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    27 Insanely Useful Products That'll Help You Get Through Life

    It's the little things (and easy to use products) that really matter.

    1. A makeup-brush scrubber that slips onto your fingers and gets your beauty tools super clean.

    2. A handmade leather cord organizer to keep your headphones tangle-free.

    3. A pair of gloves that'll protect your fingers from cuts, scrapes, and just general clumsiness.

    4. A doormat to deal with any visitors who come a knockin'.

    5. A ring that holds your nail polish while you give yourself a fresh coat.

    6. A portable phone charger for those days where you just need a little boost.

    7. A gap-cleaning brush to get into those crevices that often go totally ignored β€” 'cause they're just so damn hard to reach.

    8. A clip-on selfie light so you always have perfect lighting in every photo you ever take.

    9. A foot rest that grips onto your shower wall to make shaving your legs a little less of a chore.

    10. Some makeup-correcting swabs for all those mistakes that threaten your hard work.

    11. A notepad to help you organize your week and stay on top of your life.

    12. A window cleaner that'll clean the outside and inside so you can just enjoy the view.

    13. An ice tray with a cover so you never have to dance that awkward dance between the sink and freezer.

    14. Two sets of foot pads for the balls of your feet to make wearing heels a little more bearable.

    15. A case of hot sauce to always have on hand in the event of bland food.

    16. A set of attachable ear hooks so your glasses always stay in place and don't take the slide down to the tip of your nose.

    17. An alarm clock that'll make waking up in the morning a little gentler by simulating the sunrise and playing soothing music to ease you awake.

    18. A balm to stop that thigh chaffing that's just total freakin annoying.

    19. Some nail polish protectors because you're horrible at doing your own nails. You just are and it's okay.

    20. An eight-pack of reusable soda can lids so you can save your favorite carbonated beverage for later.

    21. A magnetic car mount that'll hold your cell phone for you while you drive.

    22. A dishwasher magnet so you never accidentally use a dirty dish again.

    23. An outlet cover plate that doubles as a nightlight.

    24. A clip-on strainer to make draining all your favorite foods a total breeze.

    25. A luggage scale so you never have to stress about having overweight luggage again.

    26. A spray that'll protect your feet from uncomfortable shoes.

    27. And a towel warmer because you're not an animal, you can't be expected to live without warm towels.

    And there you have, some stuff to help make your life a little easier.