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    Posted on Jul 23, 2017

    34 Artists You Won't Believe You Can Still See Live

    Because time travel isn't possible and '90s music was the best music.

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    1. The Backstreet Boys because Backstreet's back — actually they never left, and they're awesome, and still swoon-worthy.

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    There's a reason why they were voted number one in Rolling Stone's Readers Poll: The Best Boy Bands of All Time list! Their 1999 hit "I Want It That Way" off their third studio album Millennium topped the charts in more than 25 countries and wasn't even their only hit. Songs like "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "As Long As You Love Me" helped define the sound of the '90s.

    Fun Fact: After meeting the Backstreet Boys at a radio station, I printed handouts with the photos I took and distributed them to everyone at my school — because it was the '90s and the only social network I had was my parents' printer. #BSB4Life

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Minneapolis, Chicago, or check out their residency in Las Vegas.

    2. Monica for all the hits that helped you cope with your adolescent love life.

    Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

    I dunno who the boy belonged to, but I do think the '90s belonged to Monica. Her 1995 debut album Miss Thang went platinum with help from the success of her singles "Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)" and "Before You Walk Out of My Life." Of course as it often happens, Monica was often compared to her contemporary, Brandy. In 1998, the two young talents graced us with "The Boy Is Mine," which played on the perceived rivalry between the two artists.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her upcoming shows in Philadelphia, Long Beach, CA, and other cities.

    3. Green Day so you don't feel like a total American idiot for missing them.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Hailing from the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area, Green Day's punk rock roots created a soundtrack for the decade with their 1994 album Dookie and singles like "When I Come Around." The album was so great it earned a spot at number 193 in Rolling Stone's, 500 Greatest Records Of All Time!

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Portland, OR, Oakland, CA, and other cities.

    4. Korn so you can finally get your mosh pit on.

    Raul Arboleda / AFP / Getty Images

    As a nu metal band, Korn competed with mega-popular boy bands to grace the top of the TRL charts. It was their 1998 album Follow the Leader filled with singles like "Got the Life" and "Freak on a Leash" that helped bring them to the attention of the world. Their weekly online TV show, KornTV probably also helped. Lead singer Jonathan Davis's work on the Queen of the Damned nu metal-heavy soundtrack (in 2002) didn't hurt to secure the band's spot in the sub-genre, either.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Camden, NJ, Noblesville, IN, and in other cities.

    5. Boyz II Men for the kind of vocal harmonies that'll make your heart melt.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Their 1992 hit, "End Of The Road" has probably played at some major moment in nearly everyone's life. It claimed the number one spot on Billboard for a whopping 13 weeks! And let's not forget their 1995 duo with Mariah Carey, "One Sweet Day", which will make even the coldest of hearts shed a tear.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their Las Vegas residency.

    6. Alanis Morisette. It would be ironic not to — or would it?

    Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

    In 1995 Alanis Morisette gave us her breakout album Jagged Little Pill, which included the single that incorrectly taught a generation what was "Ironic." Her song off the same album, "You Oughta Know" was rumored to be about her ex, Dave Coulier aka Uncle Joey, thus leading me to believe that Ms. Morisette taught Taylor Swift everything she knows.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her upcoming shows in Highland Park, IL, Sioux City, IA, and in other cities.

    7. Blink-182 so you treat yourself to all the small things.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    Blink-182 was part of the Southern California punk wave that crashed the TRL pop party back in the late '90s. Their 1999 album Enema of the State was the definition of pop punk, and sold more than 15 million copies! Its debut single, "What's My Age Again?" video famously featured the band running around Los Angeles in the nude.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Lewiston, NY, Columbus, OH, and in other cities.

    8. Celine Dion because she's a f#@king queen!

    Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

    1992 was many things. It was a leap year, the year our then-president George H. W. Bush, threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister, and it was also the year Celine Dion's iconic, power-house voice gave us a self-titled album. The amount of hits Ms. Dion had in the '90s is longer than most people's grocery lists, but I would argue her best was in 1997 when she flooded air waves with "My Heart Will Go On," the super hit from the Titanic soundtrack.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her residency in Las Vegas.

    9. Snoop Dogg to have a good night bow-wow-wow-yippy-yo-yippy-yaying.

    Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

    Today's Snoop Dogg is cooking in the kitchen with Martha Stewart, but '90s Snoop Dog was laying back and sippin' on "Gin and Juice." The hit single off his album Doggystyle was produced by none other than the Doctor himself, Dr. Dre. Although the song was released in the '90s, you'd probably be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't heard it and memorized at least a few lyrics.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for his upcoming shows in Seattle, Kansas City, KS, and in other cities.

    10. Britney Spears so everyone can say, "you're so lucky."

    Mike Windle / Getty Images

    It's Britney, bitch! How could we talk about the '90s and not talk about Ms. Spears. It's hard to believe there was a time when Britney wasn't in our lives, but it wasn't until 1999 that we were graced the iconic sounds of "...Baby One More Time" from her debut album. Since then, uniforms and the world have never been the same.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her residency in Las Vegas.

    11. Warren G. You've just hit the east side of the L.B.C., you're on a mission trying to find him.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    A member of the hip hop trio 213, which included Snoop Dogg, Warren G began dominating the airwaves in the early 90's. His 1994 hit "Regulate" with Nate Dogg is credited for being his breakout hit. You'd be hard pressed to find a hip hop fan who doesn't immediately begin swaying when they hear the unforgettable beat and Warren G's voice rapping, it was a clear black night...

    Find tickets on Seat Geek for their upcoming shows in Tucson, AZ, Portland, OR, and in other cities.

    12. Hanson because the brothers grew up to be 🔥🔥🔥!

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    Before the brothers Jonas decided to get all ripped, the boys of Hanson were ruling the radio waves and millions of young girls' hearts. There is nothing more '90s then the sounds of "MMMBop." The single was nominated for two Grammys and reached number one in more than 27 countries.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for his upcoming shows in Dallas, Nashville, TN, and in other cities.

    13. The Offspring. You're pretty fly and should probably let yourself enjoy a good concert.

    Bertrand Guay / AFP / Getty Images

    The Offspring's 1998 release of Americana was filled with a perfect mix of punk-rock melodies, we-don't-take-ourselves-too-seriously lyrics, and iconic hits including the classically angsty, "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their tour with Sublime with Rome in Chicago, Sterling Heights, MI, and in other cities.

    14. Dru Hill to help mend your late-night, broken-heart woes.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    Before Sisqo gave us the underwear anthem of 1999, he was part of the R&B group Dru Hill, which gave us some of the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, night-time listening classics ever, like "In My Bed," "Never Make a Promise," and "We're Not Making Love No More." And then there was their 1996 hit "How Deep Is Your Love," which arguably has the best roof-top, leather-clad, visor-wearing, dance routine the world has ever seen.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Long Beach, CA, Washington, DC, and in other cities.

    15. Beck so you can belt out that you're a loser with a million strangers.

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    Often one of the forgotten victims of Kanye West's Grammy stage interruptions, Beck has been a musical power house since his breakout hit "Loser" in 1993. His anti-folk songs have not only topped the charts for decades, but have helped influence an entire generation of musicians.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for his upcoming shows in Milwaukee, St. Paul, MN, and in other cities.

    16. Mariah Carey because she is a living legend. I don't care what anyone says!

    Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

    1990, the year the world was gifted with one of the best pop, R&B, soul and songs to have ever been sung. "Vision Of Love" was Mariah Carey's first single off her self-titled debit album, and since then she's been the gift that keeps on giving with hits like, "I Still Believe," "Emotions," and "Hero."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her upcoming shows in San Diego, Dallas, and in other cities.

    17. Third Eye Blind to hear quintessential '90s alternative rock songs that still play on your radio all the time.

    Kimberly White / Getty Images

    The San Francisco-based band gave us some of the more memorable alternative rock hits of the '90s. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1997, included hits like "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's It Going To Be," that are still heard on the radio and catchy AF.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Palmer, AK, Salem, OR, and in other cities.

    18. The Goo Goo Dolls -- but don't worry you don't have to give up forever to see them.

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    Although most frequently remembered for their mega-hit "Iris" off the City of Angels soundtrack, the Goo Goo Dolls had a bunch of alternative-rock hits, including "Slide," which went to number one on the Billboard Adult Top 40.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Peoria, IL, Chicago, and in other cities.

    19. Marilyn Manson so you can let your inner goth out for one night.

    Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

    Produced by Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson's debut album Portrait of an American Family propelled him to popularity in the mid '90s with singles like "Get Your Gunn," and "Lunchbox." But it was Manson's second studio album that gave us "The Beautiful People," the incredibly popular track that brought alternative metal into popular culture. In the late '90s we saw Manson's transformation into glam rock with his album Mechanical Animals, which included singles like "The Dope Show."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for his upcoming shows in Silver Spring, MD, Pittsburgh, and in other cities.

    20. Brandy because you've been sittin' up in your room for too long.

    Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

    Mo to the E to the, Mo to the E to the.... If you don't recognize the start of this iconic TV show, then I dunno if we can be friends. Brandy hit the airwaves hard in 1994 with her debut self-titled album, which included "I Wanna Be Down." She also contributed to the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack with one of the best songs of the '90s, (hands down, no debate), "Sittin' Up In My Room." And for those of you who still haven't figured it out, in 1996 Brandy started her run as Moesha, a typical teenager with some of the best outfits the '90s had to offer.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her upcoming shows in California.

    21. The Foo Fighters for some good ol' fashioned post-grunge rock.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    After David Grohl gave Nirvana the beat, he gave the world the Foo Fighters. Their 1999 "Learn To Fly" video famously featured the band playing a variety of characters on an airplane and even had a cameo from Tenacious D.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Richmond, VA, Greensboro, NC, and in other cities.

    22. A Tribe Called Quest to hear some of the best lyricists of a generation.

    Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

    In 1990, A Tribe Called Quest brought an entirely new take to hip-hop, combining rock, jazz, humor, and even promoting safe sex. Their first studio album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm gave us hits like "Can I Kick It?" and "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo." Their second album The Low End Theory featured guest rappers like Leaders of the New School (which included a very young Busta Rhymes) in songs like "Scenario."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Morrison, CO, San Francisco, and in other cities.

    23. Weezer to get your hip nerd on.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Weezer's 1994 hit, "Buddy Holly" is still probably one of the catchiest alternative songs in existence. The video was even ahead of its time, directed by acclaimed director Spike Jonze. It used iconic TV show, Happy Days as a backdrop and even featured some of the show's original footage.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Seattle, Kansas City, KS, and in other cities.

    24. Smash Mouth because somebody once told you they put on a good show.

    Brad Barket / Getty Images

    In 1997 Smash Mouth came onto the scene by letting you spend a few minutes "Walkin' on the Sun," and then in 1999 they reminded you of your "All Star" status. Their catchy rock hits still get plenty of air play and their influence in the '90s helped define the beat.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Snoqualmie, WA, Hutchinson, KS, and in other cities.

    25. Ms. Lauryn Hill for some of the best written songs by one of the greatest artists of the decade.

    Graham Denholm / Getty Images

    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill single-handedly changed music in 1998. The album, which was a critical and top-selling success, was awarded five Grammy awards and gave us singles like "Doo Wop (That Thing)." But this wasn't the first time the world was graced with Ms. Hill's talents. She had massive success as a part of the Fugees, in which she sang and rapped along with Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel in hits like "Ready or Not."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her upcoming shows in New York, Chicago, and in other cities.

    26. Hootie & The Blowfish to experience a concert where it's totally okay to hold my hand.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    You can't talk about the '90s and not talk about Hootie & the Blowfish. The alternative rock band had one of the best-selling albums of all time with their debut Cracked Rear View, which included their super popular single, "Only Wanna Be with You."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Charleston, SC.

    27. Matchbox Twenty because maybe you're feeling unwell and need a little pick me up.

    Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images

    Matchbox Twenty's 1995 debut album Yourself or Someone Like You included some of their most notable hits and was certified 12x Platinum in the United States. It included songs like "3AM," which let us know that maybe happiness is a mat that sits in a doorway and "Push," that had lead singer Rob Thomas declaring that he wanted to take us for granted.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Reno, NV, Tucson, AZ, and in other cities.

    28. Bone Thugs N Harmony for classic '90s hip-hop.

    Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

    Ranked one of the best rap groups of all time, Bone Thugs N Harmony helped give '90s rap its voice. Their 1995 album E. 1999 Eternal was nominated for multiple Grammys and gave us singles like "The Crossroads," which won for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. The song was one of their most popular hits and help memorialize their mentor, Easy-E.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Santa Ana, CA, Houston, and in other cities.

    29. Jennifer Lopez because her '90s beginnings were only the start to her status as a super star.

    Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

    Although many knew Ms. Lopez from her days gracing the screen as a Fly Girl, it wasn't until 1997 that she gained the spotlight with her portrayal of iconic Tejana superstar Selena. In 1999 she propelled her acting success into a singing career, releasing On the 6 and her hit single, "If You Had My Love."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for her Las Vegas residency.

    30. Coolio so you can figure out what he's been up to lately.

    Brad Barket / Getty Images

    Coolio's 1995 hit "Gangsta's Paradise" not only helped Michelle Pfeiffer teach the Dangerous Minds of her classroom but it had people everywhere rapping along to lyrics about the harsh conditions of growing up around violence. The song was so popular, Weird Al parodied it with his excellent hit, "Amish Paradise."

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Kettering, OH, Louisville, KY, and in other cities.

    31. Barenaked Ladies because it's been three weeks too long since you last heard one of their tunes.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    The Canadian rock group gave us "One Week" in 1998 and started decades worth of epically incorrect sing-alongs. Currently the band still enters many homes through The Big Bang Theory's theme song.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Fort Wayne, IN, Atlanta, and in other cities.

    32. Garbage to be in the presence of the amazing Shirley Manson.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    Lead by the iconic Shirley Manson, Garbage released their debut album in 1995. Soon after, they released hits "Only Happy When It Rains," and "Stupid Girl." Version 2.0, their second album, continued their success with singles like "I Think I'm Paranoid," and two grammy nominations.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Boston, Raleigh, NC, and in other cities.

    33. The Counting Crows for songs that make you come on, come on, jump a little higher.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    The Counting Crows frontman didn't just belt out the lyrics to "Mr. Jones," the incredibly popular 1993 song that had everyone singing Sha la, la, la, la, la, la, but he also used the '90s to date some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Monica Potter.

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for their upcoming shows in Mountain View, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and in other cities.

    34. And of course, Usher. Need we remind you of his abs?

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    In 1994 we were graced with the baby-faced vocals of the now legendary Usher. His self-titled debut album included the single "Can U Get Wit It," which had a video that starred Diddy, back when he was still Puffy, driving Usher around as he serenaded the cameras. You think Diddy had to drive the car 'cause Usher was too young to drive?

    Find tickets on SeatGeek for his upcoming shows in Cincinnati, Saint Paul, MN, and in other cities.

    And just in case you didn't believe me, I wanted to provide you with the receipts.


    The songs "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's It Going to Be," were hits off of Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut album, released in 1997. An earlier version of this post listed them as being off their album Blue, released in 1999.

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