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26 Stain-Fighting Products That People Actually Swear By

You are now able to drink and eat freely!

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1. A spot remover your Grams would totally approve of.,

Promising Review: "This stuff is so amazing. I witnessed my two-year-old write all over my white leather couch. I tried multiple different things and nothing worked but this stuff did. I love this stuff." —L. Nix

Get it from Amazon for $3.

2. A gel stick that'll get deep down in there to grab your stains and kick them off your clothes.

Promising Review: "I absolutely love this! I have a baby and get stains on his clothes all the time, (from poop to baby food to paint at daycare). I wash his clothes as usual and if a stain persists, I just grab this OxiClean stick and put some on the stain. I sometimes let it sit for a bit but usually I just throw it back in the wash and it disappears! Like magic! There have been times that I don't get around to laundry until a week or so later so the stain just sits and this thing still has no problem taking out the stain! To date, my son hasn't stained any clothes thanks to this little gem. It is definitely a must have in my household!" —Mingo

Get it from Amazon for $7.


3. A stain and odor eliminator your pup really wants you to get.,

Promising Review: "Works like a charm. No damage to carpet or lingering order. Our dog is being re-trained with this product, don't let his cuteness fool you. So far no re-marking. Only needed to use it a few times. Soaks up as much from first contact." —JoJo

Get it from Amazon for $20.

4. Some stain-removing wipes for those moments when your white shirt gets thirsty for red wine.

Promising Review: "These little towelettes work amazingly! I was first introduced to them when I was buying a beautiful white dress at a department store and I noticed that makeup line around the neck from other ladies trying it on. When I told the sales girl she said she'd get it out, and whipped out one of these. Naturally, I wasn't very optimistic that it would work, but boy was I wrong! She pulled out the towelette and started lightly rubbing, the foundation marks were gone!! Not only that, but it smells good and it didn't ruin the fabric! I'll never be without it now!" —Erin L

Get two packs of 12 from Amazon for $9.

5. An all-natural, biodegradable, stain-removing bar that'll get out even the toughest of stains.

Promising Review: "I was highly skeptical that this would work, but the YouTube videos showing what it did prompted me to make the purchase. Glad I did, I had an expensive blouse that I wore once and got a huge grease stain on. I figured $6 to try to restore a $40 blouse made of a delicate fabric was worth it. Five minutes of mild and gentle scrubbing was all it took to take the huge black smudge to a small, barely faint line, (and if I were inclined, a second application of this stick would probably remove it). Last week, my husband decided to try it with a shirt that had an ink stain the size of a quarter. That took a bit more work, but wow, it did the trick." —S. Mulhall

Get it from Amazon for $6.

6. A stain stick you can use to finally get out all those grass stains.

Promising Review: "I first bought this stain remover because it was eco-friendly. I was surprised to find out how well it worked. There is no stain that I have treated that hasn't come off. It works on blood, grass, mud, ketchup, and even grease. I am Indian, and make curries with turmeric all the time. This stain remover took the greasy turmeric stain on my shirt out in one wash. I put it on and let sit for 10 minutes, then wash. No more stains!" —Nandita Khanna

Get it from Jet for $4 or a pack of nine from Amazon for $48.


7. A multi-purpose stain remover you can use on your clothes, furniture, or rugs.

Promising Review: "This product is excellent! My carpet had muddy paw stains and it cleaned it right up. Well worth it, and will keep it in my house always." —beverly ballard

Get it from Amazon for $20.

8. And the travel-sized pen version to fight those same stains on the go.

Promising Review: "Loved this little stain pen! Took care of an old grease spot that had gone though the wash. I use it frequently (I'm a mess)." —Jane Z

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $10.

9. A magic wand that'll have messy people thinking you're their fairy godmother.

Promising Review: "Amazing, amazing, amazing product. I wear white shirts six days a week. Every week I get food, blood (it's a pretty competitive workplace), ink stains, and more on those shirts. Someone told me about this stuff and I bought it just to see if there was anything to her ravings. THERE WAS! I used this stick on an ink stain – gone. I used it on a chocolate stain — gone. Blood stain on the collar? Gone. I don't need to put it in the wash either! It works with a wet cloth and a few swipes. I got an extra one to keep at the office, just in case. Bottom line? This stuff works on my white shirts with every accident, every spill, and on every stain so far." —Bryan Lemke

Get it from Amazon for $6.

10. Some fancy AF stain solution 'cause with this you'll have 99 problems but your stains won't be one.

Promising Review: "The only laundry stain-removing miracle worker on the market today, period. Just used it to remove a 1" diameter circle of black ink from a leaking pen. The ink stain occurred in the morning and I used this stain remover around 7 p.m. I was wearing a pair of medium blue colored jeans and the ink came out after merely soaking in water with the stain remover covering the area. If not for this product, I am sure I would've had to toss these jeans. Other stains this product has removed: dye, blueberries, chocolate, antiperspirant, lipstick, self tanner." —Parker

Get it from Amazon for $17.


11. A heavy duty laundry bar to fight stains you've had since 1894.

Promising Review: "This is by far, the best stain remover on the market. It doesn't look like much, and I know most people prefer the sprays. But, until I used this product, I used stain remover spray exclusively. Just make sure you wet the stain before rubbing it with this." —H. L. Kern

Get it from Amazon for $6.

12. A professional grade spot and stain remover for even the toughest of poop stains.

Promising Review: "Worked like a charm. We rent. When we own, with dogs, I will never have carpet. Until then, I will always have this on hand. Had a sick dog, (both my husband and I work), came home to an awful surprise (poo). Ordered this and it worked like magic. Followed the directions, and it took the stains right out. The stains were two-day old by the time this arrived, and it still took them out. Love it!" —Melissa

Get it from Amazon for $12.

13. Some bleach and stain-removing pens to help treat those ridiculous spots before your put them in the wash.

Promising Review: "The bleach pen completely removed a day old wine stain from my white sweater! Such a lifesaver, definitely good to have on hand in your laundry cabinet!" —Angela Baek

Get a set of four pens from Amazon for $11.

14. A stain and odor remover someone who maybe took on two 8-week-old puppies uses after they pee and poo on everything she owns.,

Promising Review: "Definitely a necessary product in a house with two cats and a dog! This has really helped in the clean up of cat throw-up and through dog potty-training." —Denver Girl_1988

Get it from Amazon for $8.


15. A stain remover tough enough to get out even your kid's diarrhea.

Promising Review: "I had this handy when my baby bled on her clothes and fluffy white blanket after her immunization shots. I was worried the blanket was ruined, but there is no evidence of blood anywhere on it after washing!" —Monika S.

Get it from Amazon for $6.

16. A plant-based spot and odor eliminator that'll naturally fight the toughest stains you got.,

Promising Review: "Awesome product! I had a comforter that was my shaggy dog's favorite item in the world! Recently, it got a dose of skunk stink. Tomato juice didn't work, vinegar didn't work. Peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon all struck out. Luckily however, this stuff worked. Now I must admit I did use about a cup of it to clean it but everything ended up stink-free." —ParaMedicMom

Get it from Amazon for $12. (Cruelty-free and 100% vegan.)

17. An environmentally safe stain-remover to help rid your stuff of beverages, coffee, baby formula, milk, blood, grass, grease, pet stains, vomit, urine...basically anything.

Promising Review: "AMAZING! I 'inherited' a bottle of this product while cleaning out a house. It got rid of a red wine stain in light beige carpeting and did not leave a ring. I had to have more!" —BlkSwan3222

Get it from Amazon for $7.

18. Some Tide To-Go pens because stains follow you everywhere.

Promising Review: "I love these pens. They really work and I can't live without them. I keep one in the bedroom, one in my purse, and one in my car. I can't tell you how many times they have saved me. Buy them, you won't be sorry." —Angie Tennison

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $13.


19. Some Seventh Generation Baby stain spray to safely remove those stains your bundle joy leaves you.

Promising Review: "Really works on stains! I've tried it all over the years and keep coming back to this one. I also appreciate having the choice of this natural alternative." —scorpiogal93

Get it from Target for $5.

20. A pre-wash solution that should legit have a show in Vegas 'cause it's magic.

Promising Review: "Amazing. Works perfectly. I have a teen who spills and lets the spill set in. I use this, and it's like new. I also used it on the carpet with a stain and it worked." —Dawnita

Get it from Amazon for $12.

21. An ink-remover for when your little artist decides to turn their toys (or your home) into their canvas.,

Promising Review: "Brand-new white plush toy got attacked by young children with a red ballpoint pen. (Go figure!) We hid the toy away for a few weeks until purchased this. We followed the directions, (don't treat with anything else first, don't wet the item first). I'll let the picture show how well it worked. Everyone is so happy with the results!" —T. L. Scott

Get it from Amazon for $11.

22. A pet stain remover 'cause some of the toughest stains you'll fight will be caused by your furry friends.

Promising Review: "My adorable lab pups are about as sweet as they come, except for the potty training thing. I may go crazy after all this. Never had such a time getting our dogs to hit the paper — these two take the cake. At least we figured out how to get rid of the stains and the smell. You really have to find a product with an enzyme base. Anything else just doesn’t work, I don’t care what the label says, and believe me I tried everything the grocery store had. I just followed the directions for this and the results were awesome." —Dulcinea Marvin

Get it from Amazon for $20.


23. Some Spot Shot to help you get your carpets back to their original condition.

Promising Review: "It works. It seriously works. My beautiful, high-end, incredibly expensive carpet that I've regretted since the day I installed it, is clean. You know how whenever a cat throws up it's always kind of a harsh pink or red? It got that out. And not just yesterday's puke session, but a couple of shadows from vomits past." —orangesandtoothpaste

Get it from Amazon for $10.

24. A gentle, plant-based stain remover that's totally safe for your baby.

Promising Review: "I have a baby boy. He's not the cleanest guy I've ever met — okay, he's actually the messiest. How can one, tiny, adorable person make such a mess?! I've used this since day one. It fought off poop, pee, vomit and all kinds of food — including strawberries and chocolate. In fact, at over one-year-old, he only has a few clothes that are permanently stained, mainly because I waited way too long to clean, or forgot to spray. It doesn't smell of chemicals, and I feel safe using it even when my son was a newborn." —reviewing robin

Get a single bottle from Jet for $7 or a three-pack from Amazon for $29.

25. An on-the-go stain remover you can even use on your dry clean only clothes.

Promising Review: "This stuff is basically magic in a pen. It takes out a huge variety of organic stains. I use it at thrift stores to see if stained items will come clean. I've had great luck! I have one in my purse, and other people come find me to use it. They aren't exactly cheap, so I regret ever telling anyone else about the magic, (I had some idea they would order their own instead of using mine). Overall, my new go to stain remover." —Maggie

Get it an individual stick from Jet for $6 or a pack of six from Amazon for $25.

26. And some The Honest Company stain remover to help gently treat stains throughout your home.

Promising Review: "Add a little elbow grease, and your tough stain will disappear. This is great stuff. It took out stains that I had given up on — like coffee on beige carpet!" —ILaria

Get it from Amazon for $11.