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    35 Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

    They've been around the world and you, you, you, can't find them a present.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A beautifully detailed world map designed to let you scratch off and mark all the places you've been.

    2. A set of double-ended travel makeup brushes to help you save space but still have all your tools while you trot around the globe.

    3. A printable travel bingo game so you can have a totally fun itinerary set for your next adventure abroad.

    4. A waterproof travel organizer that'll help you keep all your cords, chargers, batteries, flash drives, and cables completely organized.

    5. A beautifully illustrated guided travel journal designed to enourage you to explore new and exciting places.

    6. A pocket-sized wine aerator to help enhance the flavor of that $10 airplane wine in just about 15 seconds by rapidly introducing oxygen.

    7. A traveling makeup bag that'll open flat into an easy to dig through mat so your clean-up is totally easy.

    8. A handmade leather cord organizer to help keep your earbuds untangled and easy to use when you're jet-setting around.

    9. A delicate world map necklace that'll show off all the places you've been to — 'cause you've already been everywhere!

    10. A limited-edition collection of some really amazing travel-sized beauty products, like that texturizing spray you should never leave home without.

    11. A monogrammed leather passport case and luggage tag, because how classy are you gonna look going through customs with a matching set??

    12. A water-resistant backpack designed with a USB charging port, over a dozen pockets in multiple sizes, and an anti-theft lock to help keep your stuff safe.

    13. A totally handy travel notebook that'll encourage you to list out all your adventures (on over 70 topics) and preserve your memories.

    14. A Bluetooth foldable keyboard to help turn any of your smart devices into a makeshift laptop when you hit the open road.

    15. A pack of TSA-friendly detoxifying Peter Thomas Roth masks so you can hydrate, repair, lift, purify, and detoxify your skin wherever you're going.

    16. A memory foam footrest you can attach to the seat in front of yours to help turn your seat in steerage into first class accommodations.

    17. An inflatable travel pillow designed with a soft AF hood, giving you the comfort and privacy you desperately need on a flight.

    18. A travel coloring book filled with 100 of the best places to visit so you can bring all the destinations you want to see IRL to life.

    19. An ultralight contoured eye mask that'll block out light while you rest but also preserve your eye makeup.

    20. A travel glass tea set with two insulated cups and a teapot with built-in infuser, all designed to fit perfectly into their safe little bag.

    21. A travel hair care kit so you can have flawless hair — even after a 12 hour flight.

    22. A travel wallet that'll fit everything you need — your passport, documents, cards, and cash — making the next time you're going through customs less of a shit show.

    23. A perfect little TSA-approved cocktail kit to help make your next flight a really good time.

    24. A travel jewelry box with velvet lining and removable dividers so all your accessories can accompany you, in comfort, to your next destination.

    25. A pair of f#@%ing amazing compression socks that'll prevent your feet from swelling up and making it so you have to do the walk of shame off the plane barefoot.

    26. A digital luggage scale so you can measure your big ol' before you check it in and avoid that bajillion dollar overweight luggage fee.

    27. A leak-proof traveling water bottle for your pup, because they need to be hydrated on the go, too!

    28. An embossed leather passport holder that'll totally get you that upgrade you've always dreamed about.

    29. A portable mini espresso machine so you can use your favorite Nespresso pods to get delicious coffee when you're on the go.

    30. An ultra light-weight down jacket you can easily roll up and stuff into your carry on.

    31. A cute AF handbag that'll fit all the wine you need to get you through any situation — traveling or not.

    32. A handy AF travel kit filled with deodorant, face wash, face balm and essential face wipes to help you feel fresh after a long flight.

    33. A set of four cute AF luggage tags that'll make sure everyone knows exactly which bags are yours.

    34. A gift certificate to XpresSpa, so they can feel total relaxation when they're waiting for their next flight.

    35. And a cotton sateen eye mask that'll speak for its self.

    Them when they unwrap their awesome present!

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