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    34 Inexpensive Things That'll Make You Look Like A Million Bucks

    You don't need to have a million bucks to look like you do — but you *do* need to check out this roundup.

    1. A flowy chiffon midi skirt that'll look amazing paired with your favorite oversized cardigan and some comfy sneakers.

    2. A pair of non-slip suede booties you can roll down or keep up, to help make sure your little piggies are warm all the way to market.

    3. A comfy and totally cozy turtleneck midi dress easily worn alone or layered's a chic AF dress you'll throw on in a million ways.

    4. A pair of stacked-heel zip-up booties that'll make an entrance way before you even walk into the room.

    5. A flowy khaki wrap dress you'll literally wow everyone with — like, the word "wow" will not be able to contain itself in their mouths and it'll just spill out.

    6. A pleated metallic midi skirt that'll make you feel like the life of the party — or the life of your favorite Target aisle because you can really dress it up or down, or however you want!

    7. A pair of acrylic and resin statement earrings to have you on trend without breaking the bank.

    8. An ultra-luxurious cashmere-blend sweater, because you deserve to be drenched in only the finest of fabrics.

    9. A pair of statement velvet cowboy boots — which sound like a lot but are actually surprisingly glamorous.

    10. A pair of cat-eye sunnies that look like they came out of a fancy AF store and not for under $10!

    11. A button-up denim overall dress you'll be able to transition through every season.

    12. An oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater dress for when you want to cozy it up in style.

    13. A leopard-print chiffon blouse, because leopard print is a neutral and goes with everything and I won't have anyone telling me otherwise.

    14. A button-up midi dress that'll be the perfect thing to wear while you're living out your best casual life.

    15. A cushy oversized faux-shearling coat fluffy enough to keep you warm during those chilly autumn nights.

    16. A faux-leather mini skirt to help channel your inner rock star all year long.

    17. An itty-bitty black-and-white polka dot tea dress that you'll wear for the first time today.

    18. A comfy leopard-print cardigan long enough to cover your butt — plus it's leopard print, which is the best damn print for fall and winter.

    19. An open-back cotton-blend sweatshirt that'll pair perfectly with your favorite jeans when you feel like doing nothing but have a million errands to run.

    20. A pair of classic anti-slip ankle rainboots for a chic look even when the weather isn't.

    21. A contrasting faux-layered sweatshirt so you have something else to throw on with a pair of skinny jeans other than that same old T-shirt.

    22. A stunning patterned blouse with billowing sleeves and a tie-neck detail.

    23. A chic AF lace midi dress that'll have everyone asking, "Where did you get that?"

    24. A faux-crocodile embossed mini waist bag, because fanny packs are back, biiittttcccchhhheeessssss!!!!

    25. A gorgeous floral-print ruffled jumper that easily passes as designer.

    26. A ruched and totally versatile T-shirt midi dress you can throw on and be comfortable as hell in all day long.

    27. An oversized hooded cardigan coat to help you accomplish that cool-girl street-style look without ever sacrificing comfort.

    28. A long-sleeve tunic dress that'll look so good over your favorite leggings or with a pair of over-the-knee boots and tights.

    29. A high-waisted mermaid-shape pencil skirt so you can go from work to date night without skipping a beat.

    30. A zip-up herringbone puffer vest you can find on Amazon — or in the dictionary next to the definition of "fall."

    31. A flowy ruffled chiffon midi skirt designed in a prettier-than-pretty floral pattern.

    32. A printed faux-wrap A-line dress everyone will think is from a much fancier designer than its price tag would suggest.

    33. A double-breasted blazer for all your professional pretty-in-pink needs.

    34. And a clear tote bag designed with a matching pouch and handle — these are very on trend right now but all the designer versions are just so damn expensive!

    Once you buy this stuff, it's gonna be YOU who's being told that they look like a million bucks!

    And if you want even more, check out some of our favorite inexpensive online clothing stores to shop.

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