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34 Pieces Of Decor You'll Want To Steal From The Kid's Section

Storage solutions, wall art, and so many other ways to fool people into thinking your house is all grown-up.

1. A set of adorable storage bags that are more than happy to hold your stuff.

2. A cashmere and fleece blanket that'll keep you nice and cozy.

3. Some decals that'll create gorgeous wall art without any commitment.

4. A storage bin that'll add the perfect amount of color to any room.

5. A David Bowie cushion that'll really create some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in your space.

6. A ceramic vase that you can mount on to the wall.

7. A light that's perfect for your apartment because you're single and ready to flamingo.

8. A rug that's black and white, and walked all over.

9. A set of hooks that'll add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your walls.

10. A pillow cover that you can fill with all your sweet dreams.

11. A shelf that'll give your things a nice home.

12. A nightstand that'll have you reminiscing of your locker room days.

13. A velvet pillow for your bed that'll let you put a bow on it.

14. A shelf that's as pretty as the things you'll put on it.

15. A hook that won't poke you.

16. A set of baskets that'll be perfect for storing all those things you're not quite sure what to do with.

17. A geometric wall shelf that's really the most functional piece of decor you'll ever own.

18. A mini chandelier that'll add just a hint of glamour to any corner of your house.

19. A bench you can use for comfort and storage.

20. A rug that'll make your room so incredibly cozy.

21. A shelf that's practically the perfect place to store all your practical things.

22. A sign that'll remind you of the importance of oral hygiene, no matter your age.

23. A storage basket that'll take you around the world.

24. A wall-mounted paper holder that'll give you a place to jot down all those ideas that just keep on rolling.

25. A lamp that'll fit anywhere because you can clip it on anything.

26. An accent table that'll give your room a perfect pink touch.

27. A piece of functional wall decor because you're hooked on wiener dogs.

28. Some towels that are actually just too pretty to use.

29. A set of curtains that'll surround your window with pom poms.

30. Some baskets that are practical AF.

31. A shelf where you can put everything you never want to forget.

32. Some wallpaper that'll have you seeing stars.

33. A nightstand that'll make the mid century trend a little more affordable.

34. And a light that'll have your head up in the clouds.

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