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    It's About Time We All Talk About This Amazing $15 Eyebrow Gel You Can Get On Amazon

    Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel is about to change your makeup routine in the best way possible.

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    I think we can all agree that good brows can change your life! They're pretty amazing. I mean, they're the only things you can get into shape that don't require any exercise — that is of course whether or not you consider waxing and tweezing an extreme sport (which I sometimes do).

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    So when I came across Elizabeth Mott's Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel and its over 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon I just knew I had to fill you in.

    Get it? FILL IN! No? Just not funny? Well, I tired.

    Let's start off by highlighting just some of the above-mentioned reviews — people love this product and even go as far as to call it their holy grail beauty product.


    "Finally. A tinted eyebrow gel in black. Other cosmetic companies like Benefit only seem to cater to those with lighter hair colors. It was almost impossible to find a tinted eyebrow gel that was darker than 'dark brown' — these products almost always made my brows look grey because it was too light for my hair color. It took very little use to get the desired brow I wanted. If you have black hair like me, black is not 'too dark'. It gives a wonderful natural full brow, which is exactly what I was looking for since I don't wear anything besides tinted lip balm. There was a noticeable difference between the color and fullness of my brows before and after applying! This is my holy grail eyebrow product! Thanks Elizabeth Mott!!!" —anthony lair

    "THISSSSS!!!! Yes, Queen, yesssss!!!!! Prior to purchasing this product, I have never, repeat, NEVER found a brow product with a color that I was 100% happy with. The light/medium is *absolutely* the perfect ashy brown and does not make your brows look overly dark if you’re a medium brunette like myself. After years of struggling between too-dark shades and awkward taupes made for blonds, this is my holy grail. In addition to the perfectly on-point color, the application method is super easy, and the formula has great staying power. Really also super happy that this company is cruelty-free and doesn’t use parabens or other bad chemicals, which would’ve precluded me from even trying! I’m so happy with how my brows look with this product that I might even forego microblading because I’m afraid my results might end up inferior to what this product delivers! Just get it already!!!!" —billyshears

    So why do they love it so much? Well, for starters the solution comes in a handy little tube with a spiraled tapered triangle brush — basically just like your mascara wand — that'll make it faster to apply and make sure it's totally even.

    "I absolutely love this stuff. Got this brow tint in my Birchbox once and have been hooked ever since! Love how it's a mini mascara applicator brush — you can't go wrong and won't be disappointed! SO easy to use. I had never used a brow tint before but after using this I don't know how I ever lived without it. I'll never go without it again!!" —Bethani Mello

    "I actually first tried this product as a sample from Ipsy. Ever since then, I've been hooked! I don't know how I ever did my makeup without it before. It has a little brush like a mascara brush, so it goes on so smooth. Love this stuff and will never use a pencil again. It also looks so natural." —Amazon Customer

    Its cruelty-free formula uses film-forming polymer technology (sounds fancy huh?) that coats each hair 360˚ so you're filling in your brows and making sure they look totally natural.

    "Picture shows one eyebrow with the product and the other without. As you can see, it works wonderfully. It thickens and shapes my eyebrows better than all the other products I've used before. I'm wearing the darkest shade." —Daisy

    "WOW! First of all, I never use brow gel. I just fill in my brows quickly with some powder or pomade (no Instagram brows for me). But I always find the color to be too red or not natural on my fair skin with blonde hair. This color (Light/Medium) matches PERFECTLY! In just one quick coat it filled in my sparse areas and made my brows look awesome! Again, I prefer a natural look. If you pencil in your brows this would be a great topper. Love it!!" —Lyss

    "I LOVE this product! Don't let the 'gel' word fool you; this is not thick, gunky or sticky! Once applied, it takes just a moment to dry, and my eyebrows look perfect and feel perfectly natural all day, all night. The applicator is a mini mascara brush and distributes the gel evenly; additional coats provide a more dramatic look. The best part is that it's produced cruelty-free! This has become a makeup staple for me." —CatieA

    Seriously tho, between the brush and its formula your brows are going to look so much fuller! Plus it's great at covering up gray hairs that you might not want seen in your eyebrows.

    "This is the BEST BEST BEST eyebrow filler I have ever found. Seriously. I have very sparse eyebrows and have tried endless pencils, liners, powders...and on and on. I got this in my Ipsy bag a month ago and I bought two colors (light and dark) immediately so I could blend the two to see if I could get a multidimensional look, and it is perfect. I have dark hair so I start with the dark and highlight a bit with the light. I love it so much! This is not something you will regret buying! For years I hated filling my eyebrows, and now it's my favorite part of my makeup routine. Look at my pictures for proof." —Emily M. Van Pelt

    "Yaaay!! My eyebrows (if you could even call them that) were pretty sad: overplucked in my younger days (when 'thin' eyebrows were in), plus a couple of small scars, a bunch of gray hairs, and you could barely even see that I HAD eyebrows. I'm not one to spend a lot on make-up, so I usually used a bit of pencil and a few smudges of charcoal eye shadow to 'create' eyebrows. Queen of the Fill totally does the trick. Now, all it takes is some gentle sweeps over the brow with the spiral brush and, voila, eyebrows! As thick or thin as I choose! Gives my face a whole new look! Definitely, recommend." —Kindle Customer

    "Love this. As a senior experiencing 'Old Lady Disappearing Eyebrow Syndrome' I've been desperately trying to find a good eyebrow product. This is perfect. My brows are thinning and are also partially my original brown and now grey. This not only fills in the thinning but coats the grey hairs so it looks very natural. Plus it is easy to apply and lasts all day. I highly recommend this product." —gr8

    And don't take my word and the countless reviews singing its praises, just look at some of the before and after pics people are posting.

    "Amazing product, especially for the price when compared with other brow fillers. Given that I just purchased my second tube, I figured it was time to write a review. The brush is small and coats the brows easily. Since it doesn’t have long bristles, the brush can also be used to finely 'paint' the underlying skin in areas where the brows are sparse and need to be darkened. I have medium-dark hair with somewhat lighter brows and was nervous that the product color would be too dark for me. However, after reading other reviews, I was confident that the color would be fine and was not disappointed when I started using it myself. Overall, as a self-proclaimed Sephora addict who typically only buys high-end makeup, I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite products. I definitely recommend it." —Life of Becky

    It's really astonishing how natural it looks when it's filling in sparse brows.

    "My brows are sometimes pretty patchy. I have a hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania, and I've always struggled with how unnatural eyebrow pencils look. They tend to make me even more self-conscious about my brows! But this stuff...this stuff is like a little tube of eyebrow magic! When you first put it on, it looks lighter, but after it dries (in just a minute or two), it gets a little darker. I purchased the Light/Medium color and it is perfect. The applicator looks like a mini mascara applicator, so it is meant to cling to your existing brows. I've used it to fill patchy spots, though, just applying directly on my skin, and it works great! It also deters me from pulling during the day, because it makes your brow hairs a little stiffer and reminds me to leave them alone." —Vegan-ish Mom Geek

    "I love this product. It brings everything together and fills in any sparse areas. I also occasionally use it alone if I’m in a rush and it fills great and looks amazing, too, if only a little less defined than with the addition of a pencil." —Brandy Freeman

    Some reviewers have even compared it to pricier brands to see just how great it really is — especially considering the lower cost.

    "I've been buying #3 Gimme Brow from Ulta the past two years. I finally didn't want to pay the $25 for it anymore. I read the reviews on the Queen and decided to buy it based off of that. I bought the light/medium one since I thought it would be comparable to the #3 Gimme Brow. I was worried at first because the Queen looked a lot lighter, but actually, it's more natural looking than the #3 I use to wear. You can start with a light coat if you press lightly. The harder you press, the more you'll build/darker you'll achieve. It's easily buildable, wipes off the skin, stays on all day just how I applied it — it doesn't clump on your brows either. I now actually prefer the bigger brush over the smaller one. I love this new brow gel and have found my 'better' replacement at a better price. Highly recommend a try!" —Tammy Horton

    "I am comparing the blonde color to Benefits Gimme Brow Shade (see photos). When I first put this product on I immediately was thinking 'No way am I leaving the house like this' cause the color looked way too light for my mousey colored eyebrows (which benefits color matches perfectly). But a minute later the color darkened! I don’t know how or why but the blonde shade literally turned into my eyebrow color. (It didn’t do the same with my hand though). Anyways it gets five stars for whatever magic is contained in this little bottle of color changing eyebrow miracle! The two wands are very similar, Queen’s bristles are just a bit stiffer but that's not a big deal. For the lower price and absence of animal cruelty, I would pick this product over Benefit's every time!" —Jessie LaRosa

    And, if you have sensitive skin, don't fret! Reviewers have pointed out that the unique formula works amazingly and doesn't cause any reactions.

    "I have very blond and thin brows. Unfortunately, my hair is naturally brown. So in order to 'match' I've used it all. For many years the most natural looking brows I could achieve was from using MAC eyeshadow and a brush. Then I discovered Benefit's Gimme Some Brow. I loved how much more natural my brows looked. But my sensitive skin did not love it; I had a bad reaction. I discovered Queen of the Fill and I am in LOVE! My brows look fuller and more natural than ever. I've been using it for a few months and have had no skin reaction! :)" —

    "I have very sensitive skin and was skeptical about using something new so close to my eyes. This product works and is non-irritating. LOVE it and I'll definitely purchase it again." —Christine Woodard

    "I have VERY sensitive skin and this has not irritated me at all yet. Stays on for a while and comes off easily with makeup remover. I would recommend. Also, side note, I am awful at applying makeup but the brush they give you is so easy to use." —Amazon Customer

    Oh, and did I mention that it comes in five shades and is sweat- and water-resistant?


    The five shades include Blonde, Auburn, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark, and Black.

    "Okay first of all this is amazing because it looks more like my eyebrow color than Anastasia gel brow does! You don't need to apply A LOT of this at all..the smallest amount goes a long way. This is perfect for everyday use and especially the gym. I made sure to sweat ALOT and it didn't smudge. I do make sure to apply a little at a time. I was able to master it after the first three times so it's pretty easy" —Dahiana

    "Loved it. Much easier to apply on brows than a regular mascara wand. Did not smear and I wore it the first day (after work) straight to my kick-boxing work-out at which I 'glow' (ie SWEAT LIKE A PIG). Color is perfect and the product definitely fills the brows just enough — even lengthened the 'tails' of the brow a bit." —Diva Deb

    This stuff is about to change the way you do your brows! Get all five shades from Amazon for $15 each.


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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