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    41 Kitchen Products You'll Probably Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

    Dish squeegees, heavy-duty oven mitts, oven liners, and a bunch of other genius inventions to make getting things done in the kitchen so much easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stainless steel bottle sealer designed with a built-up pressure pump so all your favorite bubbly beverages will stay that way.


    Promising review: "Loved this product. So easy to use. Everything is in one β€” no plug with pump. It stays on and keeps the bubbles in champagne and all carbonated wines. It does not pop off or leak if you lay the bottle back on its side in the refrigerator. It's metal and very strong. Love that you just need to pump the top to take out the air. Great for picnics and BYOBs. Plus it DOES NOT LEAK!" β€”C. Glidden

    Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

    2. A terra-cotta bear you simply place in water for 20 minutes and then put in your brown sugar to help maintain its moisture for up to SIX MONTHS.


    Promising review: "After multiple containers for my brown sugar and continuously throwing my brown sugar away due to giant hard lumps, I began to wonder why our brown sugar never lumped as a child. That's when I remembered a weird brown bear in our sugar, After a quick Google search I found this! I soaked it in water for 30 minutes and then added to my lumpy brown sugar...two days later there is not a single lump in my sugar! Yay!" β€”Sneezeloaf

    Get it from Amazon for $5.61.

    3. A nylon (so it's nonstick-safe) colander strainer designed with a discreet hook so it easily attaches to the side of your pot β€” which means you never have to struggle with emptying a heavy pan of boiling hot water again!


    It's also dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant up to 200Β°C/392Β°F, and works with fried foods.

    Promising review: "I love this thing! It is quite sturdy and has no issues holding lots of ravioli, tortellini, or any other shaped pasta. One note, it does not do well with long spaghetti. It is also great for grabbing veggies out when I blanch them in water or chicken breasts I have poached. I was injured in an automobile accident and my hands are not in great condition. This has made having to use tongs for some things no longer necessary. It has also β€” totally β€” made lifting heavy pots full of liquid, unnecessary. Cooking is therapy for me and to find any tools which make it easier for me, is fantastic! I highly recommend this scoop to anyone needing a little help in the kitchen, or who just wants to not have to pull out strainers all of the time." β€”Kayce Cawthon McCarty

    Get it from Amazon for $7.68+ (available in four colors).

    4. A set of nonstick oven liners β€” since the reason your smoke alarm is always going off might be because of the caked-on mess living at the bottom of your oven.


    Promising review: "I expected to be happy, but I'm thrilled! Each mat is pliable and fits the entire width of my standard oven. When the mat is against the back wall, it extends up to but not over the front lip of the floor. On first use, pizza cheese and sauce dripped onto the front edge of the mat and onto that uncovered lip. The baked-on cheese and sauce slid right off the mat! Effortlessly! After I cleaned up the lip, I layered a second mat to cover the lip. These mats are so great that I almost want food to drip on them so I can show off how wonderful they are." β€”Artset Outset

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $11.99.

    5. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that'll actually protect your hands from any slicing and dicing.


    Food-safe and machine-washable. Check out our full review of these NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves.

    Promising review: "After my husband sliced his finger on our mandolin I decided to check out these gloves. We are both very impressed with how well they work. The company who sells these is also wonderful β€” they sent a follow-up email to ensure that we liked the gloves and would have replaced or refunded our money if we weren't happy. The only thing I was concerned about when I ordered the gloves was if I was buying the right size. My husband and I have different hand sizes, but the medium is working well for both of us. And knowing that they would send a different size free of charge was wonderful. Now we don't have to worry about slicing off our fingers!" β€”That Author Guy's Wife

    Get them from Amazon for $11.49 (available in sizes S-XL).

    6. An OXO dish squeegee to help scrape off those stuck-on messes without ever harming your dishes β€” one might even say this thing helps make sure your china is stayin' alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive. (Get it? Squeegee, Bee Gees! Goodness, I crack myself up!)


    Promising review: "OXO has such wonderful kitchen equipment and this is no exception. It does a much better job than a Brillo pad and lasts longer too." β€”Emily Peters

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    7. A roll of reusable bamboo paper towels you can wash with your laundry β€” it'll be the last roll of paper towels you use!


    Promising review: "I use a shameful amount of paper towels and these make feel so much less wasteful! I mostly use them to cover my cat’s food while I microwave it since I don’t want it splattering all over the microwave and my cat is extremely picky and will not eat cold food. These work great for that. I have a tiny little bin on my kitchen counter that I put the used ones in and then transfer to the laundry bin when full. I put them in the dryer even though it says not to, they are fine. They turn to more of a felt-like texture after being washed and dried but still work great. Also, I store the loose clean ones in an empty Kleenex box (long rectangular kind) by folding them the same way tissues are in a box. This is a nice way to dispense them once off the roll." β€”CH

    Get one roll with 20 napkins from Amazon for $9.99.

    8. A very handy dishwasher-safe food saver container capable of helping your produce fresher for longer because it regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


    Promising review: "We bought one of these just to try them out. We live in Montana and the veggies just don't seem to last as long as they did when we lived in AZ or WA. I put some baby spinach in one of the containers and nine days later the spinach literally looks as good as the day I bought it. I bought a three-pack from Amazon and just threw a bunch of mixed berries in one and broccoli in another. I am extremely happy with my purchase." β€”pettyolives

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in six sizes and in sets of three, four, and eight).

    Check out our full review of the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers.

    9. A set of silicone gap covers to stop all your crumbies from forming a small community in the crevices around your house.


    Promising review: "Great product. We just remodeled our kitchen and these are just what I was looking for to keep the food from making a mess between the stove. Love it." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.95 (available in 21, 22, and 25 inches and in white, translucent white, black, and clear).

    10. A pack of reusable produce bags that'll help you reduce the waste after every trip to the grocery store β€” you can also use them to clean and rinse your fruits and veggies all in one go!


    Promising review: "SO good, SO handy, SO ecological (without being nerdy). Simple: put grapes into one bag, tomatoes in another, green beans in another... well, you get the idea. No thin plastic bags to figure out how to open without cursing or have to dispose of. Leave these bags untied so checker has access to price, then secure the tog. These bags are plenty large enough for big heads of lettuce, tons of grapes, tomatoes, etc., and they go under your faucet for thorough rinsing. You drain the contents and put the bags directly in the fridge. They are sturdily made, close perfectly, and easy to fold and carry into a grocery store. They are exactly as shown. This is a quality product. I recommend 100%." β€”C. Hascoat

    Get a five-pack from Amazon for $9.97.

    11. A stackable cutlery drawer organizer so all your utensils aren't rolling around in your drawer every time you open it.


    Promising review: "I bought two of these, and I’m very pleased with them. The non-slip feature on the bottom is great β€” you won’t have cutlery sliding around when you open and close your drawers. I would highly recommend." β€”Chelsea C.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors and three styles).

    12. A lasagna pan designed with three separate channels so you can cook multiple recipes at once β€” because what's better than one type of lasagna? THREE TYPES OF LASAGNA!


    Made with an easy-release, silicone-based nonstick coating. The pan is dishwasher-safe, but hand-washing is recommended to extend product life.

    Promising review: "We already use several Chicago Metallic pans for bread and they're fantastic! This one was just like them, easy-release, hard to scratch, and a long-lasting nonstick surface. It's heavy enough to cook evenly, and all-around great. It's about 2 3/4 inches at the very bottom, angling out to maybe 3 inches at the top of each channel. We wouldn't want to put this in the dishwasher, although they say you can. The nonstick is really very good. Plus, the lip makes it a whole lot easier to lift in and out of the oven." β€”Craig L.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.17.

    13. A non-slip knife sharpener that'll let you safely get your blades to their maximum potential...cutting tomatoes will never be a disaster again!


    Promising review: "I gotta say this is the best sharpener I ever bought in my whole life. I got it today and brought it to work. I work at a Japanese restaurant as a sushi chef. I sharpened my knife with it at work and wow my knife was sharp like a samurai sword! Even my coworkers were surprised and asked me to order one for them. It was so sharp that I barely touched the knife and my pinky fingers got cut deep and I had to be sent home from work. Thanks for the product! Now I don't have to use the stone or sharpen rod that much. 😎" β€”Rodrigo

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in three colors).

    Check out our full review on the KitchenIQ knife sharpener.

    14. A pair of oven mitts because you should never, at any point, try to take things out of the oven with your bare hands.


    Promising review: "As someone who is super afraid of being burned, I am happily using these. They do reach all the way up the arm so that I feel safe reaching into my old oven. I don't have any problems bending my fingers to grip things, and so far I haven't felt any heat when taking things out. Before I was using a 20-year-old woven glove that was past its prime. I haven't felt safe using anything but that single glove. Now I have these and they're fantastic." β€”Jenne Schrader

    Get a pair from Amazon for $12.97+ (available in eight colors and two sizes).

    15. A dishwasher-safe infusion pitcher so you can give your water a little more life β€” or flavor! Plus, it's the perfect size to fit in your fridge door shelves!


    Get it from the BuzzFeed Goodful collection at Macy's for $15.99.

    16. A pack of washable, and compostable food wraps for when you need to store all those leftovers β€” it even works for cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread!


    Promising review: "Can't recommend these beeswax wraps enough. The antimicrobial aspect of the beeswax keeps fruits and vegetables super fresh for much longer than plastic bags. They keep bread soft and fresh for much longer than Ziplocs. They are so much better for the environment, and they can be reused for months. We have been using our set for almost two years and they are still as good as new. No waste! Just make sure to wash them with cool water, as warm/hot water will melt the wax." β€”Publisher

    Get a three-pack (one small, medium, and large) from Amazon for $18+ (available in four prints).

    17. A pack of organic and recyclable ethylene-absorbing packets that'll absorb the gasses in your fridge that cause fruits and veggies to go bad.


    Promising review: "I didn't really expect this to work, but it was so cheap I figured it was worth a try. I can't believe a head of iceberg lettuce was still crisp after two weeks in the fridge. If I can stop throwing away a fraction of the produce I currently toss each week, I think it's worth it." β€”momin8er

    Get two holders and six absorbing packets from Amazon for $18.26.

    18. A dishwasher magnet so you never accidentally use a dirty dish again.


    Promising review: "I could not be more happy with this product. I've recently moved to care for my mother with Alzheimer's. This has stopped the incessant question of clean or dirty. Well made and durable!" β€”jedismama2010

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in chrome and white).

    19. A plastic and stainless steel smart funnel designed specifically to make refilling, emptying out, or just transferring liquids an easy, mess-free affair.


    Promising review: "Works well, even with heavier bottles. I was hesitant to buy because I had tried a large silicone funnel that was intended for the same use as the Smart Funnel. The silicone funnel would not stabilize larger bottles. I had to prop the top bottle up against something and hope it didn't fall over. With the Smart Funnel, I've already transferred a highly viscous lotion in a large bottle to another, with no problem whatsoever. The Smart Funnel washed nicely in my dishwasher and has already paid for itself in product saved. One of the best features is that its components rotate around the same axis. You are able to swing the clips or the funnel out of the way if need be. Although, I can't think of a scenario where I would. I'm VERY happy with my purchase and plan on buying some as gifts. Pros: sturdy, accommodates many size bottles and configurations, washes well, holds bottles stable, able to be used for other functions (storing liquids, see packaging for examples), inexpensive (even more so if purchased in bulk), nice color selections. Cons: None." β€”Amy S.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in blue, white, gray, and yellow).

    20. A set of nonslip rubber-base clip-on baggy holders perfect for transferring foods totally hands-free.


    Promising review: "I used three of these to help me make freezer meals after I had my baby. I can honestly say I don't know how I would have filled the freezer bags without these ingenious baggy holders. I was able to dump veggies, spices, meat, and cans of heavy beans and tomatoes into the bags, and they stood up the entire time without sliding or spilling. One of the bags I stuffed literally to the brim, as full as it could go, and the bag did not fall down. I would definitely recommend these." β€”Grace S.

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.39.

    21. A dishwasher-safe apple slicer that'll make cutting up apples so freakin' easy β€” seriously, we have them here at the BuzzFeed office and it makes slicing up an apple for a snack SO FREAKIN' EASY. It takes like two seconds!


    Promising review: "Seriously, why has this never been invented before? It's the best thing in the history of apples! It cuts the apples in perfect sizes for kids (and even me), and the bottom base to push the blade all the way down is a game-changer. I always hated cutting apples because the last push was annoying and made slices fly everywhere. This is easy and keeps them all mostly attached. Love love love it!" β€”jbug

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 8-or 16-slice options).

    22. A sleek little Microplane spice mill and zester set designed with a super sharp stainless-steel blade, easy-grip top handle, and a built-in storage container so you can make your own spices out of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg β€” and a bunch of other things.

    Food 52

    Get it from Food 52 for $35.

    23. A flexible silicone sink strainer to catch any excess food before it clogs up your drain.


    Promising review: "It kills me to write this review since I never thought I would be writing a review for a sink strainer. I guess this means that I am officially getting old, but when you come across a well-engineered product that solves a problem for you, no matter how simple, it should get credit. This strainer allows full flow down the drain even when it is full of food particles so you can just clean it easily after you are all done. No food can sneak by due to the design and it even looks good. Pros: fits great, looks good, engineered perfectly, solves your kitchen sink drain issues. Cons: Makes you re-examine your life now that you are this excited about a sink strainer. QUICK UPDATE: It's been over four years and this sink strainer still hasn't broken in the kitchen sink. Also, I'm still pathetic enough to update a review for a sink strainer four years later." β€”CaptainDingle

    Get it from Amazon for $7.96.

    24. A set of shredder claws, because who actually has time to wait for meat to cool before they handle or start shredding it? Not me, and I have the burned fingertips to prove it.


    Promising review: "Works well for shredding larger portions of meat, like pork. Plastic appears to be of higher quality. Sufficient room in the opening for most finger and hand sizes. The pointed tips shouldn't cause injury unless you're careless. I'd highly recommend the use of quality protective gloves; you're not only dealing with the mess of shredding itself but also, most likely, some elevated temperature food." β€”Legardi11

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in five colors).

    25. A pancake batter dispenser designed to release the perfect amount of batter every time so you're always making the best freakin' pancakes.


    Promising review: "Finally a kitchen utensil that saves time, mess, and frustration! I ordered this because my 10-year-old daughter loves to make pancakes but she also leaves an incredible mess. She also loves to make cupcakes and that's even a double mess. Upon receiving the batter dispenser, my daughter took it out of the package and started making pancakes right away without my instructions. She loved the ease to make the pancakes in the container and then one click on the pan with no mess." β€”Jim Hudson

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    26. A pair of machine-washable door handle covers, because germs, fingerprints, and general filth β€” that's why.


    Made with machine-washable linen and Velcro.

    Promising review: "I really like the way these door handle covers look on my stainless-steel refrigerator. We all know just how easy it is to get fingerprints all over the handles. So with these covers you are able to prevent them and stains. It gives your fridge a new look, kind of!" β€”Ty

    Get them from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in three sizes and four colors).

    27. A clip-on strainer to make draining all your favorite foods a total breeze.


    Promising review: "After many years of failing to drain skillets and pots by using a lid, I searched for and bought this guy. Wow! I can't believe I lived without this for so long. It's a dream to drain water from pasta, and grease from meat. No slippage, and it works great. Just need to be a little careful if you've got a lot of food in the pot/pan, as some of it can escape over the top, but the use of spoon to keep it at bay works well." β€”R. Higgins

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in green, gray, and red).

    28. A dishwasher-safe silicone and stainless steel pot clip for when you need a place to put your cooking spoon but don't want that place to be your counter.


    Promising review: "Works very well to keep a variety of sized kitchen utensils from ending up at the bottom of my pot. It's also nice because it allows the utensil to drain back into the pot, and the angle is adjustable. I give it my recommendation!" β€”Jackie K.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.38.

    29. A baking mat so you can always have the right measurements when you're learning how to make a pie crust β€” the hardest of all freakin' things to make.


    Made with 100% food-grade silicone that's stain-proof, BPA-free, and stick-resistant.

    Promising review: "Really pleased with this baking mat. It stays put on any surface and makes working with pastries less cumbersome. Also it is easier to clean with less mess and takes up hardly any space to store." β€”drab

    Get it from Amazon for $6.20.

    30. A collapsible silicone strainer perfect for those us who are short on space but big on pasta making (and draining).


    Promising review: "I love this item. It doesn't take up much space, it is sturdy, it goes right in the top rack of the dishwasher and just works! Does what it is supposed to do! Would buy it again!" β€”Amy M. Bryant

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    31. A cold-brew iced coffee maker, because your love for an icy caffeine fix is real and Starbucks is expensive.


    Includes a detachable infuser, lid, and pitcher. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I purchased this to make cold brew coffee at the office. My coworkers and I were going to the local Siren at least three to four times a week for our afternoon pick me up. It was starting to become a serious drain financially. We all chipped in to get this pitcher and take turns buying beans. Get them ground for a French press, or super coarse, and you'll have a pretty good replica. The instructions for making cold brew are pretty easy. Of course, you'll get some micro grinds that will make their way through the filter but that's to be expected. If you're OCD about it, you could pour it through a strainer or paper filter. Or just let it settle and pour gently. We've seriously cut down our caffeine expenditures by 50-75%. Now if we could figure out a way to order out less. :)" β€”DT

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    32. A kale, chard, collard greens, and herb stripper designed to perfectly pluck those time-consuming favorites you love to eat so much.


    Top-rack dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "I finally had the chance to use this today on some cilantro. I love cilantro but don't use it as much as I'd like because it is a bit time-consuming to get the leaves off all the stems. This little gadget was an amazing time saver. It was neat, too. The leaves separated from the stems easily and quickly. In less than one minute, I had plenty of cilantro leaves for my salad. I think I'm going to purchase these as gifts, too! I don't like to keep too many little kitchen gadgets because they all add up and take over cabinets and drawers. This one, however, is a must-have." β€”j3nnz

    Get it from Amazon for $6.49.

    33. A digital food thermostat to prevent you from giving everyone food poisoning β€” again.


    Promising review: "I bought this initially for baking prime rib, but my wife uses it all the time when she bakes chicken. It takes the guessing game out of baking and you know you are getting a cooked piece of meat without having to cut into it and letting all the juices escape." β€”Abe

    Get it from Amazon for $17.26.

    34. A non-slip bag cinch so you can reseal your bread bags without having to struggle with that flimsy little plastic thingy that I always end up breaking and then end up having to tie the bag up only to struggle to untie it and ripping the damn bag.


    Promising review: "These have to be among the most useful gadgets in my kitchen and we use them constantly for open loaves of bread, crackers, rice, and many other types of packaging where you need a secure hold. I no longer save twist ties, those funny square plastic thingies that come with so much packaging. I have ordered additional ones since the kitchen is not the only place I have found them useful." β€”Connie of GA

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $5.99.

    35. A heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe veggie turner designed with a wide head and a raised edge to scoop and flip veggies with ease.


    Promising review: "I broke this in hard with a huge batch of roasted vegetables for Thanksgiving. Brussels sprouts, potatoes, leeks, garlic, butternut squash, carrots, and more filling up a whole roasting pan. This was great for mixing, coating and turning the vegetables and incredibly effective and attractive for serving. It's a great length, and very substantial. I am delighted to have this as part of my kitchen collection." β€”Nicki Heskin

    Get it from Amazon for $15.92.

    36. A secure bag seal with a handy little nozzle so you can stop making a mess when you're trying to dispense literally anything that comes in a bag.


    Promising review: "Our kids eat a lot of snacks, but they don't clean up every time they're finished. The nuts in the big bags quickly lose their taste because they are not sealed, and then they don't get eaten. So I bought this. Now snacks stay fresh even when they only eat half a bag, I have to buy one more." β€”Rachel Jackson

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $14.99.

    37. A boil-over safeguard so you can step away from your stove and not worry about coming back to a volcano of steaming water bubbles.

    Heat-resistant up to 400ΒΊF.

    Promising review: "It works! In the picture, I am boiling potatoes, and the bubbles are clearly over the pot height, but no mess! Great product!" β€”hollmarkristo

    Get it from Amazon for $27.90.

    38. A pack of nonstick stovetop burner protectors, because your range is always a total mess after every use and these will make the cleanup a total breeze.


    Wash in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

    Promising review: "I am a bit of a fanatic about my house, but especially the kitchen. It's hard for me to constantly remove the heavy iron grates to clean them, the burners, and the small areas around the burners. My (gas) stovetop is black so I tried these stove protectors. They were easy to cut to fit exactly around the burners and go 'wall to wall'. Hint: very carefully use a razor blade to mark where to cut, then finish with a good pair of scissors or paper cutter. The covers can be wiped clean. For messy accidents, they lift out easily for cleaning in the sink." β€”Skydog717

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $10.97.

    39. This pasta measuring tool so you can finally figure out exactly how much pasta you should be making.


    Promising review: "This small plastic item is the best way to measure spaghetti that I have found. Works much better than trying to stuff a bunch of noodles into a small hole." β€”Steven Thompson

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

    40. An over-the-sink cutting board and strainer, because how many times have you made a damn mess when you were trying to chop literally anything?


    Promising review: "This is an extremely useful cutting board with the collapsible bowl for washing vegetables and/or fruits, draining them, or depositing scraps. It fits nicely over my sink and is easily cleaned and stored. Find myself using it every day!" β€”Patty Boh

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two colors).

    41. And the Instant Pot, a programmable slow cooker with over 29K five star reviews on Amazon that will make cooking dinner totally amazing.


    Features 11 programmable digital controls: rice, soup/broth, meat/stew, bean/chili, sautΓ©, porridge, steam, slow cook, yogurt, keep warm, and pressure cook. Up to 24-hour delay start, automatic keep warm setting for up to 10 hours, stainless steel inner cooking pot, food-grade, no chemical coating, three-ply bottom, dishwasher-safe. Comes with rice measuring cup, stainless steel steam rack without handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, condensation collector, and recipe booklet.

    Promising review: "When I bought this Instant Pot during a frigid Montana winter, I thought it would come in handy for making comforting soups and stews on busy work nights, but it's become my favorite kitchen tool, even during the warmer weather. This is a quality-made product and I am very happy with it. Some reviewers recommend buying an extra silicone lid seal to use for cooking desserts, as the seal does absorb the fragrance of savory, herbal, and garlic seasoned dishes, but I just remove the seal after use and spray it with white vinegar, wait a few minutes before rinsing and it cleans up practically odor-free between uses." β€”Lorraine

    Get a full rundown on this incredibly popular slow cooker in our full review of the Instant Pot!

    Get it from Amazon for $59.92+ (available in four sizes and four colors).

    We're obviously not messing around in this kitchen!

    SpringHill Entertainment

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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