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27 Gloves And Mittens People Actually Swear By

Gloves, and mittens, and bear mitts, oh my!

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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1. These gloves that a modern day Jackie O could wear.

Promising Review: "These gloves are so cute! The touchscreen fingers work well, and they really keep my hands warm while driving. I don't think they'd be warm enough to wear outside for long periods of time, but to and from work/running errands/etc., they are perfect!" β€”Carissa

Get them on Amazon starting at $8. / Available in gray, black, brown, pink, and red.

2. These mittens that are basically the cutest thing winter will ever see.

Promising Review: "I got these as a gift for a friend who loves hedgehogs. They where a big hit! Very cute and functional!" β€”Rachael Harrup

Get them on Amazon for $8. / Available in black, pink, purple, red, white, tan, and gray.

3. This knitted set that will work with your cell phone.

Promising Review: "My Dad has arthritis in his hands and he is always complaining about how much his hands ache. We gave him a pair of these for Christmas and he LOVES them. He drives around town quite a bit, and so far these have worked really well. One note I will make, even though we do live in Michigan, we have been experiencing an extremely mild winter. Hopefully next year when we have eight feet of snow, my Dad will still think these gloves are the best." β€”NVanPutt

Get them on Amazon starting at $19. / Available in men's sizes M–XL in gray and black.

4. These Timberland ones that come in a variety of color options.

Promising Review: "Great gloves! Comfy and really warm material. Just what I needed for my latest backpacking trip to Washington, DC. We walked a lot, from museums to monuments at temperatures raging between 30 to 60 degrees and the gloves performed great. A plus is to be able to check Google Maps or Yelp and not take my gloves off. Only thing, these gloves are not water-resistant, but I wasn't expecting them to be that way." β€”Rincongreen

Get them on Amazon starting at $5. / Available in a variety of colors including orange, navy, gray, black, brown, and green.

5. These leather ones that are literally lined with luxury.

Promising Review: "Pretty impressed by the quality actually, and far more soft and elegant than I expected. These gloves do not look or feel cheap at all. Very James Bond if you know what I mean." β€”Mr Robot

Get them on Amazon starting at $25. / Available in men's sizes 8–10 with fleece- and wool-lining options.

6. This set that is so soft your hands will think they're being hugged by teddy bears.

Promising Review: "I have tried other texting gloves and these are the best! It's just like using your naked fingers." β€”Kristi Adams

Get them on Amazon for $9. / Available in black and gray.

7. These gloves that are made of Italian leather and lined with cashmere.

Promising Review: "Beautiful, vibrant color. Soft and luxurious feel. Perfect fit." β€”Cindy B.

Get them on Amazon for $28. / Available in women's sizes 6.5-8.5 in red, black, brown, blue, tan, pink, and burgundy.

8. These knitted mittens that will literally save your marriage.

Promising Review: "These are just what I needed. Extremely warm, comfortable, and so far, durable. If you have to work with your hands outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures these will save your marriage and your home, because there were moments I considered quitting my job I was so cold. Best purchase I've made in a while." β€”James Allen

Get them on Amazon for $15.

9. This pair that'll have your fingers as snug as a bug in a rug watching Netflix on an iPad.

Promising Review: "These are the B-E-S-T touch screen gloves because every piece of the glove works on your device! They are comfy and fit well. During warmer months I tend to misplace them, so I own a few pair. They are seriously the best for quality and price." β€”K. Cole

Get it on Amazon starting at $12. / Available in sizes S/M–M/L.

10. This set that we're sure your mom has somewhere in her closet.

Promising Review: "My mother-in-law has looked for these since she lost one of her gloves 5 years ago. None of the stores carry them! I am so glad I found them on Amazon for her. I bought her 2 pairs. She is thrilled!" β€”pie

Get them on Amazon for $25. / Available in brown, gray, white, red, black, navy, and tan.

11. These fingerless paws that you can wear while you hibernate this winter.

Promising Review: "They're the only reasons why I want winter to come faster!" β€”Theresa M.

Get it on Amazon starting at $6. / Available in green, gray, beige, brown, and black.

12. This set that you can get with different prints, colors, and sizes.

Promising Review: "I cannot recommend these highly enough, I wish there were six stars! Amazing gloves! Good value, good price!" β€”Sweetie Pie

Get them on Amazon starting at $7. / Available in a variety of colors and designs in sizes S–XL.

13. These gloves by The North Face that'll keep you warm while you do outdoorsy things.

Promising Review: "The color is so pretty and the quality is great." β€”Vivian B

Get them on Zappos for $24. / Available in women's sizes XS–L in red, gray, black, and green.

14. A wool set that are classically styled but modernly designed.

Promising Review: "I just love these gloves. They are warm and stylish and they fit perfectly (although I'll admit my hands are a little large). Even without the touch feature, these are great gloves but the touch works great. It takes a little extra time to type because your fingers are fatter, but that's expected." β€”Tir

Get them on Amazon starting at $15. / Available in tan, pink, green, white, yellow, beige, orange, blue, gray, and black.

15. These fleece mittens that can have you pretty in pink all winter long.

Promising Review: "They are thick and warm and I love the way you can either leave the top down or put it up for more warmth! Plus there is a handy little snap hook so you can keep your mittens together. I am tempted to buy a pair for everyone in my family, but I don't know if they would love them as much as I do. They really are great dual-purpose gloves/mittens." β€”birdmom9726

Get them on Amazon starting at $10. / Available in sizes M-L in pink, black, and blue.

16. These knitted wool ones that'll have your hands perfectly cozy in the cold.

Promising Review: "I am rating these on behalf of my father because I bought these gloves for him as a Christmas gift. He had a different pair that he wore every day. He really likes these new ones and put them on as soon as he got them. I also bought another pair of these gloves in a different color so he can rotate them and wear one pair while the other one is in the wash. Next step: getting him to take them off so we can actually rotate and wash them!" β€”Susan

Get them on Amazon for $19. / Available in green and beige.

17. These sets that are specially designed to repel snow and rain.

Promising Review: "Isotoner are the only gloves to buy, they are always so soft and warm. I have arthritis and they really keep my poor aching hands warm." β€”tena bolen

Get it on Amazon starting at $19. / Available in black, brown, red, gray, and tan.

18. This pair that have the perfect quintessential winter print.

Promising Review: "I was not expecting gloves this warm for this price. I've been using them for about a week now in temperatures ranging from 25-45 degrees Fahrenheit, and they have been keeping my fingers warm. The construction is good, it hasn't snagged on anything and seems to be holding together well. The liner inside really puts the quality above what I expected to get." β€”Anni

Get them on Amazon starting at $8. / Available in gray, black, and pink.

19. This set that can easily go topless.

Promising Review: "I bought these for my husband who is a police officer and often stands outside for 8+ hours in the freezing cold New England weather. These gloves keep his hands super warm, and he doesn't have to take them off when he needs to write, which he loves. Great product!" β€”amct722

Get them on Amazon starting at $13. / Available in gray and black from sizes S–XL.

20. These gloves that are sleek and functional.

Promising Review: "I had my doubts at first that these gloves would actually work with anything touch screen but, low and behold, they work perfectly. They keep your hands warm. You can use your phone at the same time. It does the job and looks great." β€”Dillon Prime-Aholic

Get them on Amazon for $12. / Available in size M/L.

21. These windproof gloves that aren't nearly as delicate as they look.

Promising Review: "I love these gloves! I was surprised about the great quality for the price I paid. Touch screen pads functioned fine, you just have to press firmly." β€”Rodney

Get them on Amazon starting at $12. / Available in black, blue, purple, gray, and red.

22. These mittens that will add a little sunshine to a dreary winter day.

Promising Review: "I bought them for using my snowblower. They are fantastic. My hands stayed warm at -5 degrees. No more cold hands!" β€”Joseph W. Frank

Get them on Amazon for $30. / Available in sizes XS–3XL

23. These leather gloves that will have you driving in style.

Promising Review: "The Italian leather is sleek and makes me feel like a badass!" β€”keai

Get them on Amazon for $30. / Available in men's sizes S–2XL in black and brown.

24. Or this pair that still work with your touchscreen devices.

Promising Review: "These gloves were exactly what I needed to keep my hands warm in the cold Chicago weather. Both the leather and the cashmere lining were soft and good quality. I especially liked that it was just plain black. Goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and not too casual, not too dressy. It's well worth the investment." β€”akashopaholic

Get them on Amazon for $34. / Available in black, brown, navy, gray, green and tan.

25. This set that'll literally give you a green thumb.

Promising Review: "I love to run in the winter, but always struggled with frozen fingers and toes β€” still working on the toes β€” anyway, frozen fingers no more! These gloves come in a plethora of awesome colors, are lightweight and quick drying, yet incredibly warm." β€”twinzmom

Get them on Amazon starting at $12. / Available in green, pink, black, and gray in sizes S–XL.

26. These mittens that are tougher than they seem.

Promising Review: "Best gloves PERIOD. Super warm, hands stay dry and after the winter we had in West Michigan this year, these were a GOD SEND when snow blowing and shoveling! The mitten aspect is perfect because my fingers NEVER stay warm in gloves." β€”HeavyMetalChuck

Get them on Amazon for $24. / Available in black and brown in men's sizes S–XXL.

27. And these gloves that let you zip up the warmth.

Promising Review: "These gloves are amazing. These things don't let any wind through and they are very soft." β€”Alina Fiato

Get them on Amazon starting at $11. / Available in sizes XS-XL in pink and black.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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