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    33 Amazing Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Cost Less Than $10

    The bunnies and your wallet will thank you.

    1. A super-pigmented blush that'll give you rosy cheeks that last all day.

    2. A lip balm to soothe your chapped lips and provide them with some much-needed SPF.

    3. An HD Powder for when you feel like doing a little baking.

    4. Some witch hazel toner even the most sensitive of skin types will love.

    5. A glitter eyeshadow to help add a little sparkle to your look.

    6. A black AF eyeliner so you can create a perfect winged line that won't end up all over you face.

    7. A cleansing sponge made of konjac plant fibers which help detoxify pores and smooth skin while buffing away dirt and makeup.

    8. An eyeshadow palette with enough pigment and sparkle for a perfect smokey eye.

    9. A 100% vegetarian lotion to help soothe your super dry skin.

    10. A soap with shea butter for anyone trying to deal with their acne-prone, dry skin.

    11. A liquid lipstick that'll last all day, even if all of that day is spent eating.

    12. A pore-purifying mini peel so you can get that I just got a facial look without paying that I just got a facial price.

    13. A matte finishing spray to help your makeup last, even if you're sweating like crazy.

    14. A gel eyeshadow available in so many gorgeous colors, you won't know which one to choose.

    15. A long-lasting and vibrant vegan nail polish to help give your fingers a little bling without a ring.

    16. An organic and natural mascara that won't clump, smudge, or flake off.

    17. A face primer to get help get your skin ready before you start applying your makeup.

    18. An eyeshadow, bronzer, and highlighter palette with nine brilliant eyeshadows and a super pigmented colors.

    19. A powdered eyebrow kit you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

    20. A gentle vegetarian face cleanser that'll help remove all the impurities from your skin without over cleaning it.

    21. A caffeinated eye mask so you can depuff and brighten up after a long night.

    22. A heavy duty concealer available for a variety of skin tones.

    23. A super moisturizing lip tint for when you need an I woke up like this pout.

    24. A charcoal sheet mask to help with detoxifying and cleaning out your pores.

    25. A blue mascara, because black mascara is so 2000 and late.

    26. A cream eye liner that'll actually stay on, even if your sweat wants to say otherwise.

    27. An eyebrow gel for the most perfectly-groomed brows the world has ever known.

    28. An argan oil to help restore texture and tone to your skin in an all natural way.

    29. An eyeliner pencil with the creamiest, most easy to apply application of your life.

    30. A shaving cream that'll leave your legs feeling soft and totally moisturized.

    31. A tinted moisturizer so great it might just completely replace your foundation.

    32. An ultra matte liquid lipstick for those nights out where you just don't want to worry about having to reapply all the time.

    33. And a clay mask so you can fight that breakout that's basically destroying your life right now.

    IRL footage of me being very excited about all the new makeup I'm about to order.