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    29 Products That'll Fool Everyone Into Thinking You're A Professional Photographer

    "Yeah, you can post that! I look good!" —all you friends, to you, after they see your mad photo skills.

    1. A clip-on cell phone lens to help you increase the clarity of your photos, expand your shot, and reduce glare.

    2. A full-on lighting setup so you'll always have a perfect glow.

    3. A fancy AF digital SLR camera that'll have you taking street-style photos like no one's business.

    4. A selfie stick you can transform into a tripod for perfect, stable shots every time.

    5. Or a camera tripod to make sure your photos are always perfectly centered.

    6. A cell phone lens that'll make everyone think you're sitting front row when you're actually across the street in the nosebleed section.

    7. A compact digital camera so you can snap some high-quality photos without lugging around a giant brick.

    8. A secure camera bag you can adjust to fit all the things you'll need without worrying about them getting damaged.

    9. Or a backpack that'll make it easier to get all your equipment to your next shoot.

    10. A ring light to fool people into thinking your skin has never not been absolutely perfect.

    11. And one for your phone so your selfie game is always strong.

    12. A fabric backdrop that'll let you create a perfect setting for any of your shots.

    13. A full-on lens kit so you can turn your phone into the professional grade camera of your dreams.

    14. A set of collapsable light reflectors because nothing says, "I'm shooting for Vogue!" more than fancy reflecting light things.

    15. An iPhone cover to make your cell phone look like a legit camera.

    16. A high-performance SD card with plenty of space to store all your beautiful pics.

    17. And a storage case for your SD cards so you always know where they are.

    18. A GoPro to guarantee you get the best shot, even if you're riding a surf board through the Pacific.

    19. And a full-on accessory set with everything you need to make sure your GoPro is always secure while you get the shot.

    20. A solid strap that'll have your camera within your grasp at all times.

    21. A hard drive so you always have space for all the amazing pictures you're snapping.

    22. Some pretty fancy editing software that'll help you turn even the drabbest of photos into art.

    23. A Nikon Coolpix camera to capture every detail of all your memories.

    24. A clip-on camera filter that'll let you capture wide-angle shots with your phone.

    25. A USB reader hub capable of securely transferring the images from as many as four memory cards at once onto a USB drive of your choice.

    26. A lens perfect for snapping those low-light moments.

    27. And a camera lens that'll make capturing stunning portraits an actual thing even you can do.

    28. A wireless remote control for your SLR camera to help step in front of the camera once in awhile.

    29. And this complete photography kit so you have everything you need to basically become Annie Leibovitz.

    From now on your Insta will be 🔥🔥🔥!