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    29 Pieces Of Costume Jewelry That Are Better Than Actual Diamonds

    "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"... or are they?

    1. These stunning ear jackets you won't be totally distraught about accidentally losing.

    2. This gemstone Y-necklace that would look so freakin cute tucked into a loose fitting T-shirt.

    3. This charming bracelet I kinda feel like Belle would wear.

    4. These hoop earrings you can probably wear every day... and with basically everything you own.

    5. This star-studded anklet for all the adventures that await you this summer.

    6. These dinosaur earrings that are simply rexcellent.

    7. This bib necklace for when you literally need to stop traffic, like LITERALLY, 'cause it's so sparkly cars will see you a mile away.

    8. This dazzling ring so you can be fully accessorized when you're reaching for the stars.

    9. This floral necklace to have on hand for when you finally have a fancy event to attend, or for when you're at home binge watching episodes of Gossip Girl and just wanna pretend you're Serena.

    10. These sparkling chandelier earrings you can wear when you live like tomorrow doesn't it doesn't exist.

    11. This sparkling choker so you can dress up any outfit!

    12. This delicate ring that doesn't hold the key to all life's mysteries — but it does hold the lock.

    13. This metal and rhinestone collar made to look like sparkling feathers.

    14. These dangling earrings perfect for a girls' night out on the town.

    15. This pretty little ring that has just enough sparkle for every day of the week.

    16. This heart bangle you can easily stack or wear alone.

    17. These gorgeous rhinestone earrings you could totally wear with a bright red lip and then say, "my look is black, and white, and red all over." Hahahaha, I crack myself up.

    18. This constellation necklace that's just out of this world.

    19. These earrings that kinda look like they're raining stars!

    20. This stunning bib necklace to add a little something blue to whatever you're wearing.

    21. This wrap-around watch, just because you're always late doesn't mean you can't arrive in style.

    22. This double-heart necklace because it's about time you stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    23. These colorful earrings that are sure to get you noticed by the bartender as you fight your way to the front this weekend.

    24. This planet necklace that's available in a galaxy not so far, far away.

    25. These classy AF earrings because maybe you're a débutante or maybe you just play one on TV.

    26. This whimsical pendant necklace for when you just need something to throw on for a busy day.

    27. These amazing earrings you'll promise to wear every single day, so they're totally worth the price tag.

    28. This simple necklace with just enough sparkle to be fun.

    29. And this bib necklace that's just so fuckin' beautiful, holy moly!

    IRL photo of you wearing all these jewels.