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33 Dresses From Asos You'll Want To Add To Your Closet Immediately

You'll never say, "I have nothing to wear" again!

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1. This open-back maxi for all those hot summer nights when you have a hot summer date — with your friends.

2. This adorable smock because you're one in a melon and deserve it.

3. This tie-waist slip dress to get ultimate comfort.


5. This floral number almost too pretty to handle — but you can!

7. This bodycon dress we're certain all you Sporty Spices would rock the shit out of.


9. This skater dress with the prettiest little strap detail to add just a enough oompfh to your classic LBD.

11. This pleated wrap dress that's just f#@%ing sexy.


13. This open-back floral piece to prounce around town in.

15. This lace-up dress that's totally business in the front... but just wait 'til they see the back.


17. This low-back maxi for when you want to have a bit of a Jessica Rabbit moment, but also need to be comfortable.

19. This wrap dress to wear when you feel like ruffling some feathers.


21. This cut-out number for the tall girls out there who can never find a maxi dress that actually fits.

23. This chambray dress you should 100% wear to all your end-of-summer festivities.


25. This embroidered mini that's totally channeling your love for all things vintage.

27. This open-back maxi dress that looks chic AF.


29. This fancy AF midi dress because your life is fab and your wardrobe should match it.

31. This cami midi because secretly you're a Disney princess.


33. And this ice cream sundress you definitely won't melt in.