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    33 Ridiculously Pretty Sneakers For Anyone Who's Sick Of High Heels

    I mean, if Cinderella wasn't so into the whole glass slipper thing, she'd be totally into these.

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    1. Velvet Converse for a glam AF take on the classic high-top sneaker.

    2. A lightweight sports sneaker made with a durable fabric mixed with gold thread so they sparkle just enough.

    3. A pair of floral canvas lace-ups I'm sure you probably owned as a kid β€” but now you can have the adult size version.

    4. A pair of fashionable AF street sneakers featuring sparkling details, a soft fabric tongue, and lightly cushioned footbeds.

    5. A pair of breathable fabric and metallic sneakers for when you wanna add a little shine to your step.

    6. Delicately embroidered trainers to get a subtly chic upgrade to your favorite white sneakers.

    7. Embellished sequined slip-ons in a rich jewel-tone green and satiny black that'll make everyone take notice.

    8. Metallic faux-leather sneakers to help add just enough sheen to your look.

    9. A pair of 100% vegan, sparkling glitter sneaks that'll be literally cute as a bunny.

    10. Foil-printed canvas Keds designed in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. using a special technique to give the illusion they were painted by hand.

    11. A pair of breathable sneakers with shock-absorbing footbeds, non-slip traction soles, and 3D-printed graphics, giving them a beautifully unique texture.

    12. Embroidered buckle strap sneakers that will probably give you the confidence to stroll into any palace like you own it.

    13. A pair of orange platform slip ons with a stunning floral print for a pop of color and little height.

    14. A pair of metallic mesh Superga sneakers that'll let your feet breathe and shine all at once.

    15. Shimmering platform Keds with a padded insole and a gorgeous pastel pink color.

    16. Lace-up brocade sneakers, because everyone needs a red shoe. Why not make yours look fancy AF?

    17. A pair of classic Nike Cortez sneakers with all the details in pink β€” these are, by far, the best freakin' sneakers in the world and now they're in pink, people!!!

    18. Glittering ribbon-laced sneakers you can use to dress up your favorite cropped trousers and T-shirt this holiday season.

    19. Multicolor tweed lace-ups for when you want your sneaks to match your Chanel suit.

    20. A pair of ribbon laced Puma sneakers that'll be basically a gift you don't wanna unwrap.

    21. 3D floral faux leather slip ons to get a little extra dimension out of a classic shoe.

    22. Metallic star-studded high-top sneakers made of a breathable canvas and vegan leather.

    23. A pair of hidden wedge metallic sneakers for when you don't want to give up on your high-heel addiction just yet.

    24. Embellished velvet slip-ons designed with an ornate celestial image so you can be looking at the stars even when you're looking down at your feet.

    25. A pair of wide-fit lace-up sneakers embellished with a gorgeous collection of sparkling crystals.

    26. A pair of pretty AF pink velvet Superga sneakers, because they're your go-to sneakers anyway, so why not cover them in velvet.

    27. A limited edition Nike Cortez x ALC sneaker created with snake-print heel tabs, inspirational quotes on the footbeds, and longer laces that can be tied around your ankles.

    28. A pair of pearl and jewel embellished lace-up sneaks so you don't have to give up on your go-to white sneakers just yet.

    29. A pair of platform slip ons with a delightful bow design and a comfy AF foam footbed.

    30. A pair of sparkling lace-ups you know Dorothy would have much rather been wearing when she traveled down the yellow brick road.

    31. Embroidered velvet slip-ons covered in a stellar design of the planets and stars β€” making them totally out of this world.

    32. A pair of faux suede sneakers designed with a floral and beaded applique to help make them come to life.

    33. And a pair of special edition Nike Air Max 95 in contrasting burgundy and teal colors because these shoes are already πŸ”₯ but then you put this color combo on them it's straight 🚨🚨🚨!

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