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    39 Products That'll Actually Keep Your Drawers And Cabinets Organized

    Imagine a world where you open a cabinet door and everything doesn't tumble out — or, dare I say, a drawer that doesn't jam!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A compact cutlery drawer organizer for when you're short on space but heavy on utensils — this can neatly fit them all.

    The cutlery drawer organizer filled with utensils

    2. A six-piece pantry organization set so you can finally turn your fridge, cupboard, any space really, into a perfectly organized wonder.

    3. A set of easily removable inserts to give everything its place — they can hold your lingerie, socks, underwear, and bras! Plus they're made of a mold-proof fabric for perfect storing nearly anywhere.

    4. Or try some adjustable honeycomb inserts that can hold your socks and undergarments in their own tiny cubbie — they're made of a flexible plastic that snaps into place so you can make them expand to whatever size you need.

    The honeycomb inserts placed inside a drawer

    5. A genius adjustable rack designed with seven dividers that you can move around to fit a super thick cutting board or a super-thin cookie sheet — whatever you need.

    The adjustable rack holding cutting boards

    6. Or an over-the-door organizer that'll also hold all those cutting boards, cookie sheets, baking pans without taking any of that precious surface real estate.

    The over the cabinet door organizer

    7. A bazinga-worthy T-shirt folding board that'll have the inside of your drawers look like Marie Kondo's dream come true.

    8. A set of stainless-steel magnetic measuring spoons that'll help in your quest of keeping an organized and jam-free drawer.

    9. A set of 3-D printed KitchenAid Tool holders you attach to the bottom of your cabinets or shelves to finally give you a place to store all those bulky tools.

    KitchenAid Tool Holder set placed on the bottom of a cabinet

    10. An awesome three-compartment lid organizer so you can finally, yes finally, give all your storage container lids a nice and organized home.

    The lid organizer placed inside a kitchen drawer

    11. Or if you really want to step it up a notch, invest in an organizer for your cabinets specifically designed to hold all your storage containers — it's basically like building a house for them!

    The organizer installed in a cabinet

    12. A set of adjustable shelves that fit around your pipes perfect for adding a little extra space to the area under your sink.

    13. An in-drawer bamboo knife block great for keeping all those sharp objects safely organized and accessible.

    An open drawer with the bamboo block installed

    14. A set of customizable liners you can cut to fit your drawers and hold your spices in place.

    15. An airtight set of food storage containers to keep your pantry looking like a Pinterest ad — they're also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and come with 24 reusable labels.

    The food storage containers in a cabinet

    16. Or if you wanna get really fancy, a set of minimal but super chic pantry labels — who knew your food could get such a cute outfit? Not me.

    The labels on containers of flour, brown rice, and oats

    17. A set of self dividers for your cabinets closet or shelves where you maybe store your linens or anything that needs its own little space — they slide right onto the shelf.

    The dividers separating clothing items

    18. An easy to access six-section tea organizer that can fit up to 15 bags per drawer (about 90 bags total).

    19. An adjustable and corner-turning multi-level shelf that'll allow you to store and see things all the way in the back of your cabinet.

    The multi-level shelf filled with spices

    20. A sturdy pan organizer ideal for "stacking" all your pans and making them super easy to pull out whenever you need them.

    21. A space optimizing, sectioned food container that holds three separate bins, works in both your fridge and pantry, and comes with a convenient little handle for easy access.

    22. An over-the-door styling tool organizer that can fit your hairdryer, brushes, and hot tools and give your bathroom cabinets that extra space they need.

    The over-the-door organizer hanging on a bathroom cabinet door

    23. A set of sturdy plastic baskets perfect for organizing all your miscellaneous clothing, beauty products, and accessories currently taking up all your cabinet space.

    24. An awesome little adjustable organizer for all those boxes of foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap that are always jamming up your drawers.

    A before and after photo of the organizer filled with boxes

    25. Or if you really only have space for them in your drawers, try these custom bag organizers that can be made specifically for you — so no more jamming, sliding, or general headaches.

    The organizers in a drawer

    26. A pack of safe pan and pot protectors so you can stack your favorite nonstick cookware without risk of damaging them.

    27. A durable storage rack so you can finally stop all your too tall water bottles from rolling around in your cabinets.

    A filled water bottle storage rack

    28. A tiered, slide-out set of storage baskets — they're great for making the back of the shelf a little more accessible.

    The storage baskets filled with snacks

    29. A stunning velvet jewelry tray that can easily fit into your drawers — each one is sold separately, so you can buy the ones you need for the jewelry you have!

    A variety of the jewelry trays filled with jewelry

    30. A six-plate, dishwasher-safe cradle to store your dinner plates upright, saving you space and giving you easier access to your favorite dishes.

    The plate cradle holding a variety of dishes

    31. Or a three-tier shelf organizer that fits into the corner of your cabinets helping you get use out of every last inch of space.

    The shelf organizer filled with plates

    32. A 48-bottle nail polish holder – it might change the way you organize your ever-growing collection of polishes.

    33. A set of measurement conversion vinyls — that won't exactly make your cabinets more organized but they do attach to your cabinet doors so that you can easily reference measurements when you need them.

    The measurement conversion vinyls on a cabinet door

    34. A nonslip three-tier cabinet organizer that'll make everything organized and visible.

    The three-tier cabinet organizer

    35. And speaking of accessible, a lazy Susan so you can reach those items that tend to get lost in the back.

    The lazy susan in a cabinet

    36. A sleek bag dispenser because they're tired of just being shoved into the dark depths of your cabinets.

    The bag dispenser

    37. An invest-worthy wooden peg board insert for your cabinet drawers that'll let you secure your dishes in an organized, safe, and completely efficient manner.

    38. An under the cabinet wine rack so you can easily store all your bottles of two-buck Chuck.

    The wine rack filled with bottles of wine

    39. And a cabinet-friendly storage bin with a spout to make accessing your dry goods a little bit less of a mess.

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