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30 Surprisingly Awesome Things You Can Get At Jet

Who knew Jet had so much good stuff!?!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A moisturizing crimson lip stain to get that I just made out with a raspberry look that you know you love!

Promising Review: "It works like a marker, except the pigment has a thin, creamy texture. I apply it to my index finger, rub the creamy pigment into my lips, and can get lips that look nude but rosy all the way to a deep cherry red simply by adding more. Then I smack my lips together once or twice and — magic! Young, fresh-looking lips that are very long-lasting. So far I've had the color last six hours with normal activity — including kissing! It isn't flat; it has a delicate satin glimmer — as long as you exfoliate your lips." —SuzyJennifer

Price: $3.05


8. A bottle of bathtub fingerpaint soap, because chances are your kids are gonna paint all over your walls anyway. Why not have them do it while getting clean?

Promising Review: "Bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it. Keeps her entertained while getting her clean. Not harmful and I'd recommend it for any youngster who likes to play in tub." —Nugbug

Price: $5.91

9. A quick-heating deep fryer for a delicious single portion of fries whenever you damn well want.

Promising Review: "I live in the South where fried food is part of our daily diet. First of all, this little fryer is made of stainless steel so it will be much easier to keep clean and it looks professional for sure. I do like the compact design. It fries more than you think it would. The ready light lets you know when the temperature is right, which keeps the food from absorbing too much oil! Did I mention the basket?! It makes frying a snap! You lift the basket and let it rest on the side so any excess oil will drip back into the fryer. I love it!" —alabamabutterfly55

Price: $24


12. A rubber duckie bath thermometer that's definitely the one. It'll get a quick, accurate temperature reading of your kiddo's water, guaranteeing that it'll make bath time lots of fun.

Promising Review: "This is a must for a newborn. Bath time got so much easier. Now I know the water is perfect instead of wondering every time. We love our duck!" —lana

Price: $11.99

13. A pour-over brewing cone easily placed on top of your favorite coffee mug to help you make a delicious single-serving cup of joe whenever and where ever you are.

Promising Review: "Grabbed this pour over after seeing a friend use it during our camping trip. Just boil water, pour over coffee/filter, and in less than a minute, you got a cup of coffee ready to go!" —HappyCamper

Price: $3.91


17. A set of toaster bags, you can use up to 50 times each, are non-stick so you can just wipe them clean, can catch all the crumbies, and help you make one mean grilled cheese without using your stove.

It can even help prevent cross-contamination for anyone with a gluten allergy.

Price: $5.15 for a set of two.

18. A no-flame candle plate that'll let you enjoy the fragrance from your favorite candle without ever actually having to light it.

Promising Review: "I purchased one of these like two years ago. I will say that I have put it to great use. I love candles and keeping my house smelling fresh, but when you have kids you do not want to light them. Such a huge risk of them knocking it over and something catching on fire. This candle warmer has been great. Not only is it safer, but you don't get that burned smell or smokey scent. Also, I think the candles last so much longer this way. I also learned that you can use it to heat up your coffee. We took it on a trip one time and used it to keep the coffee warm. It is so easy to use too. It's light weight, but very durable. I've dropped it many times and it's still in one piece. Very affordable and well worth it." —yessit

Price: $7.48


24. A set of eight bath animals you can float in the water or stick to the walls during your next bubbly aquatic adventure.

Promising Review: "I really like this product, and so does my six-month-old baby. He loves to play with them, look at them, and stick them to the wall. They don't get moldy and they're easy to disinfect with some water and vinegar. Definitely worth the money!" —Irishka

Price: $5.99

25. A roll of blackout blinds for a temporary way to block out light.

Just cut the roll based on your window size and this black-out film can be taken down and put back up over and over again. Each roll comes with enough to cover five standard windows.

Price: $53.40

26. A food steamer with two bowls so you can steam different meal options with just the push of a button.

Promising Review: "This is a wonderful steamer! I especially like the 'warm' feature. After it's done steaming it automatically switches over to 'warm'. It also only stays on 'warm' for one hour and then automatically shuts itself off." —Ugh2

Price: $29.47

27. A 12-piece bath mat you can build into the size and shape you need to make your bathtub a slip-free zone.