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Parents: What Helped You While You Were Breastfeeding?

Tell us all the products, hacks, tips, dance moves, or... whatever you did to make breastfeeding easier.

For a lot of new moms, breastfeeding is an unknown and scary territory that they need to figure out — fast.

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Not only are they brand new parents, but they're also responsible for the nutrients their little nugget needs.

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This is probably super overwhelming, especially since they're waking up every few hours to do it.

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So, breastfeeding veterans, we want to know about all the products, hacks, tips, or tricks, you used to make it all a little bit easier.

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Was there a specific kind of breast pump that made scheduling a whole lot easier?

Or a bra that let you whip it out and not struggle through your clothes?

What about a particular pillow that let you hold your babies head up while you fed them?

Tell us everything that helped you make your breastfeeding experience a total breeze.

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Share your must-know products, tips, tricks, and hacks and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!