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34 Irresistibly Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $500

Beautiful pieces to give to your love (or yourself).

1. A band that'll have your heart nearly at their fingertips.

2. A rough stone that'll show just how raw your love is.

3. A delicate yellow-gold ring that has just enough sparkle.

4. An adorable little friend they can wear for all eternity.

5. A band that's so pretty they'll never want to take it off.

6. A sapphire baguette so that they'll always have their something blue.

7. A ring that's so magical it'll play tricks on your eyes.

8. A simple ring made with just enough sparkle.

9. A sparkling band that'll become a family heirloom.

10. A dainty diamond that'll capture everyone's eye.

11. A rose-gold band made of hearts because wearing them on your sleeve is so last season.

12. A ring made of nothing but love...and gold, and diamonds.

13. A piece that shows your love is anything but black and white.

14. A ring that'll show just how much your heart beats for them.

15. A delicate pear that's almost good enough to eat (but don't, seriously).

16. A swirling band that'll have them dancing in the streets.

17. A bar of diamonds that'll really stack up.

18. A trio of diamonds made to perfectly showcase your sophisticated love.

19. A vintage-style ring that'll make the perfect keepsake.

20. A petite piece filled with intricate details that they won't be able to take their eyes off of.

21. A band that'll twinkle and sparkle in all the right lights.

22. A ring that'll make your love crystal clear.

23. A band that looks as lovely as the stars in the sky.

24. A ring that'll make a statement the second they walk into the room.

25. A classic piece perfect for a love that'll never go out of style.

26. An Australian opal because being with them makes everyday a g'day.

27. A ring that you can call Molly cause she's just so pretty in pink.

28. A piece that is almost too magical for words.

29. A lovely little band with just the slightest hint of purple sparkle.

30. An art-deco piece designed to stand the test of time.

31. A topaz ring perfect for the most unconventional of romances.

32. A set of raw diamonds that will surely make a statement.

33. A ring that's basically perfect for anyone who wants to tie-the-knot.

34. And the cheesiest of tokens, because nothing says they have a pizza your heart like a slice of pepperoni.

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