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33 Futuristic Kitchen Products That'll Actually Make Your Life Easier

It's like your kitchen went back to the future and got you a personal assistant.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Hiku: the magnet that'll keep your grocery list.

This little magnetic device lets you scan items or speak into it, creating a grocery list that pops up on your phone.

Get it on Amazon for $59.

2. Made of revolutionary Tritan™ Copolyester, these Unbreakable Champagne Flutes feel, look, and handle like real glass, but don't have any of the risk.

Never crash a party again!

Available at Sharper Image for $60.

3. Keep "The World's Coolest Rolling Pin" in the fridge, then when you pop it out the anodized aluminum will keep the chill so that you can keep on rolling.

Stay cool under pressure and get a perfect pie crust every time.

Available at Sharper Image for $50.

4. With the push of a button, the Noella Salt and Pepper Shakers not only season your food, but use LED lights to illuminate your plate.

All you have to do is push it - push it real good.

Get them on Amazon for $30.

5. Scoop That II is an ice cream scooper that softens—but doesn't melt—your favorite dessert, making scooping a breeze.

No more fights with Ben or Jerry, just scoops of ice cream in your mouth.

Buy it on Amazon for $20.

6. The Vacu Vin Instant Marinating Container uses its vacuum pump seal to let you experience all the ~seasons~ in minutes.

Just toss in your ingredients, use the vacuum pump to create a super tight seal, and in just a few minutes, you'll have perfectly marinated meats.

Available on Amazon for $23.

7. The Bluetooth Food Safety Detector is a super smeller of all things dangerous. By detecting gases coming off of your food, it determines if something is safe to eat, and sends the results to your phone.

It's like the nose you never had!

Available at Sharper Image for $100.

8. By using the warmth from your cup, these heat activated coasters illuminate tiny koi fish living below.

Here fishy, fishy!

Get the set at CKIE for $50.

9. Just drop your ingredients into the Rollie Egg Cooker and in 6-8 minutes you'll have a perfectly cooked breakfast.

It makes frittatas and omelettes too!

Order it on Amazon for $25.

10. Make sous vide seem sous contrĂ´le with the Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker.

Not only does it attach to any pot you already have, but it can be controlled with your smartphone.

Get it on Amazon for $179.

11. Don't worry about getting the perfect amount of anything with Made Storage Units: they have integrated measuring cups that'll take out the guess work.

Simple and easy, these storage containers won't have you searching for a separate tool.

Available on Amazon for $50.

12. Taking your order via your smartphone, the Soma Bar is the table top bartender of your dreams: mixing your favorite cocktails in just a few seconds!

After we're done with this, it's not going to be the only thing on the table top.

Pre-order it through Somabar for $429.

13. Instantly chill your wine with the Ravi Wine Chiller.

Forgot to put your bottle of white in the fridge? Don't want to wait? Don't worry, you'll be sipping on cold Chardonnay in no time.

Get it on Amazon for $40.

14. It's not an alien pod, it's a Food Pod. Not only does it strain your veggies, you can actually keep them inside while you steam them.

It even works for mussels!

Get them on Amazon for $14.

15. The Lazy Susan Cordless Warming Tray will heat your food so you're never out in the cold.

Not so lazy after all.

Available at the Sharper Image for $110.

16. Dishes, fruits, vegetables—CoverBlubber will stretch to fit ‘em all.

It's like foil you can use forever.

Get it on Amazon for $20.

17. Create slow-melting, restaurant-quality, crystal clear ice with Wintersmiths Ice Chest.

We see many fancy cocktail parties in your future.

Order it on Amazon for $120.

18. Take the chill off with the Thaw That Frozen Food Thawing Plate which uses thermo-liquid (plus heat fins) to thaw out meat in minutes.

Not only does it defrost your dinner, but it also catches the melting icicles in a nifty little tray.

Available on Amazon for $52.

19. Using UV light to kill harmful bacteria, the Verilux CleanWave UV-C Portable Sanitizing Wand sanitizes your services so that germs never come over for dinner.

The compact design lets you carry it anywhere, not just your kitchen.

Available on Amazon for $50.

20. The Bruno Smartcan is equipped with sensors to let you know when it's trash day, an app that lets you know when to order more bags, and a vacuum that collects your sweepings so you don't have to use a dust pan!

It's basically Rosie from the Jetsons.

Pre-order it from Bruno for $179.

21. The Lehoo Mug reminds you to stay hydrated, gives you the temperature of your drink, AND lights up with pretty hearts.

Yes, please!

Available on Amazon for $29.

22. Using an internal temperature sensor and bluetooth technology, Pantelligent will sense the placement, weight and heat of cooking surfaces to help you know how to cook your food.

All the steps are delivered to you via its super handy app, so you'll always know exactly when to flip it, or reverse it.

Get it through Pantelligent for $99.

23. The Altered:Nozzle attaches to nearly any faucet in less than a minute and gives you the same functionality while only using 2% of the water.

Here's to NOT making it rain! By breaking water down into tiny droplets, this nozzle can reduce household water usage by 98%.

Pre-order it on Kickstarter for $48.

24. You can adjust cook time and temperature via your smartphone with Crock-Pot's Wemo Smart Wifi-Enabled Slow Cooker.

Who needs a personal chef, when you have a Crock-Pot that lets you cook from your phone?

Get it on Amazon for $109.

25. Don't worry about separate mixing and measuring cups with the Modernhome Digital Mixing & Measuring Bowl: it measures your ingredients for you.

Miligrams? Kilograms? Let's just focus on the grams we know, Instagrams! And let this bowl do all the measuring.

Order it on Amazon for $23.

26. Satisfy your sophisticated coffee palette anywhere you go with the handheld MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker.

Make espresso on a mountain. Make espresso in a canoe. Make espresso when your nemesis buries you in a crate in the desert.

Buy it on Amazon for $60.

27. Urban Operators™ Titanium Banded Toothpick is made of grade 5 titanium alloy and isn't messing around.

Who needs a wood toothpick when you can have a titanium one?

Get it at ThinkGeek for $13.

28. The Selfie Toaster will give you perfectly crisp toast with your favorite selfie on it. Yes, you can now eat your face.

This is either a sign that the apocalypse is coming or that technology has maybe gone too far.

Get it on Amazon for $65.

29. HAPILABS 105 Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork will light up and vibrate to tell you you’re eating too fast, plus it'll help you track your diet.

This state of the art smart fork will revolutionize the way you eat by coaching you into healthier habits.

Get it on Amazon for $67.

30. Push all the air out of your food (and help keep the flavor trapped in) with EVAK.

It'll help your groceries stay fresh so you can enjoy them longer!

Multiple sizes available on Amazon starting at $10.

31. If you spend time meticulously constructing a sandwich, you should make sure it doesn’t get ruined on your way to work: use Compleat.

Possible jingle: “Com-pleat! Com-pleat! Keeps things looking good enough to eat!”

Get it on Amazon for $10.

32. The PancakeBot is a printer for your pancakes! Using state of the art technology, it takes your uploaded designs and griddles them for breakfast.

No more sad Pinterest fails, the PancakeBot will give you perfectly created pancakes every morning.

Available on Amazon for $300.

33. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator not only stores your grocery list, but it'll even tell you when you’re eating too much.

This refrigerator has cameras inside to snap pictures and let you know if you’re out of milk or if your fruit has gone bad. Along with sending you the information to your smartphone, it plays music, allows you to leave notes and monitors your food intake.

Get it at Best Buy for $3,800.

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We'll just go ahead and add all of these to our wish list and maybe some of these too!

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