old cat will have none of it." —syrendipity

Price: $26

5. Nerdwax, to hold your glasses in their place.

This unique formula of wax is safe for your skin and keeps your glasses in position.

Promising Review: "I've been using it for a few weeks now, have done gardening, cleaning, all sorts of things where I would usually be pushing my glasses up constantly." —Maureen Lynn

Price: $10

6. Ezpz Happy Mat, to make sure your child's plate sticks to the counter.

It's a bowl, it's a plate, it's a placemat, it's never going move. Ezpz Happy Mat sticks to the counter so that your little one doesn't have any accidents and you're not stuck cleaning up Cheerios from places you didn't even know existed.

Promising Review: "I know this is supposed to be used for children, but I have a cat that knocks around and flips over her food and water bowl. I was watching Shark Tank and I saw the owner of this company pitching Ezpz to the Sharks. I quickly thought that this would be perfect to try as a replacement for my cat's food and water bowl." —Rockaway

Price: $25

7. Baker's Edge, to give everyone the corner piece.

No battle has been as tragic, pitting brother vs. brother, mother vs. daughter, than the battle for the corner piece. Well, now everyone can have one and peace can be restored.

Promising Review: "This pan can do so much more than brownies, so get creative and it won't let you down." —Phil

Price: $49.95

8. Eco Nuts, literal nuts you throw in your laundry instead of soap.

Dried soapberries apparently work better than soap! Just throw about five berries into the provided wash bag, and boom, laundry that's fresh and clean. And those berries are good for TEN loads.

Promising Review: "It really gives the laundry a 'fresh' smell, a REAL fresh smell, not that crappy perfumey smell! (If I want to smell like something, I'll choose something that doesn't smell like my linens, my husband, my kids, etc!)" —Mur

Price: $4–$40

9. The ReadeRest, so you don't go blind looking for your glasses ever again.

Its magnetic design attaches to your clothes (without damaging them) and provides you a little hook to hold your glasses on your body.

Promising Review: "Before finding this great little invention my husband wouldn't wear a shirt without a front pocket for his glasses. Now his wardrobe options are limitless." —B. Myers

Price: $10

10. FunBites, to cut your food into small squares making it easier to eat and share.

Create designs and easy food for kids with very little work. FunBites uses a simple plastic design to easily cut up the food you'd already be serving.

Promising Review: "My kids love that all the pieces are little squares, not that I'm encouraging playing with their food, but it does make their eating a little more fun for them and a little less stressful for me." —Aprichard2011

Price: $10

11. PhoneSoap, to sanitize your filthy bacteria-covered cell phone.

Did you know your phone has more bacteria than a public toilet?! Did ya? Cause it does. PhoneSoap is a charging and UV-C sanitizing phone case, just drop it in and UV lights will kill any bacteria trying to use your phone for long distance calls.

Promising Review: "Wife loves it. She is an RN who had been Clorox wiping her phone EVERYDAY she came home from 3rd shift work, to get it clean. Few spontaneous gifts have excited her this much." —Amazon Customer

Price: $59.95

12. The Beebo, to get a free hand during your baby's feeding time.

Created by a dad who needed a hand, literally. The Beebo drapes over your shoulder, fits any bottle, and rotates depending on the position of your baby and your arm, giving you a free hand to multitask during feeding time.

Promising Review: "Anyone who has ever tried to hold a bottle between your shoulder and chin so you didn't have to stop feeding your baby to answer your phone, help one of your other children, read a book.....basically do anything while bottle feeding, will appreciate this product!" —Meelie2010

Price: $30

13. Better Life, to clean your house and clear your mind.

This green and cruelty-free home cleaning line is safe for every member of your family to use without sacrificing the clean it leaves behind.

Promising Review: "This cleaner is remarkable. Not only does it smell great (and by great I mean Yankee Candle will probably be creating this scent) but it is a superior cleaning product." —MustangMary

Price: $10

14. The Hoodie Pillow, to get a little extra privacy and neck support.

When it's deflated, it fits nearly anywhere, but when you're ready to use it, just inflate Hoodie Pillow and you'll have a perfect neck pillow that provides some added privacy with the attached hood.

Promising Review: "My husband says I look ridiculous when I have it pulled all the way closed, but I'm the one who got a great nap on the plane while he was tossing and turning since he wouldn't use his." —Meredith R Ward

Price: $20

15. SoapSox, for a bath-time friend that fits like a glove.

With its convenient finger pockets, you or your child can slip on one of SoapSox's many characters and use it as the perfect sponge to make bath time a little more fun.

Promising Review: "Soap goes in the shark's mouth, it gets foamy, and you can wash your kid with it." —J. Martin

Price: $15

16. IllumiBowl, so you never miss your shot, even in the middle of the night.

A super-simple attachment for the side of your toilet that'll provide you a guiding light (in eight different colors) for that midnight rendezvous with your bathroom.

Promising Review: "The best part of this product is definitely that it scares the daylights out of my fiance when she sits down and the light comes on." —Chris

Price: $15

17. Lollacup, to give your kids the perfect drink every time.

This easy-to-clean, BPA-free sippy cup is made with a weighted straw so that no matter how the cup gets tilted, you child will get a solid drink.

Promising Review: "The straw is a really soft rubber so when he jams it around his mouth it doesn't hurt him." —Ali

Price: $16

18. Reviver, to eliminate unwanted odors with a swipe of a cloth.

Sometimes smells linger on your clothes, whether it's from a workout or a cigarette. With Reviver, you'll eliminate those odors and bring an instant freshness to whatever stink you were in.

Promising Review: "Kills bud/weed/smoke odors on any cloth." —samiullah chaudhry

Price: $6

19. The Better Back, so you can stop being such a slouch and listen to your mother.

Take a seat and correct your back posture in just 15 minutes a day.

Promising Review: "I saw this product on Shark Tank and just had to try it. It's a little awkward when/if you have to get out of your chair, but it gets easier the longer you use it. It definitely gives me needed support when sitting at my desk for long periods of time." —Tonya

Price: $59

20. Drop Stop, so things won't fall through the gaps.

Drop Stop fills the gap between your car's seats and the center divide so things can't fall in.

Promising Review: "It solved a huge headache for me." —P.L. miller

Price: $20

21. Linka Smart Bike Lock, to get bike security that syncs with your phone.

This KickStarter-funded Shark Tank–featured bike lock just launched about a month ago, completely changing bike security. Linka stays attached to your bike at all times, will automatically unlock when it senses you're approaching, sends you notifications if someone is trying to tamper with it, and if your bike manages to get taken, it'll immobilize your wheel.

See what people are saying on KickStarter.

Price: $130

22. One Z, to give parents the support they need.

This wrap-around pillow provides support for a parent holding their baby while also providing a soft place to rest while your baby feeds.

Promising Review: "This pillow would definitely make a gift-giver the MVP of any baby shower." —Regan E Chemski

Price: $50

23. Plate Topper, to create an airtight seal for your leftovers.

Just pop one of these lids to your already existing plates and bam, automatic storage containers.

Promising Review: "My retired parents liked it so much I ordered this set as a Christmas present. They use it everyday." —Suzanne Marcoux

Price: $12

24. Hatch Baby, to track your baby's weight and chronicle their diaper changes.

Using its built-in WiFfi, Hatch Baby will help you keep track of how your baby is growing, as well as their health and even their feeding habits.

Promising Review: "My son can feed in 4 minutes and I had a hard time believing he was getting enough milk in such a short feeding. The scale showed me that he could easily take in 4-5 ounces in just 4 minutes. This instantly put my mind at ease." —Shirrell Howland

Price: $249

25. AfreSHeet, to get fresh sheets without ever doing laundry.

Everyone has that friend — the friend who maybe you question how often they shower. You know the one. Well, with AfreSHeet, you can rest assured they're resting on a clean sheet. These pull-away sheets give you seven layers of clean, disposable sheets without ever having to do a load.

Promising Review: "My son used these sheets at sleep away camp this summer and loved them so much that I purchased a second set for my older son's college dorm room." —Nancy Lashine

Price: $37

26. Pavlok, to break a bad habit.

Using built-in GPS, sensors, and your supportive friends, Pavlok will know when you're about to commit a bad habit and send a shock to your wrist every time you do.

Promising Review: "Nail biting was done within about 3 days. Each time I would catch myself biting my nails I would zap, and at 30% it was certainly strong enough for me to be conditioned to stop having the impulse to bite pretty darn quickly." —Leeanne

Price: $199

27. Chord Buddy, to learn to play guitar.

Attach Chord Buddy to your guitar and it'll show you how to play by guiding you through the learning process.

Promising Review: "My husband who plays music professionally thought it was great!" —Rebecca Sanada

Price: $50

28. Drain Strain, to prevent a clogged sink.

Replace your current drain stopper with a Drain Strain, and its built-in basket will catch all the things that normally clog up your pipes.

Promising Review: "I am surprised at the amount of stuff that it has caught in just the first few days. Well worth the investment." —TheOtherOsama

Price: $13

29. EVP Extreme Vehicle Protection, to secure your car during extreme weather.

Just drive into an EVP bag and zip it up — and you'll get protection from snow, extreme rain, and even some flooding.

Promising Review: "I had purchased one of these covers and think they're terrific and easy to use. I'm thinking about buying another one of them to use for my patio set, it's a lot easier than wrapping and more efficient than using a tarp." —Rich

Price: $265

30. Signal Vault, to protect your wallet from hackers.

These easy-to-fit-in-your-wallet credit cards contain microchips. When one detects a scanner, it creates white noise, preventing anyone from stealing your information.

Promising Review: "Works so well, I forgot it was next to my swipe-in badge for work, the door didn't open." —Ilze Lucero

Price: $18

31. Nuts 'n More, to fill your cravings for protein.

Filled with whey protein, flaxseeds, and omega fatty acids, this peanut spread will fill you up with goodness.

Promising Review: "This is hands down the best brand of nut butter I've ever had. I really liked this flavor but my favorites are the Cinnamon Raisin Almond Butter and the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Where else can you find nut butter with such great nutritional values, 14 grams of protein per severing is so awesome!" —Kevin T Nelson

Price: $14

32. Frends, to listen to music in style.

So many celebrities have been seen sporting one variation or another of these fashionable headphones. They come in a variety of colors and interchangeable cap sets, so the look of your headphones can change as often as your taste in music does.

Promising Review: "I'm in love with these headphones! A perfect fit with my gold & white iPhone 5S and most importantly, the sound they project is clear!" —Leeloo

Price: $255

33. The Q-Flex, to reach those aching spots.

Its ergonomic design uses leverage and gravity to apply accurate pressure to those back pains that would normally only be dealt with by going to a specialist.

Promising Review: "Can I say Ah-Mazing! I purchased this after watching Shark Tank and I am in love. For the price, you can't beat it." —Janet

Price: $25

34. Simply Fit Board, to stay fit and practice your balance.

Use your balancing skills to twist and turn your way into health.

Promising Review: "You wouldn't think simply twisting on this would feel like a workout. But boy does it! You're not just twisting, you're moving your whole body, if you're doing it right. Plus balancing, which uses your core more than you think." —Amazon Customer

Price: $73

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