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29 Amazing Gifts You'll Love Almost As Much As French Fries

French fries forever!

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4. An overcoat that has their badge of honor already prominently placed.

5. A deep fryer so they can test out all the best recipes for making perfect french fries.

Garlic fries? Curly fries? Any fries! Just drop your basket filled with fries into the basket and heated oil will cook them to perfection. It also has a lid to prevent splattering, protected sides so the machine will stay cool to the touch, and a viewing window so you can see when they're done.

Get it on Amazon for $36.

7. This pin for the person who has their priorities in order.


16. A spiral slicing machine so they can make their own perfectly rounded curly fries in the comfort of their own home.

Just secure it to a flat surface, secure the potato (even a sweet potato if they want to get crazy) and rotate the handle. It'll pop out the permed version of their favorite treat.

Get it on Amazon for $29.


22. A plush french fry and ketchup friend so they can cuddle up with their favorite food.


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