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    Updated on Feb 3, 2020. Posted on Dec 19, 2019

    Rent The Runway's Unlimited Membership Is On Major Sale, So What Are You Waiting For?

    Rent The Runway — where dreams and closets are made.

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    Hello again, Your friendly neighborhood Elena calling to continue spreading the gospel that is Rent The Runway. It's been over a year since I last told you about my love for their Unlimited membership — and guys, I love it as much today as I did on day one.

    It's the truest, purest form of love a girl can ever know.

    For those of you just joining us, Rent the Runway Unlimited is a masterful piece of perfection that allows you to rent some of the best clothes your closet will ever know for one monthly fee.

    Here's how it works: You get four cute pieces at a time from their massive inventory of designer garments.

    You can keep your four pieces for as long (or as little) as you want. Once you're done with them, just ship 'em back, slots in your membership will open up based on how many items you've returned, and you can rent more! There is no limit to how many times you can rent or for how long you can keep any piece. And if you're going on vacation and need a few more pieces you can open up extra slots for an additional $39 a month.

    And right now you can get $100 off of a 2-month trial of their Unlimited membership using the code BUZZFEEDXRTR at checkout! (That's HUGE!)

    ABC / Via

    That's $100 off!!!! For two months!!

    It's $159/month after that.

    Yes, you heard that right! $100 off!


    $100 off your first two months' access to their massive inventory — which you can access through their extremely easy-to-use app.

    Rent the Runway

    It lets you sort by size, occasion, style — a bunch of different criteria. You can even sort the reviews to see what people who are similar in size and body type think of the piece.

    And shout out to all the awesome RTR reviewers who will often let you know about fit, include pics, and even give you recs on how to style it.

    $100 off your first two months' access to some of the best designers your closet will ever know.

    Paramount Pictures

    Think Tory Burch, Proenza Schouler, Tibi, Kate Spade, Marni, Christian Siriano, Draper James, Opening Ceremony, A.L.C., Oscar de la Renta... I could go on and on.

    $100 off your first two months' access to "shop" in-store at one of their boutiques.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Our offices happen to be a few blocks away from the New York shop, but honestly, I rarely go there because shipping pieces back is just SO easy.

    $100 off a never-ending wardrobe of complement-inducing, double-take getting, "where did you get that?" echoing pieces you'll wonder how you lived without.

    $100 off your first two months people!!


    Just make sure to use code BUZZFEEDXRTR! You'll get $100 off and endless happiness in the form of an awesome wardrobe.

    After that, it's $159 a month, which is still a pretty penny but in these first two months, you'll see why it's worth the investment.

    Okay, everyone calm down. Take a breath and go sign up on Rent The Runway for $100 off your two-month trial of their Unlimited Plan (using code BUZZFEEDXRTR, $159/month after).


    The deal ends soon, so make sure to sign up before it's over.

    Feel free to thank me later!

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