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    This $4 Tool Has 11 Functions, Fits In Your Wallet, And Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

    An 11-function stainless steel survival tool for when you're the last person on earth β€” or when you just really need a bottle opener.

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    Do you watch TV? Maybe even the news? Have you seen what's happening in the world today? I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're all as terrified as I am.

    Gracie Films

    If I watch one more episode of Forensic Files, I might just build a bunker and live there forever because everyone is a murderer and they won't get caught until the forensic science is able to catch them β€” but if murderers are watching these shows too...won't they know how to get around it?????? The stress, guys!

    Well, if you don't want to go down without a fight then you'll probably need some tools β€” but carrying around machetes and blow torches is just too impractical, so you might want to consider something a little more pocket-sized. Cue the 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool!

    Mutant Enemy

    It's four f#@%ing dollars and it's probably gonna save your life during the apocalypse. It's a no-brainer...but not in the zombie sense, just in the you-should-buy-it sense.

    First, this little all-in-one is made of sturdy AF stainless steel, so when the zombies or politicians come for your flesh you know this little guy won't crumble under the pressure. Amazon reviewers can back me up:

    "This item is very useful. I use it mostly for small fixes at home and on the road or outside. Fits in my wallet, does not bend, pretty tough, and sturdy steel pocket tool. Has several other functions, but been using it to open boxes, saw/cut small tubes, branches, open bottles, and cans. Helps if you sharpen the edges when it gets worn down." β€”Michael C.

    "The first thing that impressed me was how sturdy it is. It's about 1/4" (or more) thick, of nice quality stainless steel, and can handle anything and everything I've thrown at it without bending or breaking. I use it regularly for opening bottles, as a screwdriver (especially for small screws like on my eyeglasses), and for replacing the need for scissors to make small cuts. I also took it camping with me last month and must have used it 10 times a day! I highly recommend this product thanks to its high quality, versatility, and ridiculously low price!" β€”Ian Macpherson

    Second, it can do SO. MUCH. STUFF. In addition to being a ruler, screwdriver, and saw blade (yeah you read that right), it's also a can opener, bottle cap opener, four- and two-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, direction ancillary wrench, and a knife edge! Plus it has a keychain hole in case you manage to finagle a sweet, sweet ride during the impending doom.

    "All 11 functions have worked. I've recently discovered just how convenient it is to have a blade and screwdriver on me all the time. I was also pleasantly surprised by the leather carrying case. The product is a lot sharper than I imagined it would be (can confirm the blade is highly functional) and so it was great that it came with a case made of suitably thick leather (I'm inclined to believe it's imitation leather because of how cheap this is, but it's sturdy and keeps the tool from scratching the insides of my wallet)." β€”Amazon Customer

    "I normally carry a multitool and pocket knife with me everywhere I go. I bought this tool for one reason. It fits in my wallet and it is a bottle opener. My wife has work mandatory functions that require me to wear a tie and I can't have my multi-tool hanging from my belt. Well, needless to say, when you are at a function that serves mostly champagne and wine the waiter does not always pop the top on your beer for you (happens more often than you would think). This is an emergency situation and I break out my emergency tool and open my bottle before it has a chance to warm up. So for a couple bucks, I am very happy this tool allows me to drink cold beer. Bottom line is a bottle opener that I can carry in 'polite' society is priceless." β€”Scott F.

    "I really like this 11-function credit card pocket tool. I carry it in my camera bag and it is very handy when I am out doing nature photography. I like it so much, I bought several to give as stocking stuffer gifts. I would just caution to be careful while using it, the blade edge is sharp. Other than that, it is very useful and I use most of the functions." β€”reiki_pixie

    Oh. And it fits in your wallet!


    "I have two other credit card tools from other makers that are almost 10 times more expensive than this one and this is the one I always carry and like the most. Get this one. It has more functionality and usefulness than the others IMHO. The sharpened edges are what sets this one apart from the rest. It comes with a little pouch so the exposed edges are not a real problem when carrying. I have used most of the tool features on this card tool and would not hesitate at all in buying it again. A winner." β€”A. Walters

    "Love having this in my wallet. Small enough to fit in a credit card slot. It came with a little leather pouch to hold it so I keep it in there and stick it inside my wallet in a slot that hides behind where the credit cards go. Used it to open a beer bottle once at this one party a few weeks ago and some dudes came out of nowhere asking where they can get one." β€”Ry Tehomes

    I mean, I'm convinced! Gonna buy a million of these and build a $4 million mansion out of them to hide in! Let me know when you're all ready to move in. Get it from Amazon for $3.99!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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