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    32 Absolutely Gorgeous Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get At Target

    Target (the *best* place on earth) can furnish your home to make it look like the *second* best place on earth.

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    1. A hammered barrel coffee table that'll quite literally be the center of attention.

    Promising Review: "Cute and affordable! I'd been wanting a drum-style coffee table for a while, and when I found this I loved it. It's beautiful and was the perfect piece to finish off my little living room!" β€”ocojac

    Price: $91.

    2. A vintage-inspired mod chair to elevate the look of your dining or living room.

    Promising Review: "It's the most comfortable dining chair ever." β€”Chloe

    Price: $140.

    3. A gold pouf ottoman perfect as a side table or as extra seating when you're in a pinch.

    4. A set of nesting side tables easily stacked or pulled apart to give you the space you need.

    Promising Review: "These nesting tables are beautiful, easy to clean, and take all of two minutes to assemble. They fit perfectly in my tiny studio apartment. Rubber circles are included to keep the legs from scraping your floors. Highly recommended." β€”Kelly

    Price: $85.

    5. A fancy AF bar cart, because you're the hostess with the mostest β€” and having a cart with wheels to carry all that mostest will make your life a little easier.

    Promising Review: "I love this bar cart! It was probably the easiest thing I've put together. Assembly takes five to ten minutes and the quality is pretty good." β€”Mills

    Price: $130.

    6. A sturdy solid wood dresser to finally have the space to store all your fab clothes.

    7. A wide variety of gorgeous side tables perfect for any decor style or room size.

    8. Or a luxe glass and gold side table that would work great in a small space where you don't want anything too bulky.

    Promising Review: "This looks very high-end for the price! Took me minutes to assemble and it is great quality! I love it!" β€”Cassy

    Price: $75.

    10. A metal and glass console table to help display all those beautiful pieces of home decor.

    11. A comfy tufted sofa you'll have no problem vegging out in all day β€” or weekend.

    Promising Review: "PERFECT couch for my small space! I love that this couch comes in so many various neutral shades. I put it together by myself in less than 30 minutes; though I will say the box it arrives in is pretty heavy for one person. It had a slight chemical smell for the first day or two but quickly faded with a little air time. It's pretty stiff for a couch but I don't mind and I think it will get softer once it's broken in. It's comfortable for two to three people to sit on and I can stretch all the way out laying down with room to spare, (I'm 5'5"). Great price, good quality, perfect style." β€”lcoop

    Price: $420. Available in a variety of colors.

    12. A mid-century vanity for all those mornings when you want to get ready like you're living in 1950's Hollywood.

    Promising Review: "I'm very cautious when it comes to buying inexpensive furniture because I hate wasting my money on things that break. The design of this vanity is nice and sturdy; none of the side to side wobbling cheap furniture does. The drawer and mirror both work smoothly; I'm not yanking on anything. The stool holds my weight nicely. Plus it's gorgeous. The wood is a nice color and I love the mid-century modern design. Assembly was easy peasy." β€”kgoestotarget

    Price: $170.

    13. A six-tier shelf with gorgeous marble laminate shelves and a metal frame that'll make any room look like it's in some really chic French apartment.

    14. A geometric silhouette dining table that comes in the prettiest light oak finish.

    15. A statement armchair to add a little pop of color.

    16. A mid-century bench as a gorgeous replacement for that chair you throw all your shit on.

    18. A light gray velvet arm chair that'll become your throne in no time.

    19. A horizontal bookcase because you need a place to store your collection of Harry Potter books.

    21. A rattan chair painted in the pop of color every Art Deco-inspired home needs.

    Promising Review: "The chair is attractive and very well made. Seat is wide and high. I'm 5' 5" and my feet barely touch the floor without a cushion. The back of the seat is not very tall. You will probably want a cushion for the seat, at least, and possibly the back. Comes assembled." β€”MCF

    Price: $240.

    23. A walnut coffee table with hidden storage space...because you can always use a little more space.

    24. A velvet ottoman that'll elevate the luxury level of your room in an instant. / Via @amarriedadventure,

    Price: $72.

    25. A set of mid-century modern chairs for all those dinner guests you'll want to have over once you finish redecorating.

    Price: $200 (for a set of two).

    26. And a two-tone dining table that just might work perfectly with your new chairs.

    Promising Review: "This table is beautiful! Fits six chairs perfectly. The quality is amazing and the wood color and design fits a mid-century home perfectly." β€”Lauren

    Price: $400.

    27. A denim storage cabinet you could place at your bedside or in any place where you need a little more space.

    Promising Review: "Bang for the buck! Amazing product for its price, easy to install, good quality, and a perfect fit for our guest room." β€”Shrey

    Price: $57.

    28. An eye-catching black and brass console table with a very modern look.

    Promising Review: "Good looking table for a good looking price. This looks like a CB2 or West Elm table. I bought it on sale β€” can't beat that!" β€”ysstx

    Price: $130.

    29. A hand-knitted ottoman perfect for making your home look cozy AF.

    30. An entertainment center designed with a gorgeous inlay that adds a little something without being too distracting.

    Promising Review: "I absolutely love this TV stand! It was everything I was hoping it to be; easy to put together and great quality. As everyone else has said, the coloring is slightly darker than advertised, but it still looks beautiful and unique!" β€”kennajane

    Price: $238.

    32. And a four-drawer dresser, because it looks like it should cost thousands of dollars β€” but doesn't!|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|15029408|5,

    Promising Review: "The wood on this is beautiful and I absolutely love the look." β€”Kelly

    Price: $380.

    IRL footage of you welcoming all your future guests into your gorgeous AF furnished home.

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