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    Forever 21 Thought Outside The Bun And Launched A Collab With Taco Bell

    Is it weird that this collection makes me hungry?

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    Just when you thought you couldn't fit one more thing in your overstuffed gordita of a closet, Forever 21 teamed up with Taco Bell to bring you a perfectly crispy collection you're probably gonna binge shop at 2 a.m.

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    The collection is "fast fashion meets fast food" and is filled with comfy hoodies, tees, jackets, bodysuits, and iPhone cases for nearly anyone in your family. So get ready to lay the hot sauce down, because you're gonna want all of this.

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    Like this hoodie, because you like to have something spicy up your sleeve.

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    Price: $25 Sizes: XS-L

    Or this bodysuit you're gonna want to carry in your bag.

    Forever 21 / Via

    Price: $18 Sizes 0X-3X and in S-L

    Also available in Fire sauce for sizes 0X-3X and S-L.

    How about this sweatshirt roomy enough to hide the evidence of all those tostadas you just ate.

    Forever 21 / Via

    Price: $25 Sizes: S-XL

    Definitely gonna need this tee so everyone knows your personality traits.

    Forever 21 / Via

    Price: $11 Sizes: 5-14 and in adult sizes 0X-3X.

    This iPhone case is a must because you need a hard shell of protection for your phone.

    Forever 21 / Via

    Price: $8

    Works with iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. Also available in black.

    And, of course, this T-shirt that states the impossible.

    Forever 21 / Via

    Price: $16 Sizes: 0X-3X and S-L

    Now, are you seriously gonna tell me you aren't hungry? Shop the full collection here!

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