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68 Last-Minute Gifts You You Don't Have To Worry About Them Getting From Someone Else

A classic PlayStation console, a nose wax kit, and a squatty potty — just a few things I guarantee no one else is buying them.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A copy of Subpar Parks: America's Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Least Impressed Visitors along with a US National Parks Scratch Off Poster — so they can visit the very parks people love to complain about while literally scratching them off their list.

2. A classic PlayStation console complete with 20 games, two wired controllers, a virtual memory card, and the HDMI cable you probably need — not to brag but I bought this console for my husband last Christmas and I won Christmas. Like, you probably didn't even know it was a contest, but it was and I won.

hand holding the compact console containing the games with a normal controller

3. A screaming goat, because if there is anything they need this year it's a tiny figurine of a goat screaming out their frustrations.

4. An awesome portable mini projector that uses LED lights to deliver 1080p full HD and make their next movie night totally epic.

5. A pair of light-up chopsticks for when they need the help of The Force to get them through a meal.

The light-up chopsticks in red and blue

6. A very handy book that could honestly, save their life — or just answer all those questions they're maybe too embarrassed to even google.

A copy of Can Holding In A Fart Kill You?

7. And a definitive guide to knowing what creatures from our planet fart.

Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence

8. A nostalgic Apple Watch stand designed to look just like their favorite handheld video game — plus it has a perfectly fitting spot for the charger so everything looks totally seamless.

The Apple Watch stand designed to look like the old Game Boy

9. A classic and totally investmentworthy Le Creuset enameled cast-iron Quidditch or Harry Potter Dutch oven that'll seriously have them casting spells in the kitchen.

The Quidditch and Harry Potter dutch ovens

10. A handy little in-car dip clip perfect for all the dinner parties they plan on hosting at their new favorite restaurant.

11. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey they'll quickly wonder how they ever lived without! Seriously, it's spicy, sweet, and tastes SO good on pizza.

Someone pouring Mike's Hot Honey on a pizza.

12. An LED sunset lamp projector designed with a 180-degree rotation to help shine just enough color onto whatever wall they want.

The sunset light projected on to a living room wall

13. A super cozy crewneck sweatshirt because you love this journey for them.

The sweatshirt that reads, "Ew David"

14. An easy-to-use nose wax kit designed to minimize discomfort and even protect from any irritation while they get all those pesky nose hairs your of their way.

15. A handmade bourbon lip balm so they can wet their whistle even when they're not having a drink.

The bourbon lip balm

16. A pair of mismatched astronaut stud earrings that are just out of this world.

17. A scratch-off bucket list poster filled with all the things they'll def want to do now that quarantine is mostly over.

18. A pack of really yummy ChapStick that'll have them asking for some more.

The ChapStick S'mores Collection

19. A thought-provoking and culturally significant set of art done in the traditional Japanese style of Ukiyo-e.

The Woman Yelling at Cat mem art posters framed

20. A desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy. Hi. I'm Elena, President and CEO of Elena's Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Emporium and Warehouse. Thanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guys and I'm passing the savings on to yoooou!

The Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

21. A bucket list booklet designed to help them and their partner work out and work toward shared goals.

22. A super cool mirror surface, LED display, a digital clock designed with a dimming mode that offers three levels of brightness, and a dual USB port so you can charge your phone right on it.

23. A linen pillow cover to immortalize one of the greatest moments in TV history and that they'll use to rest your head on while you rewatch The Office for the 782nd time this week.

A customer review photo of their dog with the pillow case that says "dwight you ignorant slut"

24. A giant 750-ml wineglass they can fill with the optimal amount of a liquid they may *actually* need to help get through the day.

25. A timeless and totally seductive portrait — if this doesn't put a smile on their face, I dunno what will!

The Seinfeld George: The Timeless Art of Seduction poster

26. A pair of earrings for a discreet way to show everyone how notorious they are on these streets.

27. A three-piece pizza grilling set they can use to make the kind of oven-fresh pizza that'll have people asking, "Is that delivery or DiGiorno?" But it won't be either! 'Cause it's homemade!

28. A Squatty Potty that'll position you in a way that makes your poop pass through more comfortably!

A customer review photo of them holding up a thumbs up while their feet are on the squatty potty which is placed next to their toilet

29. A restorative foot scrubber designed with soft inner bristles that can give them a relaxing massage and stiff outer bristles perfect for exfoliating away the dead skin that causes rough, cracked feet.

A foot using the scrubber

30. A super-genius luggage-mounted cup caddy that slides right onto the handle so you always have a place to put your coffee when you're carrying a million other things.

A photo of the gray cup caddy holding a Starbucks coffee and cellphone attached to a carry-on suitcase handle

31. An unofficial Disney Parks cookbook and drink recipe book to help them whip up some magic in the kitchen — and that whip can be of the Dole variety since there's a recipe for that.

32. An entertaining The Nightmare Before Christmas Cross-Stitch Kit so they can have something to do while they watch their favorite holiday movies.

33. A delicious box of British treats filled with 10 of the top-selling Cadbury British chocolate bars that they may or may not eat in one sitting.

A box of British treats

34. A fantastic wineglass holder so they can have a peaceful, relaxing glass of wine in the privacy of their own shower stall. And before you tell me this is a frivolous purchase, it'll also hold their bottles upside-down for them! So like... twofer!

35. A carbonated bubble clay mask designed to get deep down to clean out their pores while it bubbles up to make the perfect Insta pic.

36. A pack of very handy LokiStashed Velvet Hair Tie Scrunchies designed with a hidden zipper pocket so they can store their keys, money... any of the small things.

37. An estate-planning journal that'll let them get all their affairs in order in the event of...well, you they don't have to worry about it.

A reviewer photo of the I'm Dead, Now What? book cover

38. A super helpful chart filled with all the best insults they could ever possibly deliver to all their foes.

39. A colorful Little People, BIG DREAMS RuPaul book that's filled with stylish and quirky illustrations and delightful facts of the inspiring performer’s life.

The cover of the book

40. A bag of edible insects that includes a hearty mix of grasshoppers, crickets, silkworms, and sago worms. That's all I'll say about that.

A customer review photo of the bag and all the bugs inside it laid out on a plate

41. A little flair with a light saber wiper blade cover because The Force is always with them when you're cruising down the street.