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18 Cheap Ways To Decorate For The Holidays

It's going to look a lot like Christmas when you're done here.

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1. Create a charming fireplace for under $30.

Courtesy of / Via

All you need is some canvas, chalkboard paint, and a little imagination. Get the full list of supplies and the tutorial here.

2. Explore places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, and Dollar Tree for great deals on classic decor and DIY supplies.,,

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Get the pillow for $12, the hand soap set for $5, the dishes for $1 each, and find some inspiration here.

3. Let your mantle sparkle all winter with touches of metallic.,,

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See how the above mantle was upgraded with treasures from Goodwill here. And add your own hints of shine with this jar and these votives.

4. Use all the extra wrapping paper you've already purchased to help bring your festive feelings into your space., Country Living / Via,

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With a few rolls of wrapping paper, you can easily wrap the books you already have sitting around your house, or line the trays you'll serve delicious treats in, creating an ambiance that's filled with holiday cheer. Get the wrapping paper pictured above here or try some chalkboard paper.

5. If you're having a dinner party, use mini stockings for place settings.

Get a pack of 12 on Amazon for $4.

6. Bring the twinkle of the holidays home by adding Christmas lights to jars you have lying around the house.

Christmas lights are an easy and affordable way to decorate your home for the holidays, especially when you add them to jars you were planning on recycling anyway. Get the traditional lights or mini lights; either way, you'll create a twinkling oasis that Santa won't be able to miss.

Get the tutorial for these mason jars here.

7. Find decorating inspiration in the shallow depths of nature (aka your backyard).,,

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Nature is a constant inspiration for holiday decor. From snow-covered hills to big green trees, our environment plays a huge role in how we celebrate the season. So why not actually use it? Next time you go outdoors, look for fallen pine cones, branches, and bits of wood to incorporate into your decor. Just be thoughtful about grabbing things: You don't want to affect the wildlife.

Get tutorials on how to create snow-covered branches here, how to use pine cones to create a kissing ball ornament here, and how to create wooden candle holders here.

8. Make a card display to showcase the festive holiday cards you're already receiving.

Get the full tutorial on how to create this Christmas card display here or buy one here for $25.

9. Put your ornaments on a pedestal and you'll have a charming centerpiece for any holiday table.

Find easy ornaments to DIY here and a delicate cake stand you can use all year long here.

For more inspiration, head here.

10. Get free decor by simply printing and framing it at home.,,

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Check out one of the many available free printables you can find online and add cheer to your living space. Just pop them in an old frame or pick up some affordable ones here, here, or here (adding to the holiday spirit at basically no cost).

Get the reindeer printable here, the baking one here, and the mistletoe one here.

11. Pick out classic but festive decor pieces you can use all year round.,,

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Get the lights for $23, the whiskey set for $30, and the dishes for $4.

12. Dress up your favorite store-bought evergreen garland with easy-to-make pom-poms.

A garland is one of those things that really helps define the holidays and making one can be accomplished for under $20, from the classic bristles of green to new and innovative interpretations.

Get a super affordable green garland here, and a selection of holiday yarns here.

13. Bring in kraft paper to create a rustic setting on any table that'll make clean-up a breeze.

Just lay out some kraft paper, a dozen or so candles, a little greenery, and trace some adorable place settings. In no time at all you'll have a cozy table to welcome all your friends and family.

Get the full tutorial here.

14. Create decorative pillows by using old sweaters and the pillows you already have.

One simple way to decorate this holiday season: throw pillows. Obviously, a revolutionary idea! Affordable covers and throw pillows can be picked up nearly anywhere or you can even attempt to DIY some. Lay them around and — just like that — you've sprinkled holiday spirit through your home.

Get the tutorial on how to create these no-sew sweater pillow covers here.

15. Save money and space by decorating the plants you already have like they're your Christmas tree.

Just get some festive pom-poms and tiny trimmings from your local craft store and use them as miniature ornaments for a cactus. Once the holidays are over, they'll come off and your plant will sit naked once more...until next year, that is.

Get a gorgeous cactus here.

16. Get your kitchen into the spirit with DIY tea towels.

Find tons of holiday fabric options here and here, and get the full tutorial here. If you want to try a no-sew option, you can use Stitch Witchery instead of your sewing machine.

17. Greet your guests with a festive DIY berry wreath that you can make for under $20.

Full tutorial here.

Get the berries here, wreath here, and glue gun here.

18. Or turn your house into a cozy oasis by piling fuzzy and knit accessories onto your existing decor.

Including a fuzzy throw, some candles, a pillow or two, and maybe even a framed sheet of marbled paper (all under $20), which will quickly update your space to bring in the warmth of the holidays.

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