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26 Gifts Every Selfish Person Will Want To Keep For Themselves

This is theirs, that is theirs, everything is theirs.

1. This lock for their Ben & Jerry's because if they don't like sharing, they definitely won't like sharing their ice cream.

2. This plaque that answers anyone who asks, "Can I have some?"

3. This sweatshirt because all they dream about is never having to share their pizza.

4. This instant download so that they can frame their feelings.

5. This notebook that expresses their deepest feelings.

6. This spoon because if they were any of the Friends characters, they'd be Joey.

7. This library kit so if they're ever forced to share their books they will definitely get them back.

8. This mug that is clearly labeled.

9. These lunch bags that'll deter anyone from trying to share with them.

10. This T-shirt that explains their interpretation of what team work means.

11. This sign that perfectly states the rules to their space.

12. These lunch containers that look pretty, but are actually a very serious warning.

13. This T-shirt because they are the hedgehog in this scenerio.

14. This mug that explains how they're not willing to share with anyone, no matter what.

15. This safe so they can discreetly hide all the things they never want anyone to touch.

16. Or this Ajax container because the best place to hide things is where no one looks.

17. These pouches that will make the threats for them.

18. This tank top that lets everyone know who the wine belongs to.

19. These pillow cases because if they're going to be forced to share a bed, they need to set the boundaries now.

20. This mug that apologies for their behavior, kinda.

21. This wine glass that makes it so that they never have to share.

22. Or this wine lock so that they never have to worry about sharing.

23. This T-shirt that provides everyone with a warning.

24. This lunch bag that cleverly disguises their food.

25. Or this one that'll guarantee no on touches the meatloaf leftovers they brought.

26. And this shirt that explains every part of their allocation policy to anyone who's wondering.

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