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    60 Gorgeous Gifts For Your Fanciest Friend

    Oh, they fancy huh?

    1. An elegant pair of star-studded earrings they can wear as they walk down the red carpet — also known as the aisles of Target.

    2. A personalized night sky star map to let them see exactly what the universe looked like the night they were born — or on the night of any special event in their life.

    3. A crystal wine decanter that'll definitely help them impress their dinner guests.

    4. A set of classically beautiful pairs of art-inspired socks so you can turn your drawers into a museum.

    5. A gorgeous rose-quartz roller and scraper massager so they can have that just-went-to-the-spa feeling.

    6. An adorable set of Tea Drops — morsels of loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices to give them a perfect cup every time.

    7. A pair of ultra-soft lace trim velvet pajamas to make their bedtime a little more fun (and comfy).

    8. An awesome beginner's guide to calligraphy to help them totally upgrade their penmanship game by teaching them five different alphabet styles, uppercase, and lowercase letters, and giving them some design and composition tips.

    9. An intricate bistro-floor inspired Anthropologie monogrammed mug detailed with touches of metallic that'll make their coffee time so much better.

    10. A set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed to help keep their hair from frizzing, their skin from breaking out, and their dreams sweet.

    11. A delicate and detailed 24k gold plated baguette rhinestone ring to give them that little something extra to add to their outfit.

    12. A scratch-off world map so they can mark off all their journeys and showcase it on their wall.

    13. A silky-soft, lightweight throw they'll use to cuddle up while they Netflix and chill.

    14. A stunning calamondin citrus plant that'll be the gift that keeps on giving well after the holidays.

    15. A delightful little mist humidifier with a USB plug, auto shutoff, and the most adorable design anyone has ever seen.

    16. An elegant (and matching) lace Savage X Fenty bralette and bikini bottom undie set that honestly, will probably have them wanting to rip off all their clothes.

    17. A super-detailed Thomas Kinkade coloring book filled with 63 paintings that'll have them bringing color into the magical world of Disney.

    18. A set of adorable hair clips so they can upgrade their 'do but also keep their hair out of their face.

    19. A plush hooded cardigan coat they could probably use as a robe but will definitely wear as a cushy jacket.

    20. A gorgeous bamboo matcha set complete with a whisk (chasen), traditional scoop (chashaku), and teaspoon to help stir things up.

    21. A set of feather pens they'll use to sign all those important declarations that need their autograph.

    22. A set of modern-looking oil and vinegar bottles that'll help add a little style to their dining table.

    23. A pack of 45 velvet scrunchies — one for every day of this upcoming holiday season.

    24. A pair of star-studded sterling silver earrings just dainty enough to go with everything they own.

    25. A slate and gold-brushed stainless steel serving tray perfect for all those happy hours they'll host and invite you to.

    26. A pair of cashmere-blend lined leather gloves designed specifically so they can text their little heart out without ever having to take them off.

    27. An elevated (literally) padded headband that'll have them looking like royalty while they celebrate through the new year.

    28. A plunging velvet party dress for when Ms. Claus is ready for a risque makeover.

    29. A set of stunning handblown champagne flutes to help them celebrate the new year in style and class.

    30. A hanging macrame wall mirror I am almost 100% sure they sell for way more at another trendier store — rhymes with bourbon shout litters.

    31. A classy Italian-made whiskey set complete with five gorgeous glasses, a decanter, and topper so they can make drink time a bit more classy (oh, and it's dishwasher-safe!).

    32. A set of gorgeously lush velvet pillow covers that'll lend a little color and texture to any room in their house.

    33. A pair of ultra-cozy flannel pajamas, because while everyone else is getting all dressed up, the dress code for where they're going is a little more lax.

    34. A fluffy and lightweight faux fur throw blanket, because winter is here and they need to be ready.

    35. A gorgeous 36 LED-light bonsai tree, because maybe they've murdered enough houseplants, and it's time to move on to something they can't kill.

    36. A set of copper Moscow mule mugs that'll look so damn pretty sitting in their cabinets, displayed on their counter, or nestled in their hands while they get their drank on.

    37. A pair of ultra-plush and fluffy slippers to keep them looking glam and feeling cozy while they run around their house.

    38. Literally anything from the new Shop Latinx site — one of the first curated marketplace of remarkable Latinx brands.

    39. A pair of ultra-comfortable waterproof rain boots, because their feet are already trekking through the rain — the least you can do is put them in a cute pair of boots.

    40. A charming set of old fashioned hair of the dog glasses from Anthropologie, because nothing is better at making anyone feel better than a pup.

    41. A lavish cashmere travel set just in case they're gonna be taking a long voyage home.

    42. A pearly little Halogen x Atlantic Pacific handbag perfect for carrying everything they need to all their star-studded affairs.

    43. A dazzling Celestial One Line a Day journal they can use to document five years of memories and then to walk down memory lane.

    44. A stackable set of geometrically shaped storage trays they can potentially use as plates in a very beautiful table setting.

    45. A delicious set of Amborella Organics lollipops — they're seed-based sweets made with biodegradable sticks you can plant and grow herbs or flowers...after you eat the candy of course.

    46. A super-cozy double-sided blanket with fleece and a warm sherpa lining, because who says they need another person when they wanna cuddle?

    47. A previously-owned monogrammed Gucci messenger bag, because they like the Gucci, the Prada, the whole enchilada.

    48. A dazzling Tiny Bandit candle embedded with charged crystals that'll release good vibes and an even better scent.

    49. A glass and stainless-steel tea infuser, because maybe they aren't so into coffee.

    50. A pair of celestial glass pearl and crystal Kate Spade earrings designed to be a little different from one another — basically making them way more fun.

    51. An oh-so enticing Supima cotton Lacoste bathrobe that'll greet you with plush arms every time you get out of the shower.

    52. A set of super cute stud earrings with enough pairs for nearly everyone on your list with pierced ears.

    53. A chic bottle of Truff Hot Sauce made with a very meticulous blend of ripe red chili peppers, real black truffle, organic agave nectar, and savory spices that'll go with every dish they love.

    54. A really pretty set of ceramic condiment bowls so they can think fondly of you every time they chow down on chicken fingers with honey mustard.

    55. A portable Bluetooth speaker designed with a hands-free function, built-in mic, and enhanced bass.

    56. A leather passport holder, because they live that jet-set life and need a beautiful place to put their stuff.

    57. A clip-on cellphone ring light — it isn't necessarily gorgeous but the selfies they take with it will be!

    58. A set of festive tree-branch hairpins that'll help add a little whimsy to their updo.

    59. A holiday-inspired Nest candle that smells like the perfect blend of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.

    60. And an unbearably adorable set of measuring cups so cute they'll find a home on their counter for everyone to see.