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    Nordstrom's New Pop-In Shop Will Leave You Totally Satisfied

    Now you can get sex toys, lubricants, and lingerie in your silver shopping bag.

    I don't think there is any question that self-care is more important than ever, finding small and thoughtful ways to check-in with ourselves is an essential part of everyday life, especially right now. And Nordstrom's new Pop-In shop is here to help with that!

    The shop includes lingerie, loungewear, body care, and — drum roll please — intimacy products! Yes, Nordstrom will now deliver the ultimate pleasure to your door. (As if getting a delivery from them wasn't satisfying enough.)

    Here are some of the brands and products from the shop that might just have you buzzing:

    Dame engineers innovative sex toys meant specifically for your pleasure using medical grade silicone, diverse vibrating intensity levels, and comfortable fits.

    Cantiq designs some of the most stunning handmade lingerie for all body types and gender identities.

    A model wearing the bra and briefs

    Quim is a line of oils and serums designed for ultimate relaxation, including a hemp CBD-infused, latex-safe formula which can elevate blood flow, promote pelvic relaxation, and potentially decrease inflammation.

    The Quim Smooth Operator CBD Intimate Serum

    Crave offers you a variety of playful options to reach full clitoral stimulation — many of their devices have waterproof designs, changeable heads, and varieties in motor speed.

    A person holding the pocket vibrator

    Lunya is innovating sleepwear with thoughtful and intentional design, like their washable silk fabrics. Their sets are naturally hypoallergenic, super breathable, and great for anyone with sensitive skin.

    The Washable Silk Short Tank Pajamas

    Smile Maker makes products that'll make you do just that. Including a Ballerina Vibrator that'll make your knees plié and your vagina Sauter. This magical little device took three years to research and develop, it uses a soft silicone gel that mimics human touch and conforms naturally to your shape.

    A person holding the The Ballerina Vibrator

    Rosebud creates a gorgeous variety of intimate wellness products with plant-derived ingredients and thoughtful intention to help us nourish our bodies and minds.

    Pulse offers a wide variety of long-lasting lubricants resilient to friction and that work in water. They also have a warming dispenser that automatically dispenses — making them especially great for anyone with limited mobility.

    Maude's line ranges from soaks, to lubricants, to condoms that are totally free of harsh chemicals and come in easy-to-open buttercup packaging — so you're totally safe and ready whenever.

    Araks brings sensual fabrics and pops of color to your intimates drawer with designs that are meant to be comfortable, easy to wear, and just plain pretty.

    Heretic offers beautiful, refreshing, and enticing scents through their 100% naturally derived soy-wax candles and Eau de Parfums. They're a splurge-worthy investment for your space.

    The Dirty Vanilla Candle

    Masha Tea is handcrafted by a naturopathic doctor in Brooklyn and is designed to inspire love! Now before you get excited, it's not some love potion. It's just an aromatic, grounded, and earthy flavored blend of tea and bath flowers that help you relax — and maybe make someone fall in love with you. I mean, I don't have any proof it doesn't.

    Lord Jones has one of the most diverse ranges of hemp-derived, CBD-infused products on the market with a variety of relaxing and soothing options for whatever you might need.

    LaSette is an LA-made lingerie brand designed to be mixed, matched, and layered but never hidden.

    A model wearing the bra

    The School of Life offers a variety of discussion starters designed to help reestablish calm, open, and sincere communication through meaningful questions and prompts. They have kits for partners in every stage of a relationship.

    The Emotional Conversations Set

    Make sure to check out all of the intimate finds in Nordstrom's Self-Love Pop-In shop!

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