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28 Amazing Gifts Your Dog Will Love

They give you all the love.... you give them all your paycheck.

Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post is originally from 2016, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2018 version of this post for our most up-to-date gift recommendations for dogs!

1. This designer doggy bag so they can finally hide their bones in style.

2. A custom made cuddle toy that looks just like them.

3. This GPS tracker that'll give your pup the gift of security.

4. A glow-in-the-dark ball so playtime never has to end.

5. A doggy DNA test so they can trace their roots.

6. A classic Kong toy because— unlike most children—dogs are allowed to play with their food.

7. A bag of their favorite treats because there is nothing like the sound of a fresh bag of treats being ripped open.

8. A doggy bed that's so nice all their dreams will be filled with squirrel chasing and hot dog eating.

9. A blanket that is just for them, not anyone else.

10. A doggy condo with a rooftop so they can have friends over for cocktails.

11. This moose toy that will quickly become their best friend.

12. Some Bully Sticks your dog will go nuts for during snack time.

13. This Hide-A-Squirrel so your dog can take out all the aggression they have towards the neighborhood squirrel without causing any actual harm.

14. A Starbarks toy because they are the OG basic bitch and they deserve it.

15. This raccoon toy that they'll probably destroy in ten minutes... but they'll have the time of their life doing it.

16. This bacon flavored dog chew so they can enjoy all the deliciousness of *your* favorite breakfast meat.

17. A treat dispensing camera for when you're not home, but you still need to see how cute they are.

18. Some custom food bowls that'll have them eating in style.

19. This adorable toy that'll be perfect for every game of tug and toss.

20. An interactive ball thrower because even though *you* run out of energy, they don't.

21. These personalized embroidered toys so that they don't have to share with other dogs.

22. A Chuckit so they can chase a ball farther than you could ever throw it with your arm alone.

23. These fancy AF dog tags for when they get invited to the ~bark and white ball~.

24. These festive treats because you aren't the only one who gets to indulge this holiday season.

25. This sweatshirt that explains the subtle intricacies of your dogs life.

26. This stroller because maybe they're tired of walking all the time.

27. This banana bed because we're pretty sure they can't eat banana bread.

28. And this backpack carrier so they can finally see the world from your perspective.

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