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27 Products For The Most Indecisive Person You Know

Decisions, decisions, decisions... all things you hate.

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2. This soldering project so you can create your very own decision maker.

Follow the simple instructions to create a one-stop answering machine. Once it's complete, ask your question, and then push the button to start the yes and no LED flashing lights. The flashing speed gradually decreases until finally one LED remains lit, green for yes or red for no.

Get it on Amazon for $11.


8. This lasagna pan because how are you expected to choose only one kind of lasagna?

Promising Review: "Some love the ricotta cheese piled on, while others love a 'schmere' of it. This allows me to make one pan while pleasing all." —judibug

Get it on Amazon for $35.


12. This coin that'll very enthusiastically tell you whether or not to do something.

13. These deciders (ideal if you're a teacher or chef who just can't figure it out).


19. This T-shirt perfect for helping those around you decide if they should wake you up.


26. These days-of-the-week underwear so you never actually have to make a decision about which ones to wear.


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