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    28 Products That Are Perfect For Your Version Of A Wild Saturday Night

    Dance floors, high heels, and too much cologne—no thanks, we're good.

    1. This adorable onesie because you're a lady on the streets and a Brachiosaurus in the sheets.

    2. These pimple patches 'cause you hate poppin' pimples just as much as you hate poppin' bottles in da club.

    3. A meowvalous headband so you can keep your hair out of your face while you pamper yourself.

    4. These unicorn slippers that got that sunshine in their pocket, got that good soul in their feet.

    5. Or these lady bug sweeper slippers so you can do some house work, work, work, work, work, work while you lounge around.

    6. Some bath bombs to make your tub the bomb-diggity.

    7. A really charming movie that'll make you laugh, and cry, and then laugh again.

    8. An anti-stress or charcoal face mask so it can be guaranteed that we ain't ever getting older.

    9. A Wonder Woman blanket you can cuddle up in while she's looking at you, oh, oh, you, oh, oh, you, oh, oh, you, oh, oh, you, oh, ohm you, oh, oh, oh, oh.

    10. Some under-eye masks because you need to give them a little pampering after all the side-eyeing you've been doing.

    11. A tub of maple flavored cotton candy for that party you're throwing in your big-ass bed.

    12. A hair mask because you already have the eye of the tiger, why not have the mane of a lion.

    13. Some delivery pizza so you never have to leave the house, and therefore never have to put on a bra.

    14. Or a pizza maker so you can make your own pizza, just make sure to let it cool before you drop, drop it like it's hot.

    15. Some PJs that are way more comfortable than apple bottom jeans, or boots with the fur.

    16. A family size pack of Oreos to eat entirely in one sitting because fuuuuuck it!

    17. A wine glass that totally knows what's up.

    18. And the holder so it stays up while you marinate in bubbly water.

    19. Some face masks to let everyone know just how much of a party animal you really are.

    20. A box of Funfetti cake mix and frosting guaranteed to make for a party in your mouth.

    21. A nail polish holder because it's Saturday and I won't be long, gotta paint my nails...

    22. Some PJs you'll wear while you eat more Kit Kats then you'd like to admit.

    23. An eye mask that'll help reduce the puffiness after you ball your eyes out from watching way too many videos about puppies making friends with other animals.

    24. A tub of dark chocolate hazelnut spread. You don't need a reason, just do it.

    25. These cute AF pineapple PJs so you match with the marathon of SpongeBob you're about to watch.

    26. A set of ice cream spoons because we all know you're eating your favorite flavors straight from the carton, just make sure to eat it despacito, otherwise you might get a brain freeze.

    27. Some nail sheets because the only disco ball you wanna see is on your manicure.

    28. And this T-shirt so everyone knows it's not you, it's them.

    Who needs to go out on a Saturday night when the most magical place in the world is your sofa?