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    27 Pieces Of Flared Denim That'll Have You Swearing Off Skinny Jeans

    Flared jeans for life!

    1. A pair of high-waisted bell bottoms

    2. A pair of super tight jeans that are basically skinny jeans until they hit your knee.

    3. A pair of high-waisted flares so you can stop searching for that perfect silhouette.

    4. A pair of split-hem jeans for when you want to test out this flared jean trend but don't want to totally commit.

    5. A pair of embroidered flares we're confident the Spice Girls would approve of.

    6. A pair of slim-cut bootleg jeans that'll become your go-to pair.

    7. A pair of ruffled hem jeans, because who says flares can't be festive?

    8. A pair of Wrangler flares you'll rock even if you're not an actual cowboy. Maybe you just play one on TV?

    9. A pair of NYDJ flares that will be so incredibly comfortable you'll never want to take them off.

    10. A pair of button-fly flares, because you're just a skater girl, who said see you later while wearing some cute AF jeans.

    11. A pair of cropped, flared jeans you can dress up with a blazer and blouse or dress down with your favorite hoodie and sneakers.

    12. A pair of distressed flares that'll have you looking like an off-duty model.

    13. A pair of wide bell-bottoms so no one will ever know what your shoes look like.

    14. A pair of frayed-hem jeans to help emphasize your bohemian style.

    15. A pair of Rag & Bone flares that are 60% off! SIXTY PERCENT!!!

    16. A pair of special-edition distressed jeans with cool patchwork throughout the legs.

    17. A pair of side panel flares to add a little hint of that military trend to your denim.

    18. A pair of light-wash flares you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

    19. A pair of ankle-grazing jeans so you can still manage to show off your cute AF shoes.

    20. A pair of boot-cut jeans with a wide variety of sizes so no matter your height, you might actually find a pair of pants long enough.

    21. A pair of cropped, flared jeans that'll become a staple in your wardrobe long after any trend fades away.

    22. A pair of dark-wash flared jeans you probably owned in high school and loved but then your mom threw them away and you've cried yourself to sleep ever since because they were just the best damn jeans ever. Well, now I... I mean, you won't have to!

    23. A pair of cropped maternity jeans, because soon-to-be-mamas need flares too.

    24. A pair of embroidered jeans for when you feel like taking a stroll through the Haight.

    25. A pair of button-fly jeans with a crisp front seam detail to make it look like you're time-traveling from the '70s.

    26. A pair of multi-wash flares if you feel like being a little extra and taking the trend to a whole other level.

    27. And a pair of Paige jeans that are totally worth the investment.

    Your new jeans are gonna have you feeling like a disco queen.