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29 Amazing Gifts You'll Love Almost As Much As French Fries

French fries forever!

1. This pouch so they can hide their french fries and not worry about anyone stealing them.

2. Lip balm because after eating all those delicious salty fries they'll need to hydrate their lips.

3. This guide so they can reference every type of fried potato.

4. An overcoat that has their badge of honor already prominently placed.

5. A deep fryer so they can test out all the best recipes for making perfect french fries.

6. This t-shirt that'll help them get through a rough day.

7. This pin for the person who has their priorities in order.

8. This purse that'll fit a perfect serving of fries.

9. This hand painted sweatshirt so they can declare their love of poutine.

10. Some sneakers so they can always look down and see their love.

11. This tank for the person who hates to exercise but loves to eat fries.

12. A pajama t-shirt they can wear to bed because chances are they're already eating fries there.

13. Some socks that'll keep their toes as warm as fries that just came out of the fryer.

14. This adorable pin so they can discreetly let people know they're part of the poutine fan club.

15. This baby onesie for the future french fry (and taco) addict.

16. A spiral slicing machine so they can make their own perfectly rounded curly fries in the comfort of their own home.

17. This bowtie for when they have to attend a formal affair.

18. This ring so they can accessorize with their favorite food.

19. A pair of espadrilles for the kid in your life that would walk ten-thousand miles just to get their hands on some.

20. This book so they can go on a visual journey of all the most delicious fries in the world.

21. A pair of delicate earrings so they can have a tiny way to display their adoration.

22. A plush french fry and ketchup friend so they can cuddle up with their favorite food.

23. A neon sign so they can advertise to the world just how much they love fries.

24. A personalized keychain that'll make sure everyone knows exactly whose car that is.

25. A french fry cutter so they'll always have the best looking fries.

26. This t-shirt for the baby who knows everyday is fry day.

27. This throw pillow that will definitely go with their home decor.

28. Some gourmet dipping sauce so they can dress up their fries.

29. Some stretchy leggings they'll need after they eat all those fries.

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