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    31 Gorgeous Things From H&M That Only Look Expensive

    "Where did you get that?" —everyone to you when you're showing off your new things from H&M.

    1. A fine-knit bell sleeve sweater that's classically beautiful and totally easy to wear.

    3. A crêped dress with a beautiful star print that'll have you looking like you're out of this world.

    4. A stunning velour dress in just the most gorgeous pigeon blue color — people are gonna think you spent hundreds of dollars on this.

    5. A small and beautifully-detailed shoulder bag with a luxe metal chain so you can take it from day to night with ease.

    6. A pair of velvet loafers that'll make every step your feet take look like you're roaming around your weekend mansion.

    7. A faux leather skirt with a large flouncy hem to help give your rocker look a feminine twist.

    8. A cotton wrap blouse for when you want to liven up your workwear uniform.

    9. A pair of sequins hoop earrings that look very similar to some designer ones that definitely cost way more.

    10. A lightweight jacquard-patterned dress for when you're about to own that work presentation like the boss bitch you know you are.

    11. A delicate combination of black and clear vases to help transform your coffee table into one an adult might own.

    12. A soft AF cashmere beanie that'll make your head feel like it's being gently hugged by a cuddly puppy...but will actually look like you bought it at Barney's.

    13. A houndstooth short dress you can layer with a sleek pair of slacks or some delicate tights and have a perfect outfit.

    15. A sexy AF satin-and-mesh bra and underwear duo that also just happen to be comfy.

    16. A pair of distressed jeans, because H&M makes some of the best jeans out there! I promise you! THEY'RE AMAZING!

    17. A floral dress with ruched sleeves, a v-neck, and a soft drape-y flow — basically the perfect item to dress up or down.

    18. A classic, thick jacket that'll become a staple in your closet all winter long.

    19. A pair of six-inch-long earrings to help finish off any chic and sophisticated look.

    20. A bird print dress in the prettiest, softest blue that livens up a modest dress.

    21. A pair of premium-quality sling backs to help turn your T-shirt and jeans into a put-together look.

    22. A sheer top made of gorgeous crêped fabric — people will think you just walked off the runway.

    23. A crushed-velvet dress with a drawstring detail that'll let you decide how short or long you wanna wear it.

    24. A pointelle top made from a soft viscose blend so you can cuddle right into it.

    25. A felted wool cap, because maybe Carmen Sandiego is your style icon but red just isn't your color.

    27. A going out look that you can wear separately, dress up, or — and my personal favorite — wear with a pair of Converse.

    28. A floral-print button up perfectly paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

    29. A mesh ruffled top you should totally wear with a pair of leather leggings and a bold lip.

    30. A tweed baseball cap that we'll just call Coco.

    31. And a pair of wide-cut satin pants so you can basically wear your pajamas while looking super sophisticated.

    Me walking into H&M for the 312th time this week.