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    11 Products From Target That We Totally Swear By

    Next time you're perusing the aisles of Target, know there is a good chance a BuzzFeeder is among you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of towels that'll blow all your existing towel sets out of the (bath)water.

    Emmy Favilla/BuzzFeed,

    I've never been particularly picky about my bath towels. "Just throw me a towel that can dry me off after a shower and I'm good to go!" —me, up until a few years ago. Well. That was all until I discovered the Best Towel Ever™, one gifted to me by my dear ol' mom (because, duh, moms always know what's best) that seriously changed the bath-linen game: the Fieldcrest bath sheet from Target.

    Honestly, these towels are the only ones I ever want in my bathroom from here on out. First off, let's talk about the size of these bad boys. The bath sheet (the biggest one of the four sizes available) is 65x33 inches — at nearly 5.5 feet long, this is no puny towel, my friends. Really, is there anything more comforting than enveloping yourself in a giant-ass towel after a nice, hot shower? Secondly, they are ridiculously soft, thick, and luxurious feeling — I look forward to wrapping myself in one after I shower as much as I look forward to the shower itself — and they're also a great value considering their quality. I've had these towels for over two years now, and they've held up with no issue after regular use and continue to be as plush and absorbent as ever. Plus, the fabric and dyes are free of harmful levels of tons of harsh chemicals. (The description says they're "Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified," and I have no idea what that means but it sounds legit!)

    I know you can't feel this top-notch towel through your screen, but trust me on this one. Or perhaps trust the 1,100+ reviews that have given them an impressive 4.6-star rating? These towels don't shed in the wash — as many reviewers can back me up on — and there's been nary a pull in sight, even after years of use. I just...can't get over how perfect these towels are and never knew I could have SO MANY feelings about one, okay?? (*turns head to side and sheds a tiny, towel-shaped tear*) They're also available in 13 pretty, muted colors, to match basically any bathroom decor or existing towel set. And PS: If you happen to be on a Target shopping spree and are looking for a place to store all your fancy new plush towels, may I suggest this impossibly adorable one-door cabinet (which I also own and love)? —Emmy Favilla

    Price: $8.99-$19.99 each (available in washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, and bath sheet sizes, in 13 colors).

    2. A pretty AF temporary rose-gold hair tint to give your 'do some subtle color while you're in the shower.

    Sarah Han/BuzzFeed

    I actually hadn't heard of Kristin Ess until I was researching products for this post, but I'm a fan of all things Target — and when we got the opportunity to shop some beautiful products at a recent Target press preview, I went a liiiittle crazy. And by that, I mean that I ran over and snatched up this temporary rose-gold hair tint and had to resist taking the whole inventory. I love basically all things rose gold, but I was skeptical about my hair taking on the tint; yes, it's bleached but it's been notoriously awful when it comes to taking color.

    Well, I have good news: This shit is amazing! And the best part is that you apply it IN THE SHOWER. LAZY GIRLS REJOICE! There's nothing I hate more than having to wash my hair, step out of the shower, apply the product, wait, and then step back in to rinse off. Sure, if you want a more intense rose tint, the bottle says to towel-dry your hair a bit first, but the color is damn pretty for applying it on ~freshly washed~ hair (I just squeezed as much water out of my strands as I could manage). Plus, the product is kinda messy (hello, pink spray everywhere), so applying it in the shower is more practical — otherwise you better have some old newspapers lying around. But, who knows, I might be less lazy next time and try to up the tint. TBD.

    I rinsed the product out after around five minutes (the bottle suggests one to two, but I like to keep DIY color on for slightly longer to let it ~really~ soak in) and then followed up with my favorite deep conditioner. Voilà! I let it air-dry and applied some of my usual hair oil, and my hair didn't feel any different or weirdly crunchy/textured. Yay! Full disclosure: The ends of my hair had already been tinted pink (with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair), but they had since faded A LOT after a few washes, and the rest of my hair was very clearly blonde — and now everything's a rosy blonde all over!! This tint will last quite a while, but at $12, I don't mind buying more after this one's finished. Excited to have such an easy way to subtly switch up my 'do! —Sarah Han

    Price: $12.

    3. A pair of glamorous tripod and globe floor lamps to upgrade your home decor without completely emptying your wallet.

    Mallory McInnis/BuzzFeed

    There are about 40 lamps I want to buy at West Elm. There are about zero lamps my bank account thinks I should actually buy at West Elm. Thankfully, there's a lamp-purchasing solution that my bank account and my taste in brass, mid-century-modern–style lamps can agree on: Target's Project 62 collection. I have two lamps from the line (the tripod and the globe ones) and could not love them more. They look expensive in the product photos on the Target website, and that "high-end appearance at a low-end budget" translates to real life.

    Some of the online commenters have mentioned that the tripod lamp is wobbly and unsteady; I have had no such problems and think that — perhaps — they just need to be a bit more careful when it comes to putting things together (sorry, pals). And when it comes to the globe lamp, the complaints seem to be that it isn't sturdy and it's short. My response = I don't know how it could possibly be sturdier unless the base was substituted with a literal hunk of granite and...maybe (just maybe) read the height of something before you order it!?!?! LOL, it's true though! No, this isn't the tallest lamp on the market, but, imo, it's the perfect height to put beside a couch or near a bed (where I have it) for reading purposes.

    But enough dragging online commenters (even if they deserve it)! In short, I'm a Project 62 lamp stan and actually ordered another lamp to add to my collection when I was in the process of writing this review. —Mallory McInnis

    Price: $60 for the tripod lamp and $53.99 for the globe lamp (available in brass, brushed nickel, and black).

    4. An easy-to-wear floral tiered ruffle midi dress you'll be able to rock at all those future events no one has actually invited you to yet.

    Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

    I love this dress so damn much. Like, why can't there be a show where you say yes to the dress but it's not a wedding dress, it's just a super-cute dress you found while doing your weekly rummage through your local Target? Because if that were a show, this dress would be featured in the premiere episode.

    Basically, ever since Target teamed up with Who What Wear, I've been obsessed with everything that has come out of their collection. Their slacks, skirts, tops — you name it, I've thought they were all amazing. But their dresses have really been next-level, especially this tiered ruffle midi. It fits so, SO comfortably, is as pretty as a perfectly filtered scenic Instagram picture, and I've already decided there are 761 ways to style it. This will literally be my go-to dress this spring (even though I'm already wearing it, despite current freezing temperatures).

    For reference, I'm wearing a size medium (I am not at all consistent in sizes and vary across the board), and I'm 5'4", which can lead to some issues with longer dresses, but not with this one. I also have a 38G bust size, which this dress houses perfectly. The material is roomy but not stretchy, with just enough give to fit my ladies (boobs) and my babies (tummy). I dunno how else to describe this other than it's the perfect freakin' dress! If I had literally anywhere to go, I would wear this dress there. I don't, so I'll just wear it at home while I binge-watch old episodes of Perfect Strangers. —Elena Garcia

    Price: $36.99 (available in sizes XS–XXL) and $19.98 (available in sizes X–4X).

    5. A mid-century-modern wooden armchair that'll elevate your space without totally breaking the bank.

    Kayla Suazo/BuzzFeed

    This past month I purchased this accent chair for my living room and I’m in love. It’s from Target’s Project 62 furniture line, and if I had an infinite amount of money, I’d buy the entire collection. It’s got a mid-mod vibe and is super comfy once it’s broken in. I had it delivered to my apartment and managed to assemble it myself — so if I can do it, I am pretty sure anyone can. The quality is super impressive given its $230 price tag. It’s definitely got that expensive feel to it, so if you’re looking for a solid accent chair, this pretty thing is just the ticket. —Kayla Suazo

    Price: $229.99 (available in gray).

    6. A comfy denim jumpsuit for layering up until spring has finally sprung (also for those moments when you suddenly need to hold an adorable puppy).

    Sarah Han/BuzzFeed

    This is the jumpsuit that makes me want to buy at least five more. I knew this would happen eventually, but thanks to my long torso (read: too-tight crotch areas) and laziness (read: literally transforming into Gudetama whenever I think about taking off more than just my pants to use the bathroom), it took a while. I patiently waited for the debut of Target’s new denim-based clothing line, Universal Thread, for a month, so the day it launched, I gave the collection a quick glance and immediately decided I was getting their cropped 100% cotton jumpsuit. Its white and navy vertical stripes make for a simple, timeless design, and the material is a super-lightweight and airy cotton, perfect for warmer weather, going on picnics, and all that fun shit. But I’m wearing it right now because winter can’t stop me from looking cute!!! #LayerItUp

    The fit is loose but not TOO loose, so my petite frame is not drowning in fabric and I'm well-aerated all around (especially when I've just climbed up four flights of stairs). The waist tie, which I throw into a floppy bow, is perfect for giving the one-piece a lil' cinch for some shape. And...pockets!!! Roomy square pockets that are sturdy enough for my phone, which is great because I've seen much flimsier, smaller, is-this-a-joke pockets in my days. They also make posing way easier, so BRB, clearly on my way to Instagram fame. Plus, I LOVE the cropped fit because I can style my booties differently than what I normally do, which is with tights and a skirt/dress or tucked-in skinny jeans. Honestly, Target's fashion only gets better with time, and you bet your bottom dollar I'll be buying more from their ~exclusive~ brands. I already bought a gorgeous navy tulle skirt from A New Day (sadly out of stock now), and literally anything from the Who What Wear collection is probably next. —Sarah Han

    Price: $27.99 (available in XS–XXL) and $29.99 (available in 1X–4X).

    7. A pair of stretchy leggings the characters from Tuck Everlasting could easily buy and wear forever.

    Maitland Quitmeyer/BuzzFeed

    Leggings > pants. We all know it. No use pretending anymore. But finding the right pair (not too expensive, not see-through, not with a hole in the thigh by the third wear) can be challenging. Luckily for you, I'm about to spill the beans on the best leggings out there, and they're from TARGET — the C9 Champion Freedom High Waist Leggings.

    They're suuuuper high-waisted (they stay fully above my belly button), made of 12% spandex for the perfect amount of stay-in-place stretch, are wayyyyy cheaper than other athletic/athleisure brands, and never get see-through. What more could you possibly ask for? They're snug, but not too tight, and even when they become ~molded to your body~ (aka the waistband no longer compresses you), the waistband NEVER FALLS DOWN. EVER. Making them great for "I feel like hot garbage but can totally hide these under a long blazer or sweater" outfits.

    I have *six pairs* of these babies. I've been so afraid of Target no longer carrying them that every time I see them in my size, I have to buy a pair.

    That being said, I have yet to witness a single pair of these stretch out, fade, tear, pill, or ANYTHING. And I've had some of these for years. *Every* single other pair of leggings I've ever had have eventually gotten that dreaded hole in the thigh. NOT THESE BABIES. I'm not super ~excited~ about exercising, so I haven't put these fully to the test — if you're thinking about running a marathon in these or anything. About twice a year, I go on a Get Healthy! kick, and these have definitely outlasted my "two weeks of jogging following a high-intensity interval workout app" attempts every six months, though. —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Price: $24.99 (available in sizes XS–XXL, in regular, short, and long, and in black and burgundy)

    8. The Dash Arctic Chill Blender, a powerful little device that will give you your smoothie fix without breaking your budget.

    AnaMaria Glavan/BuzzFeed

    I have two major issues when it comes to standard blenders: 1) they take up too much space, and 2) they are so damn expensive! However, I really love making smoothies for breakfast — which is why I was so excited to try out this Arctic Chill Blender. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, OKAY.

    This little blender comes with a 16-ounce insulated tumbler, perfect for roughly one serving, and comes with a handy-dandy travel lid. All you have to do is make your smoothie, grab the tumbler, secure the lid, and off you go into the world! When it comes to actually making the smoothie, there are no fancy functions or buttons. Just plug this baby in and press the power button. You do have to keep holding the button down, but the blades are pretty powerful — meaning your ingredients are karate-chopped into mush fairly quickly. The one con about this gadget is that it be mighty, but it’s also pretty loud. Not enough to be a deal breaker, though, in my humble opinion.

    But! The best part about this blender is that it’s really inexpensive (it’s currently on sale for $19.99, down from $29.99, whereas comparable single-serving blenders can set you back $70 or more), plus it doesn’t take up a ton of space. If you’re in the market for an individual-sized blender but don’t feel like forking over the big bucks, definitely consider this one. I really, really love it. —AnaMaria Glavan

    Price: $19.99

    9. A pair of black booties so versatile they were probably the inspiration for that song where they don't shut up about those boots that were made for walking.

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    I love the feeling of a heel, but I am also clumsy AF and constantly in a hurry. I have a busy life and a commute that involves the subway, so shoes that are tough to walk in are just not an option, sorry. For years, I had a pair of black booties that, I shit you not, were left over from the time my mom was Madonna for Halloween. They were like $15 and I wore those things till they were dead and scuffed beyond the level of acceptable, because I didn't think I would ever find another pair that was equally as perfect for dressing up as they were for everyday looks.

    Then these DV (shoe brand Dolce Vita's line for Target) babies strutted into my life, and they are even better. I can wear them all day and feel like I'm not even wearing heels, even though, at 3 inches, the heel is a fairly sizable one. It's a stacked heel made from a sturdy rubber, which gives me a little extra bounce when I walk. I forgot all the physics I learned in high school, but it almost feels like these babies absorb all the shock of my feet stomping on the ground (and believe me, when I wear them, I strut and I mean it).

    I love the added height, and their shape is perfect for dresses, jeans, black pants — anything. I initially thought of them as a more casual shoe, because of the zippers, but they have a cool faux-snake texture on the back that makes them seema little fancier. Plus, they are sleek and solve the eternal problem of wanting to wear killer shoes but also survive a whole night out. Lately, I've been ditching my stilettos in favor of these. I adore the black because they finish every outfit I could ever imagine in just the right way, but I may just need a pair in brown too. I'm seriously smitten with these, and I think I will continue to be for years to come. —Katy Herman

    Price: $37.99 (available in sizes 5.5–11 and in black, gray, and cognac).

    10. A memory foam mattress topper that'll have you taking nightly adventures on a bed of clouds.

    AnaMaria Glavan/BuzzFeed

    My future mattress will be made from magical feathers that never lend themselves to back pain, but my current mattress is terrible — and so I needed an inexpensive solution. Luckily, I found this budget-friendly memory foam mattress topper that provides the perfect amount of cushiony support, and it has me snoring in no time. It's a 1½-inch topper by Threshold and it promises to "relieve pressure points and sore muscles" while providing "body-cradling support and comfort," and BOY DOES IT DELIVER.

    How do you use this thing? First, I let this giant pillow "air out" for about an hour so it could settle into its original form, since it had to be rolled up to fit inside the box. I placed the topper directly on top of my mattress and put a fitted bed sheet over it. It's thick enough to really feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud (about the width of six issues of Nylon, for reference), but not so thick that your sheets won’t be able to cover it. Plus, there's a subtle minty scent intended to neutralize odors.

    Overall, it's probably the best $40 I’ve ever spent. The first night I slept on this bad boy, I woke up feeling like a new woman; it's now been three months and I continue to fall asleep 10 times faster, wake up feeling refreshed, and I don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame due to back pain. Hooray! —AnaMaria Glavan

    Price: $38.94+ (available in sizes twin to California king).

    11. A pair of plaid joggers meant to be worn while running errands, in a professional environment, or lounging around the house (my point is you can wear them anywhere!).

    Elena Garcia/BuzzFeed

    Hi, it's me again, trying to desperately sell you on this whole Who What Wear collection at Target. I am not playing when I say it is the best thing to hit my closet since sliced bread. (Not that I'm throwing sliced bread at my closet or anything.)

    But for anyone who is still not convinced, I present to you Exhibit B, these plaid joggers with a stunning green stripe down the seam. They're so comfy, they can actually be dressed up or down, and they're cute AF! Wait, did I mention the elastic waistband?! That's right, wear these pants when you feel like eating a steak meal or a box of donuts without hesitation because the elastic waistband is there to move along with your every desire.

    Every time I wear 'em, I get a compliment about how cute they are or how expensive they look. That's normally when I pull out my soapbox and talk for hours about how these pants are revolutionary. Best part is, they're so comfy I can wear them for hours and hours and hours, so that I don't ever have to shut up about them. —Elena Garcia

    Price: $32.99 (available in sizes XS–XXL) and $34.99 (available in sizes X–4X).

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    Ryan Pattie/BuzzFeed

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