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28 Amazing Gifts Your Dog Will Love

They give you all the love.... you give them all your paycheck.

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2. A custom made cuddle toy that looks just like them.

3. This GPS tracker that'll give your pup the gift of security.

The Whistle GPS Tracker is a simple clip on device that notifies you (via app and text) if your pet ever escapes from the designated area you create. It also lets you track their location using cellular and GPS technology and monitor their activity and health. Plus, it's water proof... just in case they decide to go for a swim. Just clip it on to the collar they already wear.

Get it on Amazon for $80.


6. A classic Kong toy because— unlike most children—dogs are allowed to play with their food.


12. Some Bully Sticks your dog will go nuts for during snack time.

13. This Hide-A-Squirrel so your dog can take out all the aggression they have towards the neighborhood squirrel without causing any actual harm.

15. This raccoon toy that they'll probably destroy in ten minutes... but they'll have the time of their life doing it.


16. This bacon flavored dog chew so they can enjoy all the deliciousness of *your* favorite breakfast meat.

17. A treat dispensing camera for when you're not home, but you still need to see how cute they are.

Petzi will let you see, talk and give treats to your pet from anywhere. Using their app, you can chat with your dog, snap photos and surprise them with a delicious snack... even if you're not home.

Get it on Amazon for $160.


20. An interactive ball thrower because even though *you* run out of energy, they don't.

The iFetch will let you dog play fetch all day (even if you're not home or if you're just too busy) and can launch tennis balls up to 30 feet.

Get it on Amazon starting at $115.


28. And this backpack carrier so they can finally see the world from your perspective.

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