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29 Beautiful Pieces Of Luggage That Only Look Expensive

Get all the luggage you'll need to overpack for your next getaway.

1. This adorable Hello Kitty bag that'll have you saying, "Goodbye winter, hello vacay!"

2. This spinner luggage with a metallic design that glistens in the light.

3. This luggage set that's pretty in pink and under $85 bucks!

4. This modern take on a classic stage-coach bag.

5. This floral number that has the most charming rose-gold details.

6. This golden masterpiece that you can accept on anyone's behalf.

7. This set because, let's be real, you have a lot of baggage.

8. This duffel bag that you can load up for your next weekend adventure.

9. This bold set that has the perfect contrasting colors.

10. This rolling briefcase that is just too damn pretty for its own good!!!

11. This suitcase that's blue but won't make you sad.

12. This spinner luggage that's plaid to perfection.

13. This hardshell piece that has the prettiest print.

14. This rolling trunk that's perfect for your next getaway.

15. This weekender bag that you can roll or carry.

16. This Mickey Mouse case that you can take with you to the happiest place on earth, wherever that may be.

17. These faux-woven suitcase that're ready to be rolled into paradise.

18. This expandable piece that looks absolutely timeless.

19. This white suitcase that'll probably get dirty but the design is awesome, so who cares?

20. This metallic roller that is durable AF.

21. This pink duffel that has a special pocket just for your laptop.

22. This hardshell piece that is totally scratch resistant.

23. This luggage that's a floral masterpiece.

24. This quilted piece that's elegant and practical for whatever you have planned.

25. This piece that's perfect for when you want to get lost at sea.

26. This embossed satchel that we're sure a mermaid would carry during her travels.

27. This adorable penguin one that's meant for kids, but we all know you wanna buy it for yourself.

28. Plus this set that's perfect for the little zoo fanatic in your life.

29. And this spinner that's subtle, but stunning.

Safe travels!

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