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17 Products Every Ugly Crier Needs To Own

So you had a rough day....

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Everyone has those days that just aren't going as planned.

Get this card from Betsy and Diya for $5.

Those days where you just need to cry it out.

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Maybe someone was mean to you, maybe you're just tired, or maybe there is no reason at all... but you just need to let it all out the second you get home.

Get this keychain from Keychainery on Etsy for $7.

Well there ain't nothing wrong with that!

Get this pin from Katie Abey Design on Etsy for $8.

We've all been there, even unicorns.

Get this patch from Triangle Trees on Etsy for $3.

So here's everything you'll need to have a productive sob sesh:


1. If you're wearing eye makeup, you'll need to take that off.

Get these remover pads on Amazon for $5.

2. You'll need to get into some comfy clothes.

3. Maybe even a sweatshirt to get nice and cozy.

Get this sweatshirt from Hello Sookie Clothing on Etsy for $24.

4. You'll need some sustenance.

Get this giant Toblerone on Amazon for $111.

Or get the boring normal size one for $6.

5. Make sure to stay hydrated.

Get this glass on Amazon for $15.

6. You might need to set the mood with a movie.

Get Beaches on Amazon starting at $5 or check here to see what other films might help set the scene.

7. Or some music.

Get 25 by Adele on Amazon starting at $10 or explore other possible soundtracks here.

8. Get something soft and fluffy, like a pillow, to cuddle up with.

9. Or a really warm blanket that brings you comfort.

Get it on Amazon for $30.

10. You'll definitely need some tissues.

Get a pack of 6 on Amazon for $12.

11. Handkerchiefs will also do.

Get the set at Fairgoods on Etsy for $25.

12. Sometimes drawing a nice warm bubble bath helps.

Get some on Amazon for $22.

13. Enjoy a hot beverage and maybe call your mom.

Get this mug on Amazon for $13.

14. Or your friends.

Get this print at Cozy Home Prints on Etsy for $3.

15. Crying will probably cause some puffiness, so you might want to have a nice eye mask available for after.

Get them from Tarte for $22.

16. When you've got it all out, treat yourself to something that'll make you happy.

Get these adorable sneakers on ASOS for $41.

17. Maybe even some flowers.

Get these delivered to your door by Amazon for $40.

And remember it's okay to cry but you're awesome, so don't sweat the small stuff.

Get this poster from Coconut Grass on Etsy for $9.

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