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33 Things You Should Wear On Your Next Beach Vacation

Also, please take me with you???

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1. This bathing suit cover that totally doubles as a let's-run-and-get-lunch dress.

2. These cute AF earrings to turn your T-shirt and shorts into a festive affair.

3. This tropical print bathing suit for all those days you'll spend falling asleep pool side.,

Get it from Amazon for $5+. (Available in a variety of prints and in sizes S-XL.)

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4. This beach cover-up because sometimes sunblock alone just doesn't cut it.

5. These sunnies that'll go with all of your vacation OOTDs.

6. This boho dress you can take from the beach to a night out while you relax in paradise.

7. This straw cross-body bag to fit everything you need for your day in the sun.


8. These flip-flops you'll actually be able to walk long distances in while you adventure through town.

9. This off-the-shoulder top everyone will compliment you on, to which you'll just respond, "This old thing?"

10. This tunic that won't take up much space in your suitcase.

11. This flowing maxi dress so you can turn the beach into your runway.


12. These dangling earrings available in so many gorgeous colors.

13. These sunnies you'll inevitably pull down the bridge of your nose while you stare at some of the eye candy the beach has to offer — I'm talking about the fresh mango and delicious coconut water.

14. And this one piece that comes in so many great prints, you'll just have to stay on vacation longer so you can wear them all.

15. These lace-up sandals embellished with just enough embroidery to totally complete your vacation look.


16. This embroidered kaftan because the word kaftan is glam AF and you should have one!

17. This high-waisted two piece that's comfortable AF.

19. These comfortable AF sandals you'll continue wearing even after you get back from vacation.


20. This leafy two-piece just in case you need to camouflage into the background.

21. This flowy summer dress to help you add a pop of color to all you vacation memories.

23. This pinup girl-inspired bathing suit because you should always wear an itsy bitsy polka dot bikini (and it doesn't need to be yellow).


24. And these retro sunnies will go perfectly with that suit.

25. This lace top wrap dress for a warm night out on the town.

26. This vintage-inspired kimono you can take from city streets to sandy beaches.

27. These easy AF espadrille slides that could easily be the only shoes you take on your trip.


28. This tie-dye maxi dress easily thrown on so you can go get some awesome resort hotel breakfast.

29. This off-the-shoulder one piece for all those sunny pool parties.

30. This handmade bamboo handbag you've seen all your favorite bloggers carrying.

31. This button-front maxi skirt made especially for dancing the night away in.

32. This super cute cut-out bathing suit to take some awesome beach pics with.

33. And this adorable basket purse you'd look damn cute carrying through a tropical paradise.